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More of my detox
Mar 23, 2012
... That seems so odd to read, because I feel like a weenie. I know it is best I get off the pain pills. They weren't working very well at that dosage anyway, so my only recourse would have been to increase my dose. But! ... (17 replies)
... can u cut the patches down like u can with cigarette patches if so that might work but slowly slowly and always keep trying so at least u get used to the pain, and the average dose will be lower.u know how long the pain lasts roughly after a drop, so do drops when u are wellish and don't go backward(after a week at that dose, i don't after 3day ) no matter what ur body is... (13 replies)
... Welcome mjbrook! Pain is a difficult thing to describe to someone else, just like being on opiate drugs and going through the withdrawals. ... (18 replies)

... n. So, I will refuse to take him fhome rom the hospital without very strong painkillers. A very knowledgeable dog person I know, said a friend's dog was in agony after that surgery...not enough pain management. But I won't let that happen with Theo. ... (11 replies)
... Thanks Phoenix for responding. I think I got from your response that you think I meant the pain from my injury is hurting more and more. That isnt my issue at all. My arm injury hurts, yes, but the pain I am talking about is a different kind of pain. ... (3 replies)
... I figured it is easier to deal with the extra pain when I'm in bed so I decided to drop the PM oxycotin as of Wed. ... (0 replies)
... Suboxone or buprenorphine to be correct was developed to be a pain killer. It is prescribed for pain. However because of the antagonist and long half life aspects is an excellent replacement for all other opiate addictions. ... (0 replies)
... I am 4 weeks free of all my narcotic pain medication. My pain issues have mysteriously improved, so I was able to taper off all my meds. ... (1 replies)
... I'm not ready yet to stop because my pain is terrible, but i am hoping that if someday it gets better, my dream is to get off these meds. ... (13 replies)
... I assume you were taking sdome opiate based pain med? ... (12 replies)
... my PM new that I was still in a lot of pain and just kept repeating "tolerance" blah blah. ... (10 replies)
... find myself counting in hours now instead of days...go figure. The strange thing about it tho is that before the pills came along I drank beer ALOT. Every night after work I would have up to 6 and then on the weekend I would prolly kill a 12pak on Fri. and Sat. nites. ... (19 replies)
... I cannot recall how I managed to get the diaper off and the new one on but I was back in my bed again crying my eyes out because I was in the most excruciating pain I had ever known. The next thing I knew, the same nurse came back and told me that I had to walk on my own before they would release me. ... (6 replies)
... Jam338, I am hoping you might be able to shed some light on my problem. Just to give you a little back ground info, breast cancer surgery 2003,put on norco for pain from the bone damage chemo did and the surgeries I hacve had. ... (38 replies)
... I am now on Methadone for pain and because of the tolerance factor, I take 180 mg a day of the Meth. That figures out to 540, 10 mg tabs a month. ... (19 replies)
... Thank you so much for the repsonse I will have about 2 weeks lyong around the house with out the use of my left arm in stiches and such so I am thinking might be a good time to be w/d,s since i dont have to go to work then and my wife can help me.I am just kinda trying to make a plan for myself so I can get off this I know it kills pain becouse after my first surgery I only... (59 replies)
... Thanks for asking, My story is I started using Hydrocodone for pain after an auto accident 2 years ago. About a year into it I knew I had a problem. Tried to taper and wean myself but always failed. ... (25 replies)
... not need a surgery after detoxing and recovering from my opiate abuse, I did have a couple of medical issues come up where there was no choice but to have strong pain intervention with opiates. ... (3 replies)
Morphine detox
Jul 16, 2012
... Something else I thought about that may help you and your pmp. Do you keep a pain diary? ... (9 replies)
... teens. Talked to 3 dif. surgeons and they said about the same thing, its probably time. You know, quality of life, that sort of thing. I started taking tabs for pain and eventually they didn,t work, went to the roxys, more and more, they didn,t work. When I did get on the subs after about a week, the pain was gone. ... (33 replies)

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