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... ver, if you can find a doctor that is licensed to prescribe this medication, your life will be forever changed! I have been an addict myself for about 2 yrs. The addiction for me was caused by medical conditions that never seemed to end, and the pain was just too excrutiating to withstand. ... (23 replies)
... ally, or not through a dr., that's really something I or probably most people here would not feel comfortable doing. Right now you should be more concerned with addiction to the Xanax, then the Norco......Xanax is very easy to get hooked on, and very very hard to detox from. ... (5 replies)
... gave them my cell phone number in the vm I left them. Their message mentioned coming in. This guy just wants my money and I think he's putting me on such a high dose to get me hooked. ... (43 replies)

... I have been taking hydrocodone,norco,oxycodone, pretty much whatever I was able to get.This has been my life for over 2 yrs.and I hate it!! I wake each day to think about these pills and when will I be back to normal...So today is my 1st day of NO meds. I am pretty scared about what is to come but I know I need to do this for myself and my family who don't even know of my... (41 replies)
... I have been on Suboxone now for 2 months and it is the one of the best things I could of ever done for myself. I was on Norco for 4 years and could not taper off no matter how hard I tried. ... (6 replies)
... And of course, the day that script ran out came all to soon. I decided to bite the bullet and order a bottle of Norco online. ... (9 replies)
So Weak
May 11, 2009
... The quick story is that I started taking Norco 10 after a major surgery almost 4 years ago. My condition is not better and I am facing another surgery or transplant. I know I am addicted to them. ... (6 replies)
... In 1998 I was in a business meeting where I met a woman that later, told me of the addiction she once had and proceeded to tell me how she got help with addiction. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Loretta.. I do unfortunatley, have addiction experience....You will feel terrible for about a week or so. ... (3 replies)
... I am sure that many of you know the drill. I was so heavily addicted to this medication that if I missed a single dose by more than 30 minutes or so, I would become sick, angry, frustrated... ... (3 replies)
... et you know that I am here for you ALWAYS. I've found this forum to be full of genuine, loving, caring, supportive people...and regardless of what stage in your addiction you are in, they are all here to help you. I must say though, you are one EXTREMELY brave person for going to your doctor. ... (7 replies)
To Stillfrommy
Jun 1, 2004
... m a Online company and I WILL NOT pick it up, I am so done. I went to Borders over the weekend and I brought a book by elizabeth wurtzel called Now, more about a addiction its a true story so you really feel like you can relate to her. I almost read the whole thing in my car, reading also helps to distract my brain from Norco. ... (5 replies)
... d's on thse are even worse then the hydros. Let me tell you I feel like crap in the morning until my first dose kicks in. I don't think you should have too hard of a time getting off 25 mgs. I would suggest just continueing this amount till your body gets use to it. ... (22 replies)
... Now, I've just finished a taper from Morphine and Norco 9 days ago. ... (3 replies)
... Well here I sit on my second day with no Norco. This is the first time I have EVER said this to anyone. The only person that knows about my addiction is my husband. Maybe others know, but I have never shared this with anyone. ... (20 replies)
... s coming up. I live alone and the loneliness is killing me. I am at 32 hours clean as i write this. I have some clonodine and ativan but i am afraid to trade one addiction for another. I have final tomorrow.....please help.... ... (2 replies)
... and lows of hydrocodone...not to mention all that acetomitphin you're taking, which probably played a big part in your health problems...Luckily you were taking Norco instead of Vicoden at least huh? ... (6 replies)
On that road again
Nov 16, 2006
... i wouldnt wanna stay with me either. i drink a bottle of pepto a day and take a zantac with every dose of norco just to keep my stomach from exploding. i get dizzy constantly. last time i quit i took xanex and somas to help me sleep. and a hot bath about every hour. ... (10 replies)
... I can't get an answer anywhere. Also wondering about my dose of 8mg...normal? ... (21 replies)
... You are in my thoughts and prayers. It is funny how our lives can take a turn and suddenly we are in full blown addiction. I am in the same boat as you as I take them for a medical reason too. Now I am in a point of my life when I want to try and get off them and I too am scared to death of the WD's. You sound as if you have a very understanding husband as I do. I hope... (28 replies)

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