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... Kew, Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. Yes, part of the reason I'm starting to taper is because it just "feels" right. Part of the reason is because my doc suggested that this would be a good time to start (I'm very early in my taper, not down where a lot of the other people here are - it's probably not even considered "tapering" yet). I have an appointment... (165 replies)
Norco readdiction
May 30, 2009
... both for financial and medical reasons. I don't think I could go without narcotics during recovery and really don't relish the thought of living with lots of metal in my back for the rest of my life. ... (5 replies)
Norco readdiction
May 25, 2009
... I was 17 days clean from a Percoset/Oxycontin/Tramadol addiction and feeling pretty good. I do need lumbar surgery and cannot afford it at this time (yes, I have insurance to cover it, but wife lost job and I can't afford to be out of work for the 3-6 month recovery period). My back surgeon (whom I haven't seen in a few months) saw me 2 weeks ago and gave me a script for... (5 replies)

The Norco Lurker
Dec 28, 2007
... Droop welcome one thing i learned here and i think it was from Reach is not to lie or hide but to be honest with myself and my family. Its hard bit once i did i felt like i started my recovery. I feel for you , loosing your Dad and your friend. Be strong have faith and visit here often this site has helped me i have been clean for 4 months , sharing , caring and listening to... (6 replies)
The Norco Lurker
Dec 28, 2007
... Droops -- FIRST OFF --WELCOME with open arms. We are here for you and can REALLY help you. I was just like you many times and for many years. You have taken the BIGGEST and most important step in recovery, "realizing" that you have a problem. We have a BUNCH of similarities. I too have a beautiful caring wife and 3 kids and had cancer and had a bad back. There are so... (6 replies)
... it is hydrocodone,vicodin,norco, lortabs?its all the same thing just different dosages and tylenol amounts in the meds.Marcia (11 replies)
... lls continuously for about 5 or 6 years. I know that sounds liek a lot for having mild withdrawals, but I don't know what the hell is happening. I did take 20mg norco the second night to help sleep, but that's all, other than a few benzos and a lot of pot. Seems like it's time to put this nasty habbit behind me. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Norc... welcome to the board! Whether you realize it or not, you have taken the first step toward sobriety! Admitting that there is a problem, is one of the hardest parts of recovery. So to try and answer your questions...... For me cold turkey was the only way. I tried the weaning thing, severl hundred times, I am thinking. Those evil pills get quite a hold over... (10 replies)
... a day habit of Norco a little over a year ago. I just took hot baths and tried to hold on the best I could. ... (6 replies)
... pick up a drink I probably won't crave a pill. It took me a long long time to even realize that alcohol may be my primary addiction. I mean I wouldn't swallow a norco if I didn't have beer in the house and I always felt like a needed a few more beers in the house. If I didn't I would go out and get more. ... (3 replies)
... r my bowels to regulate themselves though and I know that you know what I mean lol. It's like my body is taking time from adjusting from the stony pebbles of the norco days to the diarreah of the detox. OK that's more info than..... ... (6 replies)
... thanks mike, that was very encouraging. for me the tough part will be get off. i don't think that i will struggle afterwards. i guess since i'm in so much pain, i feel that it's ok to take the meds, but not abuse them like i do. i'm a christian. i love Jesus very much. i got saved three years ago and my life changed so much for the better. just an obstacle. i'll let... (3 replies)
... Well, unfortunately I can't give you much GOOD advice...because I'm right where you are now. I do suffer from a chronic medical condition in which I'm legitimately prescribed this drug, but what scares me is how much I actually ENJOY the feeling it gives me, the "false" energy it gives me, AND....the fact that I easily take more than prescribed. I struggle with this every... (7 replies)
... t what your effort puts into it. nothing in nothing out. NA meetings for a recovering addict can turn lives around Kim. dont stop after 1 or 2. give it time your recovery deserves it. you will find understanding, love and a welcoming feeling for you. many newcomers get told to attend 90 meetings in 90 days! its good advice. ... (4 replies)
... Today I have taken 1.5 Norco and 3 temgesic. I have 2 more temgesic that I will take this afternoon. ... (8 replies)
... You're not going crazy, you're going sane. You're doing the healthiest, most rational thing right now by being honest and trying to stop this nasty habit. It won't be fun (regardless of your method of detox), but it is definately within your reach. What you experienced when you ran out of pills is 100% natural. Basically, you're taking oxycodone (percocet and oxycontin) and... (2 replies)
My Story
Feb 1, 2004
... school full time, and I just found out I am pregnant again with our 5th child, we are excited because we always wanted to have a big family. I have stopped the Norco and am taking lortab 7. ... (10 replies)
... my name is kelly, i am a recovering alcoholic and i read the addiction and recovery boards and quite often. i know your drug of choice is not alcohol but addiction is addiction and we all are in the same battle so when i read your post ... ... (58 replies)
... My wife recently went off Norco about 5 days ago. ... (3 replies)
... s combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen make it very powerful. Norco will increase the effects of other drugs such as alcohol, anxiety medication and antidepressants. ... (27 replies)

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