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... Also, no, a psychiatrist would not prescribe pain meds to a patient. ... (6 replies)
... The reason I have decided to stop telling people about my prescription pain pills is for the very reason you stated in your post. ... (15 replies)
... Hello, I hope that I can be of some assistance here. I am about three months shy of being clean and sober for 3 years. I am a recovering heroin/alcohol/extacy addict. I have come to understand that using is but a symptom associated with addiction. The problem lies within us. It wasn't until i started looking at myself and how i behaved in certain situations that the... (5 replies)

... words of encouragement. That's a great idea and I'm a HUGE list maker so that will play right into some of my strengths. I will keep you all informed about the addiction counselor and what he has to offer. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Valeriedl - Its great that your boyfriend wants to do this. Suboxone is thought my many to be a miracle drug! The first day he is on it, he will , by the first dose, feel a great deal better. And by the end of the day, when he takes his 2nd, or 3rd dose, depending on what they give him, he most likely will not be craving at all. Suboxone will get him through... (2 replies)
... Those who know my story will remember that I was a Pain Management patient who had a spinal surgery in Oct 2005 that did not provide any sort of pain relief as anticipated. ... (6 replies)
... actually my primary scripted me this dose, i have however worked my way up to it, from my kidney stones and all the pain meds i was on for those, and now with the post herpatic nueralgia form shingels, i have been working to this dose for months. ... (10 replies)
... I am currently getting off of Hydros and Tramadol, " I have gone CT from the pain meds now" My Doc put me on Xanax and Klonipin to help. I'm scared of getting a addiction to the Benzos, Can anyone give advice on how long you can take Benzos without becomming addicted. ... (4 replies)
... ed. My doctor once told me that you cannot be addicted if you are in true pain, but I disagree. At the end, I was taking it every couple of hours whether I had pain or not, and then one week, I ran out early. ... (12 replies)
... My mother and father are active alcoholics and my sister is a recovering alcoholic. I have always had a fear of alcohol but discovered pain meds when I was about 35 and a doctor way over prescribed for me. ... (15 replies)
... Last January I discovered the online physician! I was post op after my fifth right shoulder surgery and my doctor simply was not giving me enough pain meds. I ended up at that time, signing up with TWO op's and getting Hydrocodone from both. I know, doctor shopping... ... (5 replies)
... once you tell the dr or anyone in the healthcare field that you are an addict or that you abuse drugs or pain meds,then you are screwed for the rest of your life.some people just do not understand addiction and thats just the way it is. ... (31 replies)
... and before i knew it i was steaing from my husband,lying,you know the usual m.o of any drug of choice is coke,but pain meds do quite nicely.i know the reasons for my addiction. ... (7 replies)
... new to this forum, yet have read them for a long time. My body has a strong dislike for meds, and i have paradoxical effects to most of them. I seem to tolerate pain meds and when I got hurt at work last Feb., I began taking Vicoden, then Norco, and now Oxycodone. My MD added Neurontin for chronic pain.. ... (16 replies)
... Yes, it has calmed the cravings to almost nothing, but little pain relief. I know that I am trading one addiction for another, but at this point in my life, I have to accept that I have to take something for pain and to stop the pain pill cycle. ... (29 replies)
... As I see from another post here that recently was having some issue about taking pain medication and addiction, and I mentioned to her obviously the same thing her husband did as a theory to look at.. ... (22 replies)
... I really dont want to go to another doctor for meds because I have a good relationship with mine. ... (13 replies)
... hould call them back and tell them to rip up the contract. I am nervous about calling attention to my concern about the contract. I don't plan to be taking any pain meds anytime soon but if I need them in the future, should I be concerned about this contract? ... (9 replies)
... I really see no reason at all why you cant have a wonderful healthy baby. There are MANY woman who suffer severe chronic pain and narcotic pain meds are a must for them to have a decent quality of life and they do indeed go on to have healthy babies as well while being able to stay on their meds. ... (28 replies)
... understanding doctor when I told him I was abusing the pain meds. I will never tell another doctor, unless it is an addictionalogist, that I abuse pain meds, because where I come does carry a huge stigma! ... (31 replies)

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