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... I am stopping Tramadol cold turkey - tapering down is not an option for me. I am 26 hours post my last TRamadol dosage and I am experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, leg restlessness at night, diarrhea, hot/cold flashes, and what I call "lightening strikes" in my head. I have no intention of stopping but I just want to know how others suffered through withdrawals and... (0 replies)
Night 2 of Detox.
Jul 14, 2008
... Last night was my first REAL night of withdrawal. I fell asleep fine but within a couple hours I was AWAKE. ... (9 replies)
Rough night...
May 4, 2010
... D and I was riding such a NATURAL high. I felt good, even happy again. Last night was hard. I'm just gonna be honest and hope no one judges but my vet sent home human pain meds for my baby.Tramadol, 50 mg, 30 pills. ... (3 replies)

... So, yesterday was my official NO DRUG day. I have been off 100mg OXY for 10 days and yesterday I flushed the T3's I was using to help with withdrawal. I kept myself busy yesterday and then got pretty tired last night, so I took an OTC sleep aid and went to bed. I read a bit to get tired and then listened to some soft music. WELL, it worked. I didnt sleep the whole night,... (5 replies)
... How about a Monopoly Night for the family for a change? ... (10 replies)
... Hearing this extremely similar story last night at the NA meeting sent me reeling. ... (5 replies)
Bad Night..
May 18, 2007
... nt answer the door. I called him on Sunday nite and He didnt answer it was weighing on my mind I lost him for good. But he did call last night and came right over just to be here for me and hold me while I hurt.. On his way out the door he told me he left me something on the table. ... (5 replies)
... OK so I have been drinking beer heavily for many years now and it is starting to give me diarrhea every day. The last week or so I have only had a few beers at night and then chewing tobacco. So last night I decided to not have any beer at all or tobacco. This morning I felt like I was going to throw up so bad. ... (3 replies)
... I'm a night person so I get up late. ... (3 replies)
Bad Night!!
Feb 2, 2009
... I ended up screwing up last night too -- I forgot to pick up my Ambien refill, so I only had a quarter of an Ambien, not enough to make me sleep. And we had a death in the family, so it was difficult to sleep anyway. At 3 AM, I was desperate so I ended up taking about 10 mg of Oxy. I did fall asleep, then I dreamt that I took ANOTHER dose -- I was glad when I woke up and... (13 replies)
... Hey everyone... Today is a better day. I'm not having all of the "full" text book w/d symptoms today like I was yesterday. I haven't had to take any extra percocet to help my w/d since in the middle of the night. That's good news, but it's still not over. It's turned down about 70% but the RLS is still pretty torturous. I just can't hold still. I was FINALLY able to... (6 replies)
... I'm sorry that your night is going so bad. It does seem odd to me that your body is showing symptoms of withdrawals this early in the game. ... (6 replies)
... This is helping a little. I feel a bit calmer. Thanks for listening everyone. I hope you all are having a better night than I am! ... (6 replies)
Friday Night
Mar 16, 2008
... arlingtonaddict: Having fun is very important to me : ) I was an energetic child. And my friends always dubbed me as the "crazy" one because I loved being silly and having a good time. When I was drinking, I still upheld that "crazy" nickname, but I lost the having fun part. Alcohol was taking me further and further away from myself, ruining any chance of me ever experiencing... (7 replies)
Friday Night
Mar 15, 2008
... Last night was a good night. Met up with a bunch of friends and went to see my favorite sports team. Got happy and rowdy and didn't drink a drop. It felt really good. ... (7 replies)
Big night
Mar 1, 2008
... Glad it was a successful night for you! Good news to read. Smiles. ... (7 replies)
... last night was not a good one. I am at work right now trudging on though. ... (10 replies)
... I am sorry your night was so tough. ... (5 replies)
... Last night was alwful. I didnt get any sleep, my legs and arms were very restless, without the jerking. But needless to say it was awful. I cannot stand it. ... (5 replies)
... It's early morning & I'm at work now (phew, I made it!) Just wanted to say thanks to those of you that responded to my cry for help last night. Things are always about 1000 times worse at night, I have found. I eventually managed to chill out & get to sleep - did some deep breathing, and read a few pages of a novel. Anyway, thanks for the support! :angel: I... (3 replies)

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