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... tting...I can never make it past that...the CRAVING is always so overwhelming. This drug eliminates that somehow. So, it's literally, a breeze. Also, there is NO physical withdrawls. So, no getting antsy, snippy, etc. It's amazing. But, you have to do your part. You have to be ready. When you are, go this route. ... (12 replies)
... I have no doubt whatsoever that you'll be able to quit the smokeless tobacco. ... (12 replies)
... art should get markedly better. For me, it has NOT been uncomfortable. Just knowing I guess that if I need a cig, I can have one, may make it easier. There is no mental torture...unlike in the past quitting or in the pills. The Chantix has made me not crave the cigs...which is why it's so successful I guess. ... (12 replies)

... That's why I like this drug so much. Everytime I've quit in the past, it was so mental...this drug completely eliminated the mental aspect for me. I also had no physical withdrawls either, which was amazing. ... (12 replies)
... I have no idea what it is and have been meaning to ask you? ... (12 replies)
... Hello Buckeye I feel like I am posting to a real Board icon here. Smiles. You have shared so much good advice and support to so many. I am watching the threads about Chantix because smoking is among my list of "gotta stops." I did some research on the drug and just thought I would share some of the things I believe are important to know about it. I think it has the... (12 replies)
... Hi Buckeyetime, I smoked for 25 yrs I can't believe it doing the math. I quit cold turkey on june 12th of 06. I thought I was being a great parent not smoking anywhere around my son. Well he was diagnosed with Asthma a week before I quit and the Dr said there's such a thing as third hand smoke where the smoke that remains in your hair and clothes can cause damage to those... (12 replies)
... Hey you guys are awesome!! Well, I'm hanging in there, but my finger nails are pretty much gone. All of you guys really gave me something to think about. Appreciate it so much. (12 replies)
... tim i,m on day 9 good that you are quiting i smoked 45 yrs some days in the first week you will have cravings its okay if you eat snacks to curve your cravings also drink lots and lots of water. 2nd week its alot better. i have,nt reached the 3rd week. there is postings on the smoking board . remember to take 1hr at a time. keep posting lets us know how you are doing. (12 replies)
... I have been smoke free since 10/14, I also cheated through day 12 and then stopped smoking. I still get cravings here and there, sometimes stronger than others, I carry my Chantix around for maintenance. I take at least two pills a week still. If I am going to be around a smoker or smokers I will definately take one. Good luck, its a tough addiction, supposedly the... (12 replies)
... ugggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!! LOL. Man, this is killing me right now. Its like I do some work, and reach for my reward and its not there. It really is like saying goodbye to an old friend. I will be more prepared tomorrow with a bunch of vegies. Honestly, I dont know what is worse to quit-the pills or this thing. Yeah, we get a lot more sick from the pills, but I dont... (12 replies)
... Thanks for the post guys. Smokless tobacco is like chewing tobacco, but its a finer cut and you put it in your bottom lip. It has nicotine in it just like the cigs. Its worse I think because you can really do it when ever/ where ever you want. I have noticed that I havent wanted it as much in the last few days. (12 replies)
... Hey guys. Please let me know of anything that has helped. I have been chantix for a week, and tomorrow is my quit date. I'm a little scared and nervous about tomorrow. I use smokeless tobaccco pretty much all during the day. Thanks much. (12 replies)
... m saying this because reusing your own is just as bad as sharing, I have a few friends with endocarditis and they gave up after they found out. And burning them, dipping them, whatever is just going to collapse your viens and you dont want to lose an arm or a leg. Trust me. ... (7 replies)
... First 20 then 40 then 80 then I kenw it would never stop. Especially when I found myself dipping into my 3rd 40mg in one day. 120mg I guess I saw the light. I am a recovering Alcholic also so I have a history of addiction. ... (45 replies)
... Dear John, I wrote you on your other thread, and I'm new here also. My first post was under the heading "hard is life for those who live on for the sake of their loved ones." I contemplate suicide every day because of my opiate addiction. You are going through very valid pain issues and I agree with the poster who is telling you to come clean with your doc. On the other... (30 replies)
... First time I quite I started dipping in the tin myself and started right back up again. Last FEB I just got a bic pen, no Commit, no gum, first week was hell! I chewed the hell out of that pen but now I feel great, i have lots of energy and I dont smell like a smoke stack. ... (1 replies)
Rosie's update
Mar 19, 2004
... no clue why, he claims he doesn't want me dipping into them. I could care less about them, i take xanax at night and those benzos scare me enough! ... (23 replies)
... which he quit about 3 months ago. He apparently started dipping around the age of 15 with some friends. I didn't even realize it for about a year as he kept it well hidden from me. ... (94 replies)
... me weight. They say one pound is the equivalent to 4 on the joints. Again, just because you "dipped", don't let it discourage you totally. Just don't plunge. Dipping is okay and you can get past it. Just keep trying and start over again and again till u get it right. ... (24 replies)

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