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... Good morning, Just curious to find out what you guys thought was the best non-addictive pain medicine? I'm talking about other than asprin, advil and the like. The reason that I ask this question is that I've heard that there are some really good medicine that's now on the market that somehow operates with the same pain relieving qualities as the addictive opiates, but... (7 replies)
... nting with drugs but I have never had such an ordeal trying to discontinue anything. I wish I had read all of these posts before I ever agreed to take the "safe, non addictive, pain medication." Uh ya right! It sucks to be physically addicted to a drug you don't EVEN WANT TO TAKE. ... (6 replies)
... Hi There, YES, it is addictive. The withdrawls are not 1/2 as bad as coming off vicoden/percocets....but u still have a bit of withdrawls. I was sober for about 4 months about 2yrs ago...and i found a few Ultracets in my drawer and took them thinking they weren't addictive, but i knew the moment i took them that they were by the way they made me feel. Even though my... (18 replies)

... pschotics work on brain chemistry and nervous system and make huge changes to it. Withdrawal from them , just as from opiates and benzos, is a long, drawn out process. ... (10 replies)
... then I agree. If you mean the addiction is emotional, I think there is a strong physical dependence that develops. Ultram doesn't make you feel blissed out like opiates does, it is very understated. Maybe a little dizzy, maybe gives you pep, but all the time working on those opioid receptors. ... (16 replies)
... i have been using heavy for 4 years now interveniously and orally. drug of choice morphine and oxy cotton and roxicodone. recently i went to detox and have been in recovery for 90 days, i take suboxone on a daily basis but it is not prescribed. (those who don't know what it is its a much safer and non addictive version of methadone) but yet when i don't take any i feel as... (1 replies)
... addictive. The reality is that it is addictive with horrible WDs. Many have in fact stated it was worse for them than the actual opiates. ... (3 replies)
... there were several doctors going thru treatment at the same time who had gone from the traditional opiates to the Ultram to avoid detection in a urinalysis. ... (5 replies)
Ultram Help
Jan 26, 2007
... narcotic, Ultram has proven to be just as addictive as some of the other narcotics like vicodin and percocet. ... (10 replies)
... ly to get it off my receptors. But, in this time I am taking brain IS healing from drugs. Unlike Ultram, which appears to have the exact same problems as opiates in the way it sticks to those receptors. ... (61 replies)
... Hi Missy, How are you today? My name is Sara, and I have been in recovery since September 18th, 2004 and my birthday in sobriety is April 7th 2006 Tells a lot. Anyway, I am very passionate about this med... ultram I will tell you the story behind it as my doctor who is a alcoholic/addice told me..... They released the drug... and said it was non-addictive and within 24... (15 replies)
... Buspar is a totally NON ADDICTIVE med. for anxiety. ... (3 replies)
... failed surgery. Pain meds allowed me the time I needed to rebuild my life after pain hell and to make friends with it and come to radical acceptance of my pain. Opiates started out so helpful, but they are not a long term solution. I'm only 38 and can't live like this, on meds, for ever! ... (4 replies)
... t freely. It was not until many patients began relating to their doctors how addicted they had become that it was finally recognized for what it really is... an addictive drug. ... (72 replies)
... I got on benzos due to a doctor giving me opiates for an illness.... ... (28 replies)
Oh No!!!
Apr 14, 2007
... I went through an ever more severe dental operation and took Advil only. To be honest, I think Advil works better for pain than opiates. Opiates distance you from the pain - ibuprofen actually eliminates the pain at the source. I would suggest switching to something non-narcotic and non-addictive before it is too late. Also, are you clean and sober otherwise? (11 replies)
... From my research they are non addictive and do not create intoxication or euphoria. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you, Wonderful Posters. I just got back from the addiction specialist where I learned: 1. ADHD people can have a tendency to addiction because often their substance of choice *does* have a positive impact on their ability to concentrate, even with opiates. Hence, I'll be calling my psychiatrist to discuss increase in Vyvance dose as I'm *really* having a hard time... (155 replies)
Weaning off hydros
Jul 15, 2006
... e depression which I did too. It is scary and painful, and I know you said you still deal with physical pain. Well, the way I look at it, I do believe that the opiates totally add to depression and anxiety. Hopefully without them now, you can feel some relief that you are not hurting your body anymore by abusing opiates. ... (26 replies)
Nov 29, 2005
... addictive but it is addictive or can be. ... (9 replies)

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