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... No, you shouldn't have to live with high pain levels, but I understand your concerns about opioid medication use. ... (15 replies)
... ay the hell away from it from now HAVE are like i was.this is one nasty sneaky will suck you right in and tear you and your life apart.this med in my opinion is just too casually Rxed considering the very high addiction rate it appears to be showing.its awful in certain people. ... (14 replies)
... Unfortunately, while he's in the hospital, the pain med situation will be pretty much out of your control... ... (12 replies)

Med. Questions
May 9, 2007
... Neurontin is not in any way shape or form actually 'addicting'.it is an anti siezure med that you can become dependant on but that happens with any med pretty much when it has to be used on a consistant daily basis. ... (22 replies)
... e put on the market in the last 10 years. It is very dangerous, very easy to overdose on, causes grand mal seizures and incredibly addictive. It is the hardest med I ever detoxed of, legal or illegal. If your taking psych meds you can get seratonin syndrome which can be deadly in itself. ... (1 replies)
Why Vicoden??
Mar 23, 2007
... narcotic pain med. It triggers the same receptors in the brain as narcotics though, which is why they can be just as addictive and work in a pinch. ... (7 replies)
... Today I am miserable. My body aches all over. I have 4 vicodin left. I see the Dr. again tomorrow morning so I am going to ask for another non narcotic pain med and maybe a muscle relaxer because that would maybe help with the pain? ... (18 replies)
... i am sorry the ultram was a flop too.Do a bit of research on ultram on one of those Rx sites.I just did a quick check as I did not know the ins and outs of this med and found some rather interesting info that you really do need to be aware of. ... (9 replies)
... i am assuming the pain from three car accidents would include radiculopathy along with an arthritic type of pain? ... (11 replies)
... prescribed drugs. In the beginning i felt like i needed narcotic pain meds for several reasons. I have sought pain relief from my doctors for the last several years. I hurt. ... (10 replies)
... you really truely want to go on,i would seriously consider just telling your PM that you wish to move onto another PM who uses some particular modality to manage pain that they cannot offer you there? ... (9 replies)
Day Three
Mar 5, 2007
... narcotic pain meds. But listen to BUCKEYE, concentrate on today, and get thu it. ... (9 replies)
... I really seriously doubt that this has anything at all to do with the pain meds unless she is actually having some sort of allergic type of reaction.I would be MUCH MUCH more concerned about the way she is using her meds,really. ... (1 replies)
Hey Mart7!!!!!
May 18, 2004
... Been through that surgery a couple years ago.i am sincerely hoping that things go well for you mart,and your pain will finally go away. ... (2 replies)
Pain med addiction
Jan 14, 2004
... narcodic, but the drug admin is trying to pass it as a narcotic because it is soooo addicting. There is currently a lawsuit going on regarding this drug. This is her latest drug of choice. The bad thing is.... ... (17 replies)
... tramadol. I works pretty good but I can only take 25mgs, the pills I have are 50 mgs, but I get a huge pain in the bridge of my nose if I take a whole pill. ... (11 replies)
Med. Questions
May 11, 2007
... Thanks Kadee ! I see you live in Canada so I guess that would be too much to ask. I did see my regular MD yesterday & we did discuss some non-narcotic methods to deal w/ the pain. Mike (22 replies)
Fentenyl Blues...
Jun 27, 2007
... this is standard practice anytime a patient is on any tylenol based med on a long term basis.this really needs to be done as part of your ongoing treatment plan,and for you personally given what occured with tylenol before. ... (33 replies)
... believe me, i DO feel for ya C. i have also been thru like every imaginable med just to even begin to try and treat the non responsive to any narcotic pain crappy syndromes i have. ... (8 replies)
Why Vicoden??
Mar 23, 2007
... hydro products are the highest abused narcotic pain meds in the US for a good reason.there is a certain very unique quality to hydro that no other narcotic really appears to has a kind of 'energzing" quality to it and also it just makes you feel very comfortable and rather 'normal' actually. ... (7 replies)

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