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... I started taking vicoden. I had injured my back during my drinking days and was in constant pain. ... (0 replies)
... Yea, man, I feel ya. Life with a bottle seems way more beautiful than without it. It's just not the same when u're sober. I get bored, weak, irritated and all I can think of is the four letters, "LCBO", lol. ... (12 replies)
... al fusions with no pain relief. Everything has happened so gradually it is hard to know when everything started to go wrong. 2 years agao it started getting bad, but this last year has been the worst. 3 years ago he started on the OXy after 2nd surgery. Spine specialist after last surgury refered him to a pain specialist. ... (10 replies)

... I'm a 23 year old college student, that alone should tell you I've had too much fun, extremely active and healhty but have been dabbling with coke on a moderate level, i think. ... (7 replies)
... I used to post about a year ago. Then I relapsed and didn't post, but did a lot of lurking. ... (27 replies)
I Feel Awful
Aug 13, 2004
... I'm done eating or drinking anything that isn't juice or water. I don't know how long this can possibly go on. I know I'm prolonging it taking the oxy but I decided I needed a few hours relief and if that's the trade off then I'll deal with it. It's not like I'm taking huge dosages. ... (17 replies)
... After a few months of the Effexor, I never once hurt myself again... but it's been four years since I've been on this stuff, and I hate it. ... (4 replies)
... contraindicated with Paxil, but I never noticed any adverse effects from such small amounts of alcohol. ... (23 replies)
I gave in :(
Feb 27, 2004
... Im 24, and i have been smoking for 2 years. When i tried it the very first time, i told myself it was something i would not let become part of my daily routine, like other people i knew did. I Smoked a few times after that like only on the weekends, and it went to everyday. ... (6 replies)
Feb 7, 2004
... ery intelligient and just confused individual at the moment. I totally understand your dilemmas and your woes, my friend. Its as if you're stuck at forked road, but don't know which path to take. Afraid to walk the paths alone. Needing someone or anyone to hold your hand down that path. I understand. ... (9 replies)
... Thank you for taking to the time to read this long post, but I feel as though the entire story may be needed in order to answer the basic question I have... ... (6 replies)
... the reward system of the brain is "hijacked" by the alcohol and is producing a desire to continue drinking that overwhelms your inhibitory mechanisms. ... (3 replies)
I am an addict
Dec 22, 2007
... Currently, my addictions are alcohol and the internet. It seems to me that I can get addicted to anything that gives me a high in some way. ... (2 replies)
... the one that broke up the family even though it would have been because of him. Our son is 29 and has been living with this his entire life. Over the years the drinking was always present but in varying degrees. My husband is now 69 and retired. ... (5 replies)
Am I an alcoholic?
Jul 25, 2005
... Well I have been on a few boards but the one that is relevant is the anixety boards to this situation.I was put on klonopin for my disorder. ... (3 replies)
Opiate Withdrawl
Jun 10, 2002
... k you both for the vote of confidence, and for supporting me. I had an awesome weekend! My boyfriend and I spent the whole weekend together, strolling the beach, eating out, and just spending some real quality time together. And, I've gone 3 days now without a cigarette! ... (81 replies)
... I know I have a very addictive personality. Anything from alcohol, gambling, sports, eating, not drugs so much. ... (5 replies)
Big night
Mar 1, 2008
... I will admit that I am not eager to go to AA. I have been to counselors on and off since I was about 12. I have anxiety issues, and I have gone through depression and eating disorders. ... (7 replies)
... Ok, get comfortable, this is going to be long. Please be patient as this may be hard to explain via this medium but I will do my best. ... (13 replies)

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