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... Another hard thing is that I still have pain. I don't have daily pain, but a back issue that tends to flare up at times. I would like to be able to take the pain meds at those times but right now I am having a hard time working that out in my brain. For example, I took a pill on Monday because I hurt a LOT. ... (3 replies)
... Remember,there is a difference between addiction and tolerance.Oxycontin is one of the fastest drug you build a tolerance to.Your opening up pandora's box by chewing your med. ... (2 replies)
... p Some rather interesting things have been happening since I went to my pain management doctor and gave FULL disclosure about my problem. ... (17 replies)

Day Three
Mar 5, 2007
... narcotic pain meds. But listen to BUCKEYE, concentrate on today, and get thu it. ... (9 replies)
15 Hours Vic Free
Dec 22, 2006
... nstead of getting a script for 50 percs, it might be 10 or so. Who knows. I will put my trust with the addictionologist. Great guy and very well respected in the addiction community here. There are times when I might need some pain meds, but I will never be in charge of them again. Just some rules I have put on myself. ... (18 replies)
... uld be easy getting off the patch was not accurate advice and it once again puts a damper on how I view our health care professionals. Not sure about some of the meds you mentioned at the end of your post. Were you taking anything like that prior from starting the opiates? ... (6 replies)
... free route first and see if I can manage the pain naturally. ... (8 replies)
... I have been clean of "recreational drug addiction" for about 25 years, but I have had a very bad back condition for 30 years. I quit the pain meds when I quit everything else. ... (8 replies)
... Having someone else hold and dole out your meds is actually a really good idea. That is what I ended up doing and it has helped me sOOOOO much. ... (7 replies)
... Dale, don't suffer because of your previous addiction. If you are in pain, then you need the pain meds. You are in the hospital so they will be monitered, no chance of abusing them. When you are in untreated pain it can make other conditions worse as well. ... (78 replies)
... As a recovering opiate addict, I found the warm mellow pleasure of a typical opiate high to be that which is "so great about these opiates." No one can tell you that you are an addict, so I would suggest disregarding the first reply to your post. Since you are taking more than prescribed, you are now abusing perscription opiates (rather than simply using them correctly). Yes,... (9 replies)
... i take percocet for back problems. i do take more than i'm suppose to at times so my pain totally goes away. i was wondering what everyone thought was so great about these opiates and which ones they like the best. ... (9 replies)
Day 3 and 4
Oct 31, 2005
... nd I thank God for that. But I know that someday down the road it will get worse. My drug of choice is not any type of pill. But I do know that if I have to take pain meds I must be very careful that it doesn't lead me back down the road to active addiction. ... (7 replies)
... You should go back on a long term med. like oxycotin,or ms. cotin.Due to the fact they don't have all that tylonol in themThat can damage your liver.When your on pain med. you have to remember,you build up a tolerance.Theres a big difference between tolerance and addiction. ... (62 replies)
... I know what you are saying about pills! After the birth of my son I had a herniated disk and was off and on pain meds for 8 or 9 months. The pills became what a drink is now. ... (7 replies)
... My opinion is the red flag is up. There is no way you can avoid using pain meds just a little bit once you've been addicted. I know from experience. And 20 mg will get him plenty high if he hasn't taken them for a year. ... (10 replies)
... Recovery is NOT the place to debate how to handle chronic pain and meds. Use Pain Management for that issue. ... (0 replies)
Jul 30, 2005
... congrats on your being sober for 4 mos . God Bless :angel: (48 replies)
Jul 30, 2005
... rent illness' and diseases. Medication is essential for those that truly need it. Stop blaming the Drug manufacturers. Do you know how many drs wont prescribe pain meds to chronic pain patients that really need it? ... (48 replies)
... ng happens for a reason, i guess it was meant for me to go thru this "test". And i am sure this won't be the last time i am around a family member that is using pain meds properly. ... (9 replies)

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