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... I,m planning on jumping off suboxone in about a month and a half when my tapering is complete. I,ve been on it for past couple months. ... (1 replies)
... he dose is not high enough. Also it is hard to change your thought patterns after allowing them to rule you for so many years. For me its Stress take drugs, or pain take drugs. I know everyone has bad things happen to them but for some reason addicts often choose to run from the pain those experiences cause? ... (10 replies)
... nd went on Subxone. I stayed on it for about 35 days, then went to 1 8 mg. pill, then to .5 pill, then off. It took three days and I began to feel horrible. No pain issues, but just a walking dead feeling. Not being able to "feel" anything. I absolutely could not stand this feeling and noone could tell me what this was. ... (8 replies)

... vicoden's a day for about 6 years, then in 2003 or 2004 I found Suboxone and I have been on it every since. Why was I on it for so long you ask? ... (9 replies)
Day 9 off Suboxone
Aug 28, 2004
... I am so worried about hearing the bad things this Suboxone withdrawal is causing people. ... (19 replies)
... Don't apologize; it actually makes me feel better to know that Iím not alone in having experienced these nasty withdrawals with this insidious drug that the drug companies tout as being "non-addictive". I totally agree with you about the "Ultram=95% pain when stopping with very little mental". I know this because, Iíve been 3 and 1/2 weeks off Ultram now and have... (25 replies)
... following a taper program. I got down to the last week and literally went out of my mind with pain and withdrawal. So I checked myself into the hospital. ... (15 replies)
... even if it means having you sit in his office all day as he adds small incremental doses until your withdrawal symptoms are gone. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks for asking, My story is I started using Hydrocodone for pain after an auto accident 2 years ago. About a year into it I knew I had a problem. Tried to taper and wean myself but always failed. ... (25 replies)
... years. Drinking seemed to be something I don't necessarily care to do. So, I've chosen to remain on suboxone maintenance as long as my Dr. approves. It could be for the rest of my life and I have no problem with this. ... (0 replies)
... Hello: If this issue/info. helps, I would be very grateful to help a fellow chroni pain sufferer--who is fed up with taking a pain pill just to wake up and feel normal: Briefly, I was admitted on 12/8 to 12/22; since my p/t for my knee surgery was going well, and not having difficulty with extreme pain. I made an agreement with my PCP and Psychiatrist, that we would taper... (1 replies)
... i tapered because im tired of runnin to dr every month and i have no insurance and im just ready to get off sub/bup.been on sub since may 1st started on 16mg and have tapered since down to 1mg and now am down to 0.5mg (half of a half)once dailey and have been down to this small amount for 2-3weeks.keep in mind that this is just crumbs but without it i cannot function at... (21 replies)
... t 7 months ago, and thats what got me addicted to them in the first place, and now i finally got off of them, and am going to have to have surgery again. what a pain in the butt. ... (6 replies)
... See folks, this is EXACTLY what Im scared of. Everybody says go the sub or meth route and everything will be GREAT! Not so, because just like I have said, you are trading one drug for the other with SOME of the bad things being taken away (doc shopping etc.) but when it all comes down to it, when its time to withdraw why not go ahead and bite the bullet and withdraw off the... (21 replies)
... Sparkocet, why did you have to taper off of the Suboxone? And did you do a slow taper? Would you say it is as bad as coming off opiates? I am so discouraged now. Also, how long were you on Suboxone? I have been on it for three months now and thinking now about how bad it is gonna be when I have to stop. Another thing, what do you do for pain, for example, root canal, minor... (21 replies)
... I'm so sorry to hear about your back. What are you going to do about pain killers? ... (6 replies)
... l, now I have to make it through the hell of what my reality has become. I have a lot to look forward to....thank God. Graduation next year, a new career, and no suboxone or filthy dirty drugs. However, the loss of my fiance is killing me. A friend of mine has told me that she moved on to a new guy. ... (58 replies)
... Well, I didn't get addicted, but I went through horrible withdrawals getting off of them. 24 mg of suboxone is unbelievable!! You were smart enough to see the reality of it and got off of the drug. ... (29 replies)
... Ah, im still going through some pain. Mostly G.I stuff. Belly is doing flip flops and I had to finally bust out the amodium. I fell asleep for a few hours this morning from 7-8. An hour is better than nothing considering the rls. How long does the rls go for? Today is day 9 drug free but only 4 1/2 days of acute withdrawal. I hope it ends soon. Im trying to move along. Going... (58 replies)
... if it was the right decision but I told her I would give anything just to hear her voice for a few minutes. She is the only person in the world that can ease my pain and can calm me down. I hope she can find it in her heart to call. I know it would just kill her. I know how much she has watched me struggle with these subs. ... (58 replies)

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