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... I applaud your perseverance in making sure you are never around opiates anymore also. However, what if something horrible happened and you needed pain medicine? ... (50 replies)
... my neck started aching again. I dealt with the small amount of pain for a few days until the pain reached a level that I could not stand. I woke up one morning and could barely turn my head. I went to my doctor in tears and they again prescribed Lortab 7.5. ... (3 replies)
... hello shakorox, keep up the good work with the tapering. i believe darvocet, from what i have read and past experiences, is more related to the codeine family. it is not nearly as strong as vicodin but still is a narcotic. ... (5 replies)

... My name is Lori I too am a addict. The best thing that ever happened to me was to be labeled a dr. shopper. I got the help I needed and I have never been happier. ... (8 replies)
... I've done well all day and from what I understand it will be better after tomorrow. I've loaded up on tylenol and advil and that seems to do the trick. It makes me even more angry that doctors prescribe this stuff when it is possible to do without it. ... (12 replies)
... Whether you can get off Bupe or Subutox is dependent on your personality and whether you are addicted or physically dependent because of the pain treatment, as well as your physical nature. I can't tell based on what you wrote, and would not be compentent to judge you in any case. ... (8 replies)
Second Go
Mar 13, 2011
... You are truly amazing second go. I miss you not posting on here as much but I know your life is more complete now and you are not going through the struggle still. I am so happy for you. Now marry that girlfriend and have a couple babies!!! Only if you are ready. ... (219 replies)
... First I would like to say I can sympathize as well as relate to what you are talking about. I myself was addicted to vicodin as well as "other" pain meds for about 3 years. The depression coming off of these things was at times intolerable. I had no interest in anything and no energy. ... (3 replies)
... I am planning to kick medicine altogether. ... (15 replies)
... As I mentioned earlier, the same substance can be both a very effective medicine and a dangerous addictive drug. Morphine, is the perfect example. Morphine is a powerfully addictive drug. However, when it is used to treat pain it is an extremely beneficial medicine. ... (111 replies)
... I'm so sorry that you have to endure the painful thing called addiction. ... (8 replies)
... ember and I'm up to 12 to 20 pills per day. At first it started with legitimate back pain, but then quickly turned into helping with my depression. I consider it pain pills for my emotional pain. ... (1 replies)
I am an addict
Jan 27, 2014
... Admitting I am an addict is the most incredibly hard thing I've ever done. ... (19 replies)
... Darcy19, Ok, you have realized that they make you feel pretty good, and motivated to do stuff...god, you remind me of me the first time I was given Vicoden for my lower back. ... (7 replies)
Jan 28, 2004
... s not funny and we get a tantrum! Now can you explain that to me as an Irish American to an Irish European? ... (156 replies)
... I fired my pain specialist the same day I cancelled my refills. I have been taking soma for 20 years and now that I know what true addiction is, I am not addicted to them. when I run out, I dont crave more, I dont go into withdrawals, I just have pain. ... (12 replies)
... Nice to mech'ya. We're in the same boat. This will be a bit long as it is everything I have learned about tapering. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, I understand exactly how you feel. To me, the important factor is how they work for you. I've been on Suboxone for 3 yrs. for pain, and hydrocodone user. I have never been back on other pain killers, since I started Suboxone. ... (165 replies)
... I've read a lot about seizures with stopping this medication cold turkey. I have felt what can only be articulated as personified death, but no seizures. This is very serious, I'm not a doctor, I can only provide you with objective advice and try to detach my emotions from this extremely difficult experience. ... (23 replies)
... the things you say make it clear to me that you are so ready to have back your life, the one before you became addicted to heroin. ... (11 replies)

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