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... Hi Tonnie, I really do feel bad for you... I think you need to quit your watressing job right away. all he money your making is spent on the drugs so what is the point? ... (51 replies)
... I was prescribed 25mg. Fentanyl patches today to apply for pain management. I'm wondering if they're anywhere strong enough to help with these terrible oxycontin withdrawal symptoms? ... (51 replies)
... Thanks so much for replying. ... (51 replies)

... the blood pressure situaiton. Your blood pressure goes way up and I think that is the culprit for the shakes, sweats, and chills. ... (16 replies)
... ll experiance... find your self a safe environment with loveing support If not at home in a hospital and stay there as long as your need to. I know I"m scared of withdrawls I lost my job because of my addiction and honestly I could never just qwite cold turkey. ... (51 replies)
... Wow Thank you ALL for your support! This site is amazing and every comment made me cry, in a good way. ... (9 replies)
... I have a failed fusion in my back and for the last 15 years. I have had to eat pain meds. like candy. ... (11 replies)
... x 5 daily for years. Well the new doc takes me off of them and puts me on fentenyl patch 25mg. So far I've only used one and today is when I'm supposed to change it. ... (9 replies)
... hi trishajsiegel and welcome to the board..i was on the fentynal patch 100mcg had to change them every 48 hrs. for about 4 years. ... (9 replies)
... My Dr. also was anxious to see me get off of the pills, so he could assess how my antidperessants were working for the depression. ... (16 replies)
... not the way to go on this. To ease withdraw symptoms, you should talk to your doctor about what the best possible way would be. A lot of them will write you a Rx for Xanax or some benzo to help with the WDs. But smoking pot is not the answer. ... (9 replies)
... I now know it was dangerous but was to far into the process to start again. I am not talking about buying ilegal drugs. I have a prescription for Marinol and alot of people now a days can legally smoke marajuana. I just suggested if they legally can, and should have stated that it helps. Thank you. ... (9 replies)
... My husband and I have been on Fentanyl Patches for 3 years. I was on 100 mcg and he was on 75mcg. We both have back injuries. ... (9 replies)
... no doubt will need surgery someday to be able to get around period. Pain meds are indeed very addicting. I should know as I've done them for well over 15 years with much abuse of all types. ... (29 replies)
... Yes, I too was on Oxy 40mg before my last few back surgeries for the same reasons as you! Anyway I know EXACTLY what you are going through! ... (8 replies)
... Oh Creeky, I advised you to ask for a "catapress patch" and I forgot that he gave you the clonidine (basically the same thing- a blood pressure med). Sorry, so, you are covered with the exception of maybe a benzo (Xanax or Valium) maybe. Others have made it without those, but it helped me tremendously with the shakes and crawling out of skin feeling..... You are... (16 replies)
Denied catapress
Aug 4, 2003
... n and he denied me the catapress patch. He said that the last thing I need are anymore drugs in my system. I told him that many people here had been given them for withdrawls and he felt that it wasn't a good use for it. Is he stupid or wise? ... (9 replies)
... I certainly respect your decision and agree with you to a degree but don't forget methadone. It's one addiction for another. I am on methadone and will be for a long time and I'll take what ever you or anyone would throw at me to defend its usage. I would be dead if methadone didn't exist. I am certain of this. ... (9 replies)
... Here, where I live, you can buy pot legally. The doctors here prescribe it for pain... and do so quite easily. ... (9 replies)
... this board brings me so much comfort just knowing that so many people are going through the exact same thing as me...that I'm not alone and not a horrible person for being an addict. My story in short...have 2 herniated discs from a wreck Christmas Eve 1999. ... (2 replies)

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