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... ether he gets high or not he is still an opiate addict. My son is also. He is 7 months clean. He could never handle even one vicodin. Have your boyfriend find a non narcotic pain reliever or he's asking for trouble. I went through the same thing with my son a year ago. He'd been clean a while and some Dr. ... (10 replies)
Day 9 off Suboxone
Aug 28, 2004
... I hadn't read Fisherman's post about the tooth pain before I posted my questions? ... (19 replies)
... they are not a narcotic but the way they are made is how an opiate works because they bind to the receptors like an opiate does and they are made with a morphine like substance and when people take them for along period of time they can become addicting especially to people who have abused or become physically dependant to opiates it's wierd i know but i read tramadol is being... (2 replies)

... During the interim I took some tylenol and some eardrops. The pain was so bad that it almost brought me to tears. The doctors gave me some antibiotics and ultrcet for the pain. ... (2 replies)
Jan 26, 2005
... with the opiates like say every other day. This can ease the seemingly increase in pain that withdrawal can bring. ... (5 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your pain issues,Though I know exactly what you are dealing with..And it can be tricky to find an otc pain reliever that can actually help in a chronic pain situation..I know there are alot of us addicts out there that came to our addictions through chronic pain situations.. ... (11 replies)
Offical Diagosis
Dec 2, 2005
... Narcotic pain reliever. However, just beware as despite it not being a Narcotic it still works in the same manor as narcotics do. It too, binds to the opiod receptors in the brain just as the narcotics. ... (79 replies)
... I used to take tramadol for pain. I took it because I am in recovery and they marketed it as a non narcotic pain reliever. They said I couldn't get addicted to it. ... (18 replies)
Hey kim32
Jul 11, 2004
... Ultram is not a narcotic.By federal law,any narcotic would have the controlled substance sticker on the bottle. ... (0 replies)
... The abscess is what is causing the pain right now more than anything. The infection is also why you have that bad taste in your mouth and why you feel sick. ... (32 replies)
... That takes someone with a very strong will! My doc and counslor both told me that taking pain meds when medically necessary isn't taking away from clean time. I took my pain meds for 5 days after my surgery. ... (42 replies)
... Hi everyone. First, I just want to say- I commend you all for your bravery, tenacity, and ability to self-evaluate. Admitting to an addiction/ possible addiction is hard enough; but to quit the addiction takes an extraordinary amount of strength and willpower. Respect to you all. I'm here because I'm not sure what to do. See, I'm a 34, male, and an end stage cancer... (9 replies)
Is relapse normal?
May 10, 2004
... We talked a while back when you were tapering down to just a few a week. Remember me, Chef and Spark all said that addicts cannot control their own usage of pain pills. Once you cross the line of being an addict, your brain is reprogrammed to need that high more than it needs FOOD! I don't want to say I told you so. ... (30 replies)
Fioricet Addiction
Jun 24, 2010
... narcotic pain reliever. Some primary care physicians also have injectable Toradol. ... (18 replies)
... narcotic pain reliever.All input BLESS FRIEND... ... (9 replies)
Buzz -checking in
Nov 15, 2005
... narcotic pain reliever that I can use. My back is still hurting, bothering me bad so I have that to deal with also. ... (154 replies)
Tramadol Advice
Dec 16, 2004
... narcotic pain reliever, but some people get a better high than with Hydro's. I found it to make me kind of sluggish and foggy. Not euphoric like the Hydro's. ... (16 replies)
Hi all....
Jul 29, 2004
... narcotic pain reliever that maybe can be use for you. Ask your doctor about it if you have the hysterectomy. ANd congrats to you on being clean. ... (3 replies)
Jun 15, 2003
... narcotic pain reliever and i can't seem to do it! ... (4 replies)
... check out the chronic pain forum here, maybe they can help find a pain reliever that works. ... (18 replies)

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