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... Methadone is an option. It works well for most people but you have to have the desire to stop taking the narcotics when you dont really need them. Dependance and Tolerance are very commonplace. ... (7 replies)
... you really truely want to go on,i would seriously consider just telling your PM that you wish to move onto another PM who uses some particular modality to manage pain that they cannot offer you there? ... (9 replies)
... months... it's been a build up from 1 pill to 7 over the 2 years... I've tried 14 other NON narcotic meds for my migrians over a 10 year peroird... I get Nerv blocks and Botox treatmeant for my mirgains as well... ... (16 replies)

Big Problem
Jan 31, 2008
... if you are actually "enjoying" that euphoric feeling they give you,i would most definitely start looking into other options for pain would appear from what you have said here that staying on any form of narcotic could prove to be a huge problem for you. ... (7 replies)
... narcotic that would be much better, else this thing could very well esculate into another addiction. Some people can take the meds for pain and then drop them, other people take the meds for pain and keep it going. The chance of the choice is a very grave one to decide. ... (7 replies)
... ed out by explaining to him that any prescriptions prescribed by another doctor in the past year was by my PRIMARY care physician who had full disclosure on what meds the pain management doctor had me on. I told him how he had made me feel like a cheap street addict yesterday. He told me that was not his intention at all.... ... (17 replies)
... About ten years ago, a number of researchers came to the conclusion that many people were being undertreated for pain. ... (21 replies)
... I'm at a place where many chronic pain people find themselves, I would imagine. My problem is that I am a long time addict. Alcohol, pot, narcotics... ... (7 replies)
... Wow,this IS a tough situation but i too applaud you totally for coming clean with your really DO need to speak with him about your feelings about being punished for what you told him. ... (14 replies)
... Thank you all so much for your reply's. It's nice to come into work and see that so many people have been thinking of me in the last few hours. As for my concentration on getting more meds, as I have stated I have a form of rhumitism that causes me severe pain. Some days it's not so bad. ... (71 replies)
... Hi and welcome. Your story sounds familiar to many I've read here and familiar to my own story. The details of the cause of pain are different but the end result the same. ... (11 replies)
... I'm not suggesting this to anyone but it worked for me and many others I have helped. ... (4 replies)
Fentenyl Blues...
Jun 27, 2007
... per day everyday,you ARE over the safe limit for chronic daily usage of tylenol right now.that safe amount goes down 4000mgs to 3000mgs per day when it is used on a chronic daily basis. ... (33 replies)
... believe me, i DO feel for ya C. i have also been thru like every imaginable med just to even begin to try and treat the non responsive to any narcotic pain crappy syndromes i have. ... (8 replies)
... I'm kinda new to all this stuff but I'm getting ready to start a new job that is going to have me reaching for the tylenol everyday so I thought I'd jump on here and ask a quick question!! ... (0 replies)
... This is a great question. As I posted before under your other thread, I'd be very careful what I told him. You never know when you may need him in the future for some type of pain you may develop. Additionally, you don't want him to make permanent record in your file that you're an addict. ... (9 replies)
... HI Ready... thanks for your reply. As for a Dr... here is the story behind that. I grew up in the same town for 27 years... ... (53 replies)
... I don't agree with your comment that people who are not addicted will not get withdrawal symptoms after taking opiates for some time. ... (12 replies)
... cs it is because after seeing 3 neuroligists I was diagnosied with Cluster Migraines which Migraines are very common in Women Cluster headaches are usually saved for the males... LUCKY ME!!! So then I went to a Pain Man. DR and I tried everything and I mean everything! ... (12 replies)
... I know I'm not alone in that after reading your whole story. I appreciate all your openness and honesty with what you are going through. Don't beat yourself up for having a weak moment. I think that happens to us all. Hang in there you really are doing great. You are stronger than what you think. You quit using didn't you? ... (42 replies)

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