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... he lack of motivation, hate the lack of a sex life and apathetic views towards everything. So anyway, I get my refill on Monday, and I decided I'm going to start tapering down. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Reach. Thank you for your encouragement! This was so difficult (Tapering Norco), but I'm beginning to come to grips with the fact that the work ahead isn't going to be a cakewalk! But I will be happy for the small victories. NO PILLS FOR OVER 1-WEEK!!! That's it... Have a busy week and I'm glad that! (29 replies)
... We can hasten the process concerning the depression by helping the brain to start producing the feel good chemicals that it didn't need to produce when the Norco took its place. How? ... (29 replies)

... is that we need more and more to reach the same result. It is how I started out myself. By the time I finally began tapering off, I was on Oxycodoen, although along the way I had been on morphine, Fentynal patches, you name it. ... (29 replies)
... Good morning friends, my tapering not going so good I guess. I all my friends out there are feeling better this morning, I miss all of you! ... (6 replies)
... I too just stopped taking norco six days ago. Not quite as much as you but it doesn't matter. ... (3 replies)
... hi mic. I had a similar problem with the headaches. I've been tapering off norco and had gotten down to 1 or 1-1/2 a day. Then the headaches!! I also thought they might be a w/d symptom. I would start off the day with just a threat of the headache and by the end of the day could not function. The pain was not only in the sinus area, but the area around the bones at the... (16 replies)
Norco addiction
Feb 23, 2008
... ill or so. And, if you could get a script for some type of anxiety med, that would help a lot....Especially at night to help you sleep. I bet when you take the Norco at night, it calms you and you sleep well. Anxiety meds are perfectly fine to take long term if needed, or you could ween from those as well... ... (5 replies)
... Hi Wendy! Thank you for your post and I did read your post about you and your BF trying to share the 150 soon!! That is what I do when I start feeling bad…read other peoples posts…I think I've read about 200 different stories and it is good to know I'm not alone. Good luck with your journey!! I kinda wish I could have done a slower Taper, but I didn't want to get a new... (29 replies)
... the dosage I'm taking isn't giving me that nice Norco high, and IT PISSES ME OFF! ... (5 replies)
The Norco Lurker
Dec 28, 2007
... I would suggest a long taper. Everyone is different, I right now am tapering from norco switched from fentany. My history is one of constant relapse. This time it's the longest I've gone without cheating. ... (6 replies)
... r thought that I should get off all of the medication to asess where my pain level is. So, my neurologist and I came up with a taper plan. I am down to three 5mg Norco a day and one 5mg valium. When I started the taper I was taking 60mg of Kadian, 30mg of Norco and 15mg of Valium a day. ... (7 replies)
... The depression that swarms around tapering and for a bit after sucks. But remind yourself it's not real. It's your mind just balancing out again. It will go away. ... (29 replies)
... mg...taking 1 in the morning and 1 at night. I don't think of it as the same evil in different packaging at all. I'm doing great on it and all of my tapering has been really easy. ... (4 replies)
... Hi John…Wow, I'm so new to this, and I wish I knew the magic answer…but I don't. I had bee taking Norco for around 8-years and I thought that was a long time… I did what you are doing…gave them to my Boyfriend and told him my schedule…I made him promise to not give me any additional ones…and to his credit…he was strong. About 3-days in, I was begging for them!! I have now... (2 replies)
... Hi BB...thank you for the information and yes I do have legitimate pain. The thing is, I really think I need to try to assess where my pain level is, since I have never done that and I went from taking 4-vicoden per day to 8-norco per day. I have never taken more then the dr allowed, but when he kept upping the dose...I kept taking more and more. It is important to me to... (29 replies)
... I have been taking 8-Norco a day for the past, well at least 6-8 years…scary to put that in writing! I have a great opportunity to spend about a year in Europe and I don't want to spend it trying to figure out how to maintain my addiction. I did it last time I was in Europe and it was so stupid…not to mention expensive!! So, last Sunday, I went from 8-pills (2-every 6-hours)... (29 replies)
... I am also addicted to norco ...I take 40 mg a day and can't get off. I try then at the end of th day I feel crappy and take the rest. In less than 2 years I've more than tripled my dose. ... (10 replies)
... i have been taking norco 10/325 for about 6 months for help treating the ain of a damaged nerve in my jaw. now i have gotten to the point where i am just tired of it. i don't want to be taking it anymore. i have tried quitting cold turkey but the withdrawals are too much for me. i talked to my pharmacist today and they said cold turkey just doesn't work for some people and... (10 replies)
... Okay, you were taking Norco 7. ... (23 replies)

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