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... Hi to all, I've googled the nutracleanse, and I can't find any site that sells it as a liquid (someone mentioned in a previous post that they put the drops in their nose). I can only find a few sites on it and they all mentioned nutracleanse selling in pill/capsule form. I'm not detoxing but would like to try it for the energy. Can anyone help guide me to find out how to... (43 replies)
... Hey OC - Yes I have been able to come off suboxone - which is hard to do - tried 2x before and suffered terribly. I tried the nutracleanse while I was tapering and felt so great - I decided to try to come off the suboxone. The nutracleanse gets rid of the w/d's like a minute after you do it. You have to keep using as you feel symptoms coming back - but it worked for me and... (43 replies)
... i have been clean and opiate free going on three weeks now usin nothin but nutracleanse itself. ... (43 replies)

... my experiences with the nutracleanse were not good, i did not experience any good feelings from using it, and it stinks really bad. ... (8 replies)
... That is awesome! Keep us all posted ok? VG (43 replies)
... I finally found a lab, within the USA, that is willing to analyze a sample of the nutracleanse (for a fee of course, but i'm trying to negotiate that down :cool:) using a method called Chromatography, which they claim is one of the most accurate ways of detecting exact ingrediants and amounts, I'll keep you all posted on the results, but it may take a few weeks or so as its... (43 replies)
... sibly lead you to take a pill to counteract this.just be carefull and use what you think you need to.what worries me is that i was the first one to bring word of NUTRACLEANSE to this site and alot of good people here took my word on it and it worries me that some may have problems cause of me. ... (43 replies)
... I have been taking the nutracleanse for about 3 weeks. It is so helpful. I have not been in acute withdrawls because I have been clean for months but did have a recent relapse. ... (43 replies)
... ds.i like nutracleanse much better than suboxone.good to hear from ya agent and keep us updated about the nutra good or bad. ... (43 replies)
... What I meant by 'mixing', is ingesting all the various pills, powders, (such as fructose) sequentially, one after the other, preferably after a meal, as long as this is done with food in your stomach, you shouldnít get sick from it, after all, they are just vitamins and amino acids, thatís all. I do believe though, that in light of several testimonies Iíve read here, that it... (43 replies)
... there is no way the average person could mix this stuff and make it work thru the nostril.some of the ingredients arent able to be absorbed thru the nose and have to piggyback wtih the ones that do absorb easily.also they all have got to be mixed exactly right and ph balanced for it to work takes alot of scientific equipment to do this and i dont recommend anyone try... (43 replies)
... Here are the following ingredients as stated on their website: Fructose, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E Acetate, Niacin amide, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, BHA, L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine, DHEA, Muira, Puama, Palmetto, Berry Siberian, Yohimbe, Mint Extracts, Eucalyptus Extracts, Methylxanthine Complex, Phenthylxanthine Complex, Green Tea Leaf, L-Theanine, L-tryptophan (minute... (43 replies)
... jewell,so so glad the nutra has helped you with the w/d and recovery process.i agree the energy it gives is the best and this is the only product that ive found that will do this and i have tried herbals,vitamins,and all prescription meds.just a couple of drops will pick you up immediately and take the w/d and blah feelin is amazing to me and only wish i could have... (43 replies)
... Hey spark, Glad to hear you are doing so well. I also have been clean since 10/6 with the help of nutracleanse. I still need it though for energy - it is costly - but great. Did you only use the one bottle? good luck all-jewel :angel: (43 replies)
... me what your old name was on the board long ago i cant recall.glad the nutra has worked for you and hope you are clean.i think i was the first one to post about nutracleanse on this board and was hopin it might help at least one person the way it worked for me.kinda worried some might not like the post but all have been positive. ... (43 replies)
... tracleanse...OR...since we're both not taking very many...would taking immodium AD be the way to go to combat the withdrawals.....from what i've been reading the nutracleanse sounds really great, although it seems people seem to be going through it rather quickly and possibly getting addicted? ... (20 replies)
... aby, if you can use your prescription to wean yourself off and stay off that would be great. If not, then should you have enough money i personally would buy the NutraCleanse and use it to get off the pills and get some clean time in and then once you are over the "hump" then not use the NutraCleanse anymore. ... (27 replies)
Nov 29, 2005
... Hi - thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. You have responded to every one, I think. So, thank you! Yes, I saw the nutracleanse. Would love to try it. Do not have the money. Wish I did but do not have it. Not to mention that I am not taking any hydro now and I don't think I can wait to get the nutracleanse...which could take many days....besides the fact... (1 replies)
... the l-tyrosine has never helped me at all durin detox,just made me sick at my stomach and if you eat about 4 you get a geeked out feeling.nothing will help much during a pill detox,except for immodium ad and a product called nutracleanse.the immodium ad will take away most all the bad w/d symptoms but you have got to take about 8-10mgs per 100mg of hydro.a buddy of mine on... (4 replies)
... nd 3 times last night just waking up in the middle of the night wanting despritaly to sleep. its only the beginning and i know im not though the worst part. this nutracleanse is expensive and doesnt seem to be doing the trick like the site said it would. ... (6 replies)

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