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... Venus21, you are close to making the right choice. I have struggled with a similar decision for almost 1 year now. I used to look at these boards to get advice on tapering and how bad the withdrawals will be. At first, it frightened me, so I kept using. ... (14 replies)
... Anyone out there that can give me advice on the methadone let me in. I have been on it 3 months and have had withdrawals when i havent taken it, so am i just trading one addiction for another? ... (13 replies)
... I had a close to 30 a day Norco habit for 4 years. Well, of course not 40 a day for the whole 4 years, but you know...started taking them as directed, but loved them immediately. ... (25 replies)

... I do know that you should be very careful when detoxing from alcohol. Before my recent addiction to pills, I was a serious alcoholic. All of this stemmed from a motorcycle accident I had about 4 years ago. ... (23 replies)
... I thank you all for the many kind words and words of advice before my battle began. This board is truly a blessing for which I will always be thankful. ... (3 replies)
... I split the pills in half and took them throughout the day so they would last longer. I can not believe how fast the addiction escalates. ... (14 replies)
... Hope you are all making progress in battling whatever addiction you may have. ... (7 replies)
... I am sooo lucky that I am clean now, and have been thru my addiction and recovery.I still need in sobriety, to keep close to new comers as we call them in AA or NA.It helps me to remember where I came from... ... (13 replies)
... area that would help you with a taper. I am assuming you got the RX from a dr. so it seems that dr. would help you wean. Funny how some doctors are. I questioned addiction when I got my first script of Vicoden then Norco, then Oxy. and his words to me were..Dont worry, if you are taking them for pain, you wont get addicted. ... (5 replies)
... Want to stop Vicodin. Can't do this anymore. I'm up to 80mg of Norco per day. ... (5 replies)
... I dont know any,but it was just something I was thinking of for you. I cant imagine how hard it must be to live with chronic pain,and then dealing with all the addiction stuff on top of. Is there a reason why your pain is so great in the morning particularly? ... (6 replies)
... I'm tired of taking pills and I stopped taking Norco 2 years ago when I got on suboxone. Now I feel like I went from one addiction to another. I'm tired of taking pills to make me feel better. Can someone give me advice or encouragement. Any information will be appreciated! ... (6 replies)
... I will make a quick suggestion. The same site you found the list of doctors should have the informaion for your doctor to read the information on suboxone. Print up the information and ask him to look into getting registered to prescribe it. (7 replies)
... I did ask him at my last appointment about the sub and he had no idea what it even was! he just wrote me another script for 150 Norco and said see ya in a few weeks. so he is only adding to my addiction not helping it. ... (7 replies)
On that road again
Nov 16, 2006
... i wouldnt wanna stay with me either. i drink a bottle of pepto a day and take a zantac with every dose of norco just to keep my stomach from exploding. i get dizzy constantly. last time i quit i took xanex and somas to help me sleep. and a hot bath about every hour. ... (10 replies)
It's been awhile!!
Jul 22, 2006
... I haven't been visiting these boards in awhile so maybe none of u remember me but..I'm Jennah and I have been trying to do the taper thing for a few very frustrating months.I was addicted to oxy.,hydro,norco..etc.10-12 per day for a few yrs.anyway I think I 1st posted back in April...Need Some advice. Since then it has been a back and forth shuffle that I kept loosing.So here... (8 replies)
... Hey Guys. Long time no talk. If anyone remembers, I was put on Suboxone for opoid addiction. I am also a chronic pain patient. Anyway, that was almost 6 months ago and I love everything about the Sub except it doesn't take care of my pain. I am miserable. Yesterday my old PM Dr. gave me some Fentanyl Norco, but I am not sure how to go back to them. Anyone have any... (1 replies)
Need Help
Aug 10, 2005
... d is alot worse than coming off of norco or vikies, in my opinion. You are gonna be VERY irritable, sleepy but yet suffer from insomnia, the runs, twitchey arms and legs.... ... (12 replies)
... Justin, Just by being here and sharing with us, proves that you are seeking help. I want you to know that this place is so AWESOME when it comes to support, and we will all help you through the rough times. You've already been given some awesome advice. I'm actually going in tomorrow to start the Sub. for my pain pill addiction (I'm taking 20-30 Norco's daily. I'm 5'5"... (6 replies)
... but now, I truly understand. I truly understand how difficult, how seductive addiction can be, I no longer judge people, I now understand, and have a lot of compassion, and empathy towards them. ... (26 replies)

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