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Norco Withdrawl
Sep 25, 2013
... years ago I was taking 300 Norco pills a month and would still run out. The last week of every month found me sick, emotional and just plain strung out. ... (1 replies)
... Jilas, Norco, whose main med is hydrocodone is one of the lesser opiods and therefore not quite as bad as some of it's big brothers. You weren't taking it very long, but in the end there you were taking a pretty hefty dose. Generally the recommended way to get off prescription pain meds is to taper, so that you don't have to go through withdrawal, and it's safer, it... (23 replies)
... wow... kuddos to you. I'm just really scared. I saw my ex go thru withdrawl and it was not a pretty sight. He's used for years and years though. ... (23 replies)

Norco Withdrawl
Aug 8, 2013
... Today is day 3 for me. I am prescribed 90 norco a month and found this month for the first time I finished them 9 days early. So, I guess that means I take about 6 day. I use to take 1 at a time. ... (1 replies)
... Okay, you were taking Norco 7. ... (23 replies)
... It never made me feel like the norco did while I was taking it last week for bronchitis. ... (23 replies)
... Superbowl weekend I tore my meniscis and ACL. I was given 7.5/325 norco. For about a month I took probably 4 - 6 a day (mostly just 4). On March 15 I had knee surgery and was given the same post op. Here it is 4-23 and I'm still taking the pain med because I like how I feel, and not so much for pain. The amount I have been taking is slowly creeping up on me. In the past... (23 replies)
... Hi everyone, i have been an addict for 8 years now, in the beginning i was taking 20 pills 10/325 per day years ago, went thru treatment but went back but not as bad as i was... i finally got tired hunting them down, spending tons of money so decided to go off them. I was taking 6 norco's per day for about a year but attempted to quit a month ago which i made it 3 days but got... (0 replies)
... when told to go to NA when in the middle of withdrawl doesn't do it. Thats for after youv'e detoxed. I went cold turkey after yrs. ... (12 replies)
... hello all. i am new here. i am addicted to norco or vic. es. i take about 40 a day now. i finally said enough is enough. i am going to a place called meditox tommorow. ... (9 replies)
... mg of Norco a day.... ... (33 replies)
... Hi, don't be scared of the word "addict" i am an attractive 38 year old who is successful with an awesome life. But I AM AN addict. I realized that once i got clean. Been clean of opiats for a year. Do the Thomas method and dont give up. Chin up (23 replies)
... Awesome. Ug. It says to take every 12 hours. 10mg every 12 hours is significantly less than I was taking. If I take a dose a day (its a very small bottle) that would be tapering I would think? (23 replies)
... It is a controlled substance actually. Each teaspoon of syrup has 10mg of hydrocodone in have to be careful with those products, you think they just have a little bit in them, but they generally have a pretty good amount. You'd be surprised how many people get hooked on hydro just from drinking the cough syrup. kat (23 replies)
... I think it will be ok. the dosage is small, wouldn't it be like tapering? (23 replies)
... Heat works on the RLA for some, you can use heating pads, since it's not possible to live in the bathtub! Or you can make rice buddies. Take a long tube sock, fill it 3/4's of the way with regular old white rice and tie the end off in a knot. Then you just toss it in the microwave for 3 or 4 minutes, depending on how hot you want it, and lay it on your arms when they get... (23 replies)
... I'm not having RLS, I'm having RLA (arms) OMG, it's driving me crazy!! I'm sooo tired. I'm just getting over bronchitis, so I'm coughing terribly as well. I had my dr. call in a refill today of Tussinex which has a little bit of hydo in it, hopefully that will help the arms. other than that, I had a good evening. was able to play with my son and keep him smiling, so it was... (23 replies)
... Good for you! With the short time that you were on them you may escape alot of the really bad stuff and just have to withstand a few days of the crappy icky feelings. But your strong, and there are folks around here who are glad to help you through it, if you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. Hang in there girl. Kat (23 replies)
... Well, you will be glad to hear I opted against it, for the exact reason you said. I'm going to tough it out. I don't "crave" them or feel like I have a "pchycological" addiction to them, honestly, i could take them or leave them. I just need to get through this "ick" feeling. (23 replies)
... Personally, no I don't think it's a good idea. Your ex is in a totally different class of addiction than you. And Subs are not the kind of drug that you take for a few days and then stop. They are for hardcore addicts who can't detox and need a daily maintenance med, those people then become addicted to subs and either use them for years or have to detox off of them. My... (23 replies)

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