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... y life is so good today, and I come here to reassure people like you, that it DOES get better. This will probabley be the hardest thing you ever do..Not becuz of pain or anything like that. But the mental will wear you out. ... (8 replies)
... I feel like my normal self...I've never felt better...after you go through the withdrawal you realize that any pain you had before was nothing compared to that withdrawal period.... It's a beautiful world out there that can only be seen through sober eyes... Believe me... ... (8 replies)
Please Help
Jan 25, 2007
... but can't go into a rehab. I need something that I can do at home, and keep it to myself. I can always just say I have the flu. Im just so scared because when I detox I feel like I am going to die, my clothes bother me so bad, I have cold sweats, I get depressed as hell, and the list goes on. ... (3 replies)

Calling out
Dec 29, 2006
... Those people at the detox centers.... what a trip. It is not helpful at all to be around people who still seeing using as a sport and fun. ... (44 replies)
... I dont know you but i am soooo very PROUD of you!!! Can I ask you something? How many did you take (what mg) and how long? I am going into DETOX on 12-29 IF they have a bed for me then. I pray they do. I tried 4 days c/t at home and broke it. Then again, I know I could do better but I am a wimp and I want my husband to stay with me and FINANCIALLY that is NOT AN OPTION. Please... (5 replies)
Addiction Help!!!
Nov 10, 2006
... Maybe you can get MD support by admitting to them and asking for help to detox at home. ... (8 replies)
... became addicted to pain meds after a knee surgery. ... (21 replies)
Looking for Help
Sep 13, 2006
... I must be the ONLY COWARD here because I would be in a detox unit with a whole boat load of nurses and Drs. ... (32 replies)
... My question is...what is the best method to detox slowly? ... (8 replies)
... involuntarily committed to a treatment center. My boyfriend of 2 years died in March after driving drunk into a telephone pole. In an effort to numb the pain that has caused me, I've been drinking even more than my usual 12 pack a day. ... (18 replies)
... and asked him to despense them to me, 4 or 5 a day till they run out. Yesterday I took about 5 before I gave him the 20, and he gave me 2 after that. Today I have taken 2 so far and feel like hell. I am sweating and shaking, chills and massive body aches. ... (18 replies)
... oxy's are my poison. i had been taking them for almost 2 years, since my daughter was born. my husband has helped me detox at home 2 times now. ... (18 replies)
... ould have bet against me and I am sure my parents did. 15 years later, I would no more touch speed that stick a hot poker in my eye, it repulses me that much and after my little gig with the Oxy I feel the same way about that stuff. ... (5 replies)
... opiates are not used as a treatment for anxiety...nor stomach problems unless pain is invovled... ... (4 replies)
Heaven and Hell
Apr 2, 2006
... ers other then what I have read on this board. I have read their creed and it seems to work for some and not for others. I don't use any one specific method to detox or stay clean. I research any and all information about addiction and recovery and I utilize what is right for me and the rest I discard. ... (60 replies)
... I want to try again. I used the detox recipe last time and it helped some but obviously not enough. ... (9 replies)
... ing on what one thinks hel! would be like.I started my addiction several years ago because of a bad back accident that the doctors kept trying to "cover" up with pain meds and not do anything at all about them. ... (3 replies)
... The pain that brought to me was so enormous that I cannot stand to do that to my son. ... (8 replies)
... I done the taper thing down to about 1 Hydro a day and jumped off. This is my fourth day witout any and doing pretty good. It took my legs 6 weeks to feal normal after stopping the Tramadol. I have been on this detox ride for 2 months now and its been very tough to say the least. ... (4 replies)
... step programs, three inpatient detox centers, christian scientology clearing, suboxone doctors, and a handful of "cures" too outlandish to even mention. ... (16 replies)

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