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... appreciate you goin thru all the trouble astro.let us know.i wonder if a person could get one of the more expensive drug tests that shows what kinds of opiates and see if anything shows up.might save some money-spark (43 replies)
... OHHHHHHHHH are soooooo sweet! Yes, I am feeling pretty upbeat and very optimistic! I will be very careful with the provigil! Ya know, i tried to talk to my dr back in the beginning of the year about the Provigil but he wouldnt hear of it, using the excuse of the many meds that i was on at the time with all of them having fatigue as a side effect. I tried to tell... (43 replies)
... valleygirl you go with ya i think nutra is the best thing to get off opiates and get energy.i tried to get a dr to write me some provigil back in the spring and he would not even consider carefull it can be addictting also.maybe alternate the nutra with the provigil and not be on either very so glad you are happy with the nutra and that you sound so good... (43 replies)

... I also wrote them directly with some questions. They responded quickly and thoroughly. They said the get a lot of people who use their product specifically for the energy. A lot of their costumers have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am with you Valley, I love it! That is kind of what bothers me but clearly not enough to stop taking it. By tired and sluggish I meant that I was... (43 replies)
... Hi Spark and all, The NC does indeed make me feel up and energized! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Yes, I am also a bit concerned about what may really be in the product but not enough to make me NOT take it. You see, before i herniated disks in my neck and suffered with the chronic pain, i was always an energetic person and could never understand how people got so tired and... (43 replies)
... by "sluggish and low energy" what do you mean by this? has anyone used nutra to get over the w/d and then stopped using it? maybe you just feel like this for a day or two... (43 replies)
... i feel kind of yucky from it too, but its not WDs though. Its kind of blahish and sluggish, but no physical WDs, depression or anything that accompanies hydro or Sub WDs. I rather take NC than nothing at all. Over and out. Take care and good luck :cool: (43 replies)
... You know, people keep coming up with similar suspicions that some of the rest of us are having. There is only one way we're going to find out the truth: 1) Find a reputable lab and have it chemically analyzed, and many of us could chip in for it. or: 2) Find a reputable lab and have it chemically analyzed and I'll pay for it myself. (It just might take a little while... (43 replies)
... Hi everyone! I have been following your posts on the NC. I too use it. I'm a little scared though. This stuff seems to work miracles for me as far as helping me feel better which leads me to believe there may be something else in it. I am 18 days clean now but I ran out of my first bottle of NC after 13 days and felt AWFUL until my next bottle came two days later. It was... (43 replies)
... thank you astro,again if you have time think about my would understand more of this type stuff than i would.thanks-spark (43 replies)
... No problem my friend, I hold no animosity towards anyone here, we're all in this together. Astro. (43 replies)
... no astro we appreciate you lookin out for us thats all.if you have time maybe think about talkin with the dr that made nutra and ask him your questions and concerns and see what he has to say.he will be glad to talk to anyone maybe he can help us understand this.sounds like you went thru a very hard time in gettin clean but you sound good and sober and this is what it is all... (43 replies)
... Astro, What you've said makes alot of sense to me. I too am a born skeptic I guess. There were just alot of different things that made me uncertain about what is in this bottle. Not the least of which is the claim that it is aproved by Health Canada. If you've ever read their guidelines you'll find the bottle is supposed to be labeled with a full indgredient list and a number... (43 replies)
... well said spark i agree w/ u (43 replies)
... thank you i will post my thoughts/feelings of after i recieve it (43 replies)
... Hi all, I am with Spark and the others whom the NC has worked for! I swear by the stuff it is great! For me, it does take all the yucky feelings away....mental and well as give you a super boost of energy. I highly recommend for anyone to at least give it a could be the help you need to finally be clean. ValleyGurl (43 replies)
... begin did you send it back for a refund.if it didnt work you should have got your money are the first that i know of that it has not worked for and i go on several different boards.-spark (43 replies)
... anyone else? i would like to get a lot of input as i did just purchase it this morning and i am currently day 3 clean of oxycodone, which i am addicted to, using methadone but i dont plan on using it forever. i wanted to use this NC after the methadone, but i wanna know if its going to work... i plan on going through w/d's after i stop using methadona but iom hoping its not... (43 replies)
... I personally did not have success with it. It appears many on this board have. I bought it based on the reviews posted by others. I am the only one on this board that I've seen post negatively. I really could feel no difference after using it at all. I don't know that it's related but 3 days after trying it I developed a nasty sinus infection. I have never had problems with my... (43 replies)
... i heard it was fake from other boards is this true has anyone honestly used it and worked? (43 replies)

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