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... Hey I have been addicted to lortabs since around 2008. I have gone through withdraws several times. It usually last about 2wks. I got real sick with flu like symptoms. I was fatigued A LOT and spent most of the time on my best friends couch but it does pass. I stayed clean until I got injured again which sucks because now if I go two days without my pain meds I go into... (10 replies)
Norco withdraw...
Jul 31, 2012
... 13 days is really not a long time but you should be starting to feel better. You did not say if you were taking any supplements to increase your energy? I am in day 11 and have done this before. The 10 days prior to going cold I took 115 percocet and 25 lortabs. That is when I knew I had to quit, but I did it with a plan because like I say been here before. I drink Ensure at... (10 replies)
Norco withdraw...
Jul 30, 2012
... hours and I get hit with a blast of fatigue and I can barely move is this part of the withdraw phase. ... (10 replies)

Norco withdraw...
Jul 31, 2012
... uphoria of calmness the pain killers provide. But that peak went away a couple years ago, it would last about 30min to an hour at most at the end. I was taking 1 norco every 10 hours. The sleep has been completely normal except for the first few days. ... (10 replies)
Norco withdraw...
Jul 31, 2012
... Hi XBOX4EVR! I havent been on the board in a month or two. but I think you are new here, so welcome! :) I have a lot of experience with pills as taking them as prescribed is very hard for me. It's great that you do not have that issue to contend with. I think that, even though you are on a light dose now, you did take a higher one for a while. Even if you are not... (10 replies)
... Also, if you are addicted you doctor can put you on a slow taper from the Norco so that any withdraw symptoms will be lessened. It won't be totally smooth sailing, but a slow taper monitored by a knowlegable doctor can be done with less discomfort. ... (7 replies)
... after I kick the norco on my own. Ni was also drinking a bottle of wine per night up til I had the seizure about a year ago..... Dr.s told me I was slowly killing my self. ... (4 replies)
... You would have to ask a doctor what is right for you, but I have taken it for all of the abouve that you have mentioned and it did just fine for me. I would definetly consider getting the SUB'S other then the NORCO's....stupid to spend allllllll that $$$$$ on that bs!!! And Im sure you can use the money on xmas right now instead :D Good luck to ya!! (4 replies)
... tried to get off the drug numerous times but I cant get passed the 3rd day. I work full time and I con only detox when I'm given vacation time because of all the withdraw symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... can tolerate the pain. Also, if you cut back for awhile and give your bod a break, your tolerance and dependance will decrease and you'll probably find that the Norco works better again. ... (5 replies)
Norco Addiction
Aug 7, 2005
... I too was addicted to Norco for about a year. It made me crazy and sucked me under worse than any other drug. ... (6 replies)
... ll do anything to make it go away!! So I have done tons and tons of research on this and have found a miracle that has worked for me! Last week as I was about to withdraw again I was searching the internet and found this miracle!! You can google this if you want to and read up on it also. ... (9 replies)
Norco withdraw...
Aug 14, 2012
... Well it's been almost a month and I feel amazing I'm even able to deal with the pain better after getting the opaites out of my system my pain tolerance is increasing. My neck pain gets really bad depending on how I lift weights if I don't lift weights my neck pain is very minimal but I'm a fitness freak and can't stop lifting. But I can't believe how much better I feel off... (10 replies)
... I figured you meant ibuprofen! I can tell you know a lot about medicine. I just wanted to make sure people didn't confuse the two! (10 replies)
... Hi Loki! Thanks for the correction. I actually meant ibuprophen. So sorry to put the wrong info out there. Thanks again! (10 replies)
... Motrin is NOT acetaminophen. It is ibuprofen. Totally different. It can affect the stomach and I believe your kidneys if taken at high doses for long periods of time. I suggest you speak with your doctor to find out what you should be taking as they know your medical history the best. Good luck to ya!! (10 replies)
Norco withdraw...
Jul 31, 2012
... Hi!!! I believe Motrin is acetaminophen, so it can be hard on your stomach. I'd eat before you take it. Or if you drink milk, drink a glass first to coat your stomach. Stick with your plan. With patience, you will make it to the other side glowing and eventually full of energy. Best, Wendy (10 replies)
Norco withdraw...
Jul 31, 2012
... Just one more question for you guys if anyone has info, my pain is in my neck from a bad car accident. I still get it but I'm just tired of the bondage the pain meds put u in. Motrin helps a TON but how safe is it long term? (10 replies)
Perc withdraw
Feb 27, 2009
... I just wanted to offer you words of encouragement..........................I am proud of you for even trying so give yourself props for that, ok! I am 26 days out of a detox center where I came cold turkey off Norco, Soma and Xanax. It was horrible and still is on some days...............My dr had to put me on 2mgs of klonopin 4 times a day to stop the violent... (5 replies)
... Mike - re your leg pain - do you notice that it is there/worse upon awakening - before you actually get out of bed? I noticed this and have posted previously about it - when I was taking Norco I would wake up with the worst charley-horse type pain in my leg(s)....if you're having this as a withdrawal symptom I would wonder if it's your body's way of re-wiring your pain... (5 replies)

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