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Hydrocodone arrest
Apr 28, 2005
... my medical records are to be released to my lawyer and if he and my parents found out I had 240 pills, it wouldn't be a good thing. Anyway, I am feeling so low, no energy at all, don't want to do anything, don't really care about anything. I just can't believe I will feel normal without them. ... (38 replies)
... unlike before I was a walking headache waiting to get worse! To my surprise I wake up every day at 6 am full of energy without my alarm clock as opposed to before. I deeply regret wasting 10 years of my life being a zombie. ... (2 replies)
... but I've been sick. Monday, day 10, I went to the doc. I found out I have strep throat and I've been taking nyquil and every over the counter med without relief. So I didn't say anything when they prescribed me cough syrup. ... (10 replies)

... Hello all, this is the fourth day I have not taken any hydrocodone, I have been taking them for the last three years and reached a point where I was taking 12 to 14 10mg. tabs a day I have not been able to get out of bed for more than a few minutes at a time no one knows about my problem and my wife and son think I have the flu I somehow managed to go to the doctor yesterday... (2 replies)
... ly head.I did eventually have to give up that clean and sober place after many many years of being totally clean once my spinal cord was damaged and i really had no other options at that pont but to have to go back onto pain meds. ... (26 replies)
... has been lacking. My wife and I are still making progress and I think our optimism is progressing to confidence with the expectation of more hard work ahead. The hydrocodone addiction, or recovery in progress rather, is going great. ... (66 replies)
... a long time for me to admit that thats what I am. So here it is, 12 midnight, way past my bed time. I have already been to "bed" once, but because of the anxiety hydrocodone causes me to have, I am up again. Anyone else ever experience this when taking vicodin? ... (13 replies)
... I'm on day 20 and feeling great still. No Paws. Lots of energy. Positive attitude. Just like before I put the Ox on my back. ... (141 replies)
... You didn't become an addict in two weeks, it will take a bit of time to adjust to life without drugs. ... (51 replies)
... igarettes and in my earlier years i did smoke marijuana for 20 years and did my bit of drinking but when it came time to let it go, i did. There were absolutely no issues when i quit smoking pot 10 years ago nor when i quit drinking 4 years ago. ... (3 replies)
... ule. It worked very well for him. Please keep in mind that while he was tapering he was off work so he was able to have go thru a 'bad day' while he was tapering without having to worry about working. If he had to be at work during the taper process, he would have done it slightly more slowly. ... (7 replies)
... I have had no signs of PAWS at all. It might be because I suffer from hyperaticivity? ... (141 replies)
Zydone Addiction
Oct 7, 2002
... can tell you that I know what you are going thru and whats to lie ahead. It's no fun and the withdrawls can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Rest assured, you should start feeling better by the 6th or 7th day. ... (1 replies)
... I could not taper without help from my wife. She would hide them and put one out for me. She got very good at hiding them because I was always finding them in the past. ... (16 replies)
... not cause I'm excited to take pills. I recently lost my job which doesnt help cause now I feel like I cant control anything. I'm bored so I take a pill, I have no energy so I take a pill, I want to get "high" so I take a pill. How do you end this cycle? ... (18 replies)
... and I am so grateful for it. But, going back to work for the first time, without my "energy" pills is just scary. My job is rather ecclectic... ... (9 replies)
... As a hard working executive and a devoted family man, at 47 yrs, I have experienced an accelerating decline in my well being, attitude, and energy over the last decade. I have tried everything to mitigate this. You name it... ... (2 replies)
... I would be able to control my addiction. Little did I know, at least for me, hydrocodone would be the most difficult drug to get off of, that I have ever encountered. My addiction quickly shot to taking 20 or more Norco or Lortab 10's daily. ... (8 replies)
... honest, descriptive posts I read, and please know that your words are not lost simply because there are only a few or no replies. Every person who hits that "send" button has something to add to our group, and every addition makes us stronger. ... (16 replies)
... of Stay at home Mom and housewife. I like to call my title...Domestic Engineer. I am fortunate to have been able to stay at home to raise our son. We, are by no means wealthy, but live comfortably with my husband's blue collar job. ... (4 replies)

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