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... I will do some reading up on it. I cant stand pain and that is what started all of this. I am going to do something. ... (8 replies)
... VRW, another option may be to find an addictionologist. They deal with addictions but they also help people who have real pain and need pain meds but also have addiction issues. ... (12 replies)
... back surgery led to pain management with prescription pain killers. But unlike a lot of posters I haven't just been on the stuff for a few months or a few years. My surgery was on April 18, 1984. ... (13 replies)

... garbage. i told the shrink also of the hardware that was in my back and the pain i was in and told him about the tram and the said i am also on methadone at that time it was10 mgs 6 times aday. ... (6 replies)
... rawal symptoms because you probably will, but they won't be as bad as if you just stop cold turkey. And you'll have to be careful in the future anytime you need pain meds. the need and desire to start taking these every day again...well you know. ... (4 replies)
... dvice for you whatsoever. I do not know anything about your medical situation so I could not advise at all. Let me just say this, that is one hell of a dose of meds your on. Maybe you should reconsider not seeing a pain mang clinic. That seems like it might be way over a regular doctors ability to prescribe pain meds. ... (10 replies)
... Painman, please stop beating yourself up!! I am a recovering junkie, been sober 15years. I must take pain meds to keep from going insane with pain. ... (35 replies)
... consider and still post here. Your insight on opiates and chronic pain hits home with a lot on this board. It is usually what gets us all on the pain meds. I am always looking for new ways to help my pain and if any comes up, I will gladly share it with you. You might find something that helps me. ... (35 replies)
... g vicoden7.5 and have weaned down to 50mcg duragesic for the past 9 months. For a medical condition. Now that the surgery has finally been done, time to go off pain meds well.. ... (7 replies)
... I have been without insurance since our move and currently only see my pcp untill my insurance kicks in. but when I was in pm they gave me the same script only a lot more, and we also did injections to help. (22 replies)
... acting meds except for "breakthrough pain". ... (22 replies)
... only can God heal us, but he also gave the knowledge of treatment and caring to doctors, so that they can help us get through these trials. Just because you use meds and docs to deal with and treat your pain, does not mean you've given up your hope in God's love and trust.... ... (109 replies)
... I tried living with the pain.... not worth it in my opinion. These meds were created to offer a better life and save many from street level narcotics. ... (29 replies)
... Hello Augirl I have been meaning to post to you for months now and finally decided to do it... Okay, here is what I have to say, you were addicted to vicadin, and you say in a lot of your post that you can never have them again, but will be willing to try any other narcotic or percocet might be an option. I JUST want to say that percocet is even better, stronger and more... (8 replies)
... I know this sounds crazy but i had a c section and had to have pain meds and it scared me a little because i thought about the possibility of me one day needing pain meds for some kind of accident or back injury and the fact that I would totally become addicted all over again. There is no way you can't become addicted. ... (10 replies)
Pain med addiction
Jan 14, 2004
... and care....with this disease,once it gets fairly bad there are only two ways out....quit or make the ultimate sacrifice..the only excuse is in chronic pain and am addicted..if i dont take my meds i hurt and if i dont take my meds im sick....and they cant fix my back....that is the only legit excuse to me.... ... (17 replies)
... hmmm...not sure I can agree that there's anything "good" about a 10 year run of drug addiction, but to each his own. Glad you took the steps to do what you needed to do. Everyone has their own way that works for them. Keep it up. Kat (22 replies)
... a person is in withdraws they will do things they would never even think about doing if they were sober. It's a need that cannot be subdued until it's met. The addiction takes over, thus ruling an addicts personality, line of thinking, etc. ... (7 replies)
... There is no history of addiction in my family (unless of course there are deep dark hidden secrets!) In my youth I was able to stop drugs anytime I wanted. I also quit smoking cold turkey (maybe I had addict tendencies). Anyhow, I am bummed that I have to see an addiction specialist to get off legally presribed (and not abused) medication. I still don't see what people... (29 replies)
... I haven't been taking benzos that long, but in the past I really abused pain meds and ended up going on suboxone to help get off of them. I have a horribly addictive personality and can tell this not going in a good direction at all. ... (2 replies)

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