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... Just wanted to say real quick that I found some helpful information online searching neurontin withdrawal, some having info from professionals about the symptoms and length of time they last. ... (16 replies)
... l effects to most of them. I seem to tolerate pain meds and when I got hurt at work last Feb., I began taking Vicoden, then Norco, and now Oxycodone. My MD added Neurontin for chronic pain.. ... (16 replies)
... Has anyone used Neurontin or Buspar in Benzo withdrawal? ... (3 replies)

Xanax Withdrawal
Apr 30, 2007
... Hi Reach - Thanks for checking in on me. I need all the support I can get. Yesterday was a good day. My husband tilled my vegetable garden, I'm too shaky to handle the little tiller. I managed to rake out the compost and that kept my mind busy. I'm now down to 1-1/2 mg/da. from 4. The Dr. had me on morning and evening and the afternoon was really bad. So I've divided... (15 replies)
Xanax Withdrawal
Apr 27, 2007
... I was taking 4 mg.da of Xanax for just over a year. I wanted off and my Dr. is helping me. I also take Neurontin to prevent seizures. He's tapering me at .5 mg.wk, mixing some XR with the regular. The withdrawals are Hell and when I get off this, I'll never take it again. ... (15 replies)
... Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal. You don't say how long it has been since you had even a little alcohol. ... (7 replies)
... I am presently taking from 5 to 8 percocets (5/300) a day. I have pain in my mouth, and although we're working on it, have not been able to find the cause or a medication to help. Nortriptylene and Neurontin were disasters, causing many side effects, and in the case of Neurontin, terrible withdrawal - all with no reduction in pain levels. I've been taking the percocet for... (3 replies)
... I don't see how Buspar would help at all....probably make withdrawals worse. I'd stay away from the Buspar. The Neurontin won't give you much relief but is to guard against seizures. ... (3 replies)
... It was very kind of you to even look into it. What I have noticed is that the Oxycodone feels much stronger now that I no longer take the Neurontin. I think the neurontin counteracted the oxy. At least in my body. I always found it strange that people said that oxy was stronger than vicoden. Now I know it is. ... (16 replies)
Effexor Withdrawal
Jul 24, 2003
... Mostly I am looking for support. I was on Effexor 225mg a day for five years, Neurontin 225mg a day for three years and Xanax 150mg a day for 3 years. Went cold turkey 54 days ago. ... (2 replies)
... I found that Gabapantin (Neurontin) does help some what to ease withdrawl. Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant, also used off label for many different disorders including a mood stabilizer, an antianxiety medication, and for different types of pain especially nerve pain. I've also heard of a Doctor that uses it for Methamphetamine addiction. It is called the Prometa protocol and... (1 replies)
... d from neurontin would be done. ... (16 replies)
... interactions with the chemicals in your brain, therefore it is advised to not suddenly quit taking any of them. My doc strongly advised me not to quit taking my neurontin cold turkey, but to titrate down if I chose to stop using it. ... (16 replies)
... I've taken both,and this is just ONE experience. Neurontin did nothing for me....was like a sugar pill. I took Buspar during a particularly distressing period in my life,and it was fairly effective at keeping me calm and focused,without being intrusive into my daily activities...takes a couple of days-2 weeks to kick in. Hope that helps Baseball65 (3 replies)
... :)I hear that neurontin helps you get off narcotics,like oxycodon,i have also heard it has horrible withdraws worse than narcotic withdrawal,anyone have any info on that,i am just wondering about it. (1 replies)
... Nobody answered my last post about what anyone thought about stopping neurontin cold turkey, so I have to assume that isnt my problem. ... (14 replies)
... Not one person has ever experienced withdrawal from Neurontin? ... (16 replies)
... I can tell you that when you are titrating down on the morphine that what you will experience is withdrawal but also what is called "rebound pain" It occurs whenever the level of narcotic pain medication is dramatically reduced or taken away. ... (16 replies)
Xanax Withdrawal
May 1, 2007
... Hi Reach - When you say .05 do you mean 1/4 mg., wk? How much are you taking now and do you take any other meds to help with the withdrawal? And how much longer until you're completely off? I stopped the Camprel because I'm now off the Xanax XR and I know that one was effecting my stomach, it has in the past. What I'm experiencing is shaky hands, from the Neurontin. ... (15 replies)
... Trazodone isnt a safe drug, It's base use was for cocaine withdrawal short term and causes the same side effects, in men priapism, im woman, menstruation problems. Overal, Remeron was picked as the better drug... ... (42 replies)

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