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... ge of size 4 diapers! I took a walk with my husband and daughter before, but it is misty here in Jersey today and I was feeling some chills and wanted to go home after only 10 minutes. ... (7 replies)
... This sounds awful......I wish we had the end of the story. I hope she 'got clean' in the end after so much pain and suffering. ... (6 replies)
... days. No energy, achy legs, terrible back pain, and insomnia. After that, though, everything but the insomnia went away. ... (12 replies)

... Please let us know how the meth detox was...and how are you managing your pain now? ... (8 replies)
... Suboxone is a very potent opiate that you let disolve underneath your tonque, at the right dose, depending on the individual of course, it will take away virtually all the withdrawal symptoms of a heavy opiate user within an hour. I knew a guy at rehab that was snorting 14 40mg oxys a day, and they but him on 24mgs and his withdrawals were gone just like that. Suboxone is... (14 replies)
... Maybe I should try just taking some good old Motrin for awhile, maybe that would be enough to make the pain barable. I am also going to look into any exercises or pt I can do. I am so sick of meds. ALL meds, not just the hydro. ... (71 replies)
... another hour and a half walk at night I actually was able to sleep some and it was day 3. I should have been awake the whole night. The first hour is hard but after your muscles all get warmed up it gets easier. ... (17 replies)
... exercise. Yes exercise. If I force myself to be active it makes me feel better. I feel crappy for about 2 to 4 days after stopping if I follow this. ... (19 replies)
... e time off from work, and since that is not an option for you, your going to have to do it over a weekend and than go on to work Monday, you ususally feel better after about 5 days. you can take Motrin for the aches and imodim for the runs. ... (6 replies)
... honey, i feel your pain. i'm 25 female and i am trying to get off the pot too(been smoking daily for about 8-10years). i quit smoking cigarettes on valentines day. but the booze and pot have so much control over me. i hate it. please stay away from the pills, 'cause i've gone there and it ain't pretty trying to get back. they are worse than the other stuff, in my opinion. have... (11 replies)
Detox home remedy?
Mar 18, 2005
... My advice is having a support group there with you if you decide to do it that way. If not consult a rehab center. You might want to see a counsler becouse he/she could be a very suporting part of your treatment.And might have other ideals too. This drug is in the herion family and is nothing to be takin lightly. You maybe only "using" ocasionly but without stopping right... (19 replies)
... Thank you. You're doing it the right way. My doc freaked when he found out I was off cold turkey. Good luck! (19 replies)
... Bravo mtnclimber!! Thats an incredible demonstration of willpower! My habit was the same as yours, i tried to taper but couldn't, you are extremely courageous. after 15 hours without norcos I would be unbelievably anxious and in pain, I couldn't deal with my job, I am in a very high pressure service and deadline oriented job. ... (19 replies)
... s amazing the kind of bond you can form in a day or two when your in extreme pain and forced to be together. ... (12 replies)
... Well, three years after my auto accident, I am still taking Vicoden or Lortab from morning to night. Back pain is 3 on scale of 10 and pleasure response is 8 of 10. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Heather, thanks so much for your reply and thanks to others who read and reply. That is taper I planned. I take Loprexa for depression and Klonopin for anxiety....if I take an "extra" doesn't do a thing but make me tired....doesn't help the symptoms. I have been on that a LOOONG time..and I think my body is immune to it, so I would have to take an extra 2 to... (33 replies)
... Hi mary- Well-you know you got your work ahead of you-and since you are a nurse-you are aware of w/d' took thease mostly..for pain..and you didn't do too bad in terms of usage..and have tapered to 3x aday..the 5's..excellent start..i would continue tapering w/ what you have left..2x a day for a couple days and then 1 1/2..etc..till they are gone..but there are others... (33 replies)
... I was treated with kindness and understanding by both Doctors and Staff. It was the same hospital my Pain Doctor was associated with, and he had been triing to get me to do it for awhile. ... (5 replies)
... oks like I will need surgery in a month or so. So, I guess I'll have to put off the "getting off the pills completely" for a few months. I am soooo hoping that after the surgery I will not have any pain and then I can really see how bad I'm addicted or not, ya know what I mean? ... (12 replies)
... He was on Vicodin for a year, some was recreational, some was medically necessary for his back pain. After his immunity built up to the Vicodin he found a Dr. that put him on the Meth. ... (8 replies)

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