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... Well I read your story and it sounds kind of like me. I can't believe nobody has responded to your post but I will since I can relate. I started out taking vicodon 5mg here and there for headaches, back pain,etc. which then led to percocet 7. ... (12 replies)
... I received my refill early this afternoon, and promptly went to a garbage dumpster and threw EVERY PILL away... Don't worry, I won't be crawling in the dumpster looking for anything. ... (51 replies)
... of the people in our little family here. Some take more, some less. Everyone here will give lots of support, and some good advice. My advice is, set your mind to quitting, pick a week where you have no plans, and where you can get away with being a sick miserable S.O.B. Go cold turkey if you can. ... (51 replies)

... I wonder if anyone out there can give me a taper schedule to help me get off this junk. This is the 2nd time I have done this to myself, the first time I quit cold turkey and I really believe that I will die if I have to do that again. ... (5 replies)
Getting off lortab
Mar 10, 2011
... science will create something some day that isn't, but I don't think it's possible. When pain sensors shut off, pleasure in the brain is derived, which equates to addiction, case closed. ... (18 replies)
... ego gets out into the world doing damage, and I'm oblivious to it. ... (40 replies)
... I'm not sure what to say about your lengthy and detailed post except that I very much relate to you. I suffered my first bout of major clinical depression at the age of 17. ... (4 replies)
... I have just a little addiction that I've decided to kick. I've been taking between 40 and 60mg of oxy a day for the last six months or so. The year before that I was taking about 30mg of hydrocodone a day. ... (5 replies)
... hink that sounds like I'm a crazy person but I know I'm not. I just have way too much energy and think too fast. I also have AADD he says which goes hand in hand with the Hypermainia. I'm on a med for that but I still am hyperactive. ... (141 replies)
... Wow, thanks for all of the info. And John, please keep posting! I didn't mean to be ugly to you or to Podee. I reread my post and it sounded pretty defensive and rude and I apologize. You were on it 2 years and you are off it now. ... (43 replies)
... DEATH! So I have had no drinks since january. Sure, I take a beer or drink beacause thaqt is what I normally do at a party and when able to be alone dump it down the drain so people THINK I am drinking. Really sad what I went through to hide my addiction, plus what a waste of good liquor! ... (51 replies)
... developed a problem with it. ... (34 replies)
... ll hear lots of suggestions. Investigate and make up your own mind. Cold turkey was the way for me, but might not be for everyone. It is unfomfortable and you'll need support. Do you have anyone you can open up to at home or in your family for support? ... (29 replies)
... not sick or in pain anymore, just agitated and want to be alone and not be around my beautiful family. i am starting to think something is wrong with me? ... (51 replies)
... I was overwhelmed by the many responses to my post. My eyes clouded with tears as I read the invaluable words of encouragement and good wishes. ... (10 replies)
... come from a good family",and even have been to college, believe it or not! ... (6 replies)
... D your major problem will be to not start taking them for the wrong reason. I've read where substance abuse is inherited so look at the odds against you. Fight with all your might any feelings to continue taking's a downhill road and the climb back sucks MAJOR. ... (51 replies)
... Today is DAY 4... I feel good enough to be at work , so here I am. ... (51 replies)
... I was the same way. I want to sleep more than remaining active. ... (51 replies)
... may go back to bed , I'm not sure. ... (51 replies)

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