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... nort to coat it I don't know how else to explain it. I am commited to quitting and am not trying to make excuses but I cannot deal with the burning I would quit snorting if it wasn't for that, I am not hung up on the "novelty" of snorting anymore and it is not a must. ... (15 replies)
... but the only thing thats going to help is to stop snorting! honetly i been doing it for 3 str8 years now ive learned what works and what doesnt. you need to stop snorting those its to much powder. if you have to pop a couple for pain so be it but your going to have to take the pain for a few days. warm salt water helps a lil. ... (15 replies)
... and through that, we study the nasal cavity. IF you were to "burn" a hole all the way through the cartlidge of the nose from snorting, you are opening up a far more serious problem and risk of a FATAL infection. ... (15 replies)

... s ago I started to take some of my mothers 5mg oxycodones the small ones with M on it. I figured it would be ok because they were only 5mg. the problem is, i was snorting them most of the time. I hadnt really done pills before, especially not snorting them. ... (3 replies)
... You are soooooooooo right! I bought the throat spray and it worked. It's such a simple idea yet I looked past the obvious. My cousin was addicted to nasal spray and it took her 6 years to kick that habit. I don't want to see anyone go through that ever. (15 replies)
... During the course of MY addiction, I was snorting so much cocaine, oxys and heroin that I too developed a burning pain.... similar to what you speak of. ... (15 replies)
... If you've stopped snorting, the nose will eventually stop burning and heal. If it's not a "hole" yet, then by stopping, you will not do any further damage....What's there will scar over and heal. ... (15 replies)
... I have trigeminal neuralgia and I started snorting pills for quick relief now I think the pains I'm having is not my tn I believe it's from two years of snorting pills and I wanna quit desperately but I can't for the pain im i don't care about the other symptoms of withdrawal just the pain and I got sick 4 weeks ago and developed a sore throat and now it will not go away I... (1 replies)
... i just wanted other people who may be snorting anything to actually know what i found out after simply having a dang tooth pulled. ... (15 replies)
... You r a sweetie Shayleigh. I've been ALMOST 12hrs no snorting and the back of my throat feels like someones sticking hot knives in it and my nose is running constantly. I got it packed with triple antibiotic. I guess I deserve the pain. BEen popping aleve like crazy and taking lortabs like I'm supposed to. ... (15 replies)
... Friend, whether it is written with finesse or brutal honesty, the truth is in each of the responses to you on this thread. You are in jeopardy with your snorting abuse and need some help pronto. ... (15 replies)
... Yes I have tried to stop snorting but the burning is what is keeping me from doing so. ... (15 replies)
... Unfortunately, you have developed a fairly significant side effect of snorting. I would highly recommend you see an ENT ASAP. This hole could be the breeding ground for a major infection, including MRSA, which as gone through rapid spreading throughout the general population. MRSA is commonly found in the nose, so you're even more at risk. The hole probably needs to be... (15 replies)
... My nose throat and teeth on left side are killing me. Trying so so hard to stop,but the burning aching ent pain is intolerable . ... (15 replies)
... do the things that you say you cant possibly do.this is bullcrap and you know it.get to the meetings and seek a drs help for the addiction and the ulcer in your nose that was caused by all the tylenol that you have been putting up your nose. ... (15 replies)
... snorting a painkiller cut with tylenol......*sighs*. be more careful in general. (15 replies)
... The acetominophen is mixed in with the hydrocodone to enhance its affect. The main pain med ingredient is the 5mg of hydrocodone. So essentially you are snorting the chalky substance of a tylenol pill everytime. ... (15 replies)
... f its causing you so much pain. You should go to the doctor, be truthful to him. If you get a nice one he'll take you down the meds slowly. You will have to stop snorting them but with some counciling your mind and body will start to heal. Even if you think its an impossibility , it thankfully does. ... (15 replies)
... Geez-I never even thought about snorting my Lortabs-or Norcos! My addictive self was turned on by the idea! Thank goodness I read all the posts and now I think I'll just stick with my boring old alcoholic ways. (15 replies)
... its the acetaminaphen and all the fillers that are doin all the damage,not the hydrocodone.a hydro is one of the worst pills there is for snorting. (15 replies)

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