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... I think I just started to like the groggyness though and took them all the time, so I need to find a non addictive pain relief for my leg. ... (9 replies)
Weaning off hydros
Jul 15, 2006
... h physical pain. Well, the way I look at it, I do believe that the opiates totally add to depression and anxiety. Hopefully without them now, you can feel some relief that you are not hurting your body anymore by abusing opiates. ... (26 replies)
... ay between the norcos well actually with the norcos.....i am trying to lose some weight...i am about 30 pounds or so over what i need to be. i have to find some non narcotic pain relief somehow because the narcotics just add to my trouble....pain and then pain from building up a tolerance and needing more..... ... (6 replies)

Ultram Help
Jan 26, 2007
... narcotic, Ultram has proven to be just as addictive as some of the other narcotics like vicodin and percocet. ... (10 replies)
... keith i'm sorry about your situation i did the same thing when i came off methadone they prescribed me tramadol for my back pain so i took them and i didnt get a buzz but ifelt normal because i was a phychological :angel: mess at the time and i said to myself this is messed up so i reasearched and could not believe the horror stories i read you didnt intentionally take these... (14 replies)
... riety, and I have no doubt that given your marital situation, you are trying to handle this all alone and have few people beyond this board to talk to about your pain concerns. ... (11 replies)
... Whether you can get off Bupe or Subutox is dependent on your personality and whether you are addicted or physically dependent because of the pain treatment, as well as your physical nature. I can't tell based on what you wrote, and would not be compentent to judge you in any case. ... (8 replies)
... h Fentanyl that I've used for three years for nerve pain in my face. Two years before was methadone, Oxycodone, Morphine, Percocet, failed surgery, failed surgery. ... (4 replies)
I'm almost there!
Feb 25, 2007
... do you have any suggestions in regard to future pain relief? ... (7 replies)
Jul 31, 2005
... think physicians do need to be more diligent. I know vicodin is addictive, but I have never had a physician warn me about that when prescribing. And as a chronic pain sufferer, I found I was not able to get sufficient pain management from my docs. ... (48 replies)
... he's worried about getting you addicted I don't think Ultram is the answer but, as you are no doubt aware, the only effective way of treating acute chronic back pain is with addictive meds...nothing else that I'm aware of is going to give you the relief you need. ... (5 replies)
No withdrawals???
Jun 19, 2010
... addicting. Funny thing for me is that when I was completed off all drugs, my own doctor who had helped me off talkeed about me starting Lyrica for pain relief in lieu of the opiates. I was shocked and told him it was addictive. He said, "No, it is not. ... (19 replies)
Offical Diagosis
Dec 2, 2005
... Narcotic pain reliever. However, just beware as despite it not being a Narcotic it still works in the same manor as narcotics do. ... (79 replies)
... e or your history, but usually the leg cramps are worse in the evening, so see what happens....and xanax or any benzo are great for helping with them. Also, back pain is a common withdrawl symptom, even if you don't have any back problems, so that is probably withdrawl related... ... (9 replies)
... I forget the pain I went through to get to this point and I go back to them. This is an issue ALL of us as addicts have to think about. ... (6 replies)
... hi lynn yes i have a pain dr and have tried everyting under the sun from steroid injections to every new drug out there like bextra celebrex vioxx even ultram but the only dose that word work with the ultram was fairly high so now i'm suppose to take a celebrex vicodin 3 times a day and 1 50 mg ultram if things get rough which they have been surgery he says is to soon so i... (21 replies)
... op pain is non existent except for some very occasional deep twinges where things are moving around. ... (2 replies)
... where you land up feeling so stressed out for taking a pain reliever your body needed. It's not an endurance test. Besides.. ... (21 replies)
... addictive person I know. When her pain meds run out...she just hangs out until they're back again. Unbelievable body chemistry. ... (9 replies)
... Quitter, I cold turkeyed a 225 mg./day hydro habit, which escalated out of control due to disc degeneration. I personally did not believe I could taper, as I would consume whatever I had just to deal with the pain. Further, I am not convinced a taper works with hydro, as the people I know that did try it still went through withdrawals once the taper ended. Unfortunately,... (8 replies)

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