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... When I was in after care, I learned about PAWS. Post accute alcohol withdrawl syndrome. Let me tell you what a relief it was to learn about this! I had EVERY symptom. ... (5 replies)
... our can find more info on it. I wouldn't let it bother you but it is good to know if you start to notice some of the symtoms happenig to you. I never experienced PAWS both when I detoxed of booze and this time with the pills. I did a post here asking about it also. ... (141 replies)
... I mentioned my alcohol problem 8 years ago in other posts but I don't specifically remember and severe PAWS. Really only the pink cloud stands out. ... (3 replies)

... Yes, it can be from alcohol withdrawal and PAWS, aka Post Acute Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome. Pls look it up online and u will find answers. ... (2 replies)
... P.S. Don't let that PAWS thing bother you. I didn't get it this time or when I detoxed off booze 8 years ago. I did enjoy the pink cloud while it lasted. That was my favorite part. ... (141 replies)
... How is life now that you are deep into recovery? (141 replies)
... Sleep is fine and no signs of PAWS either. ... (141 replies)
... Hey Baja, I am so glad things are on such a positive up-swing for you. Sounds like some great positive changes you are making for yourself. I myself am doing well. I think I am on day 10 now!!!! No pain pills. I am feeling great, sleep is still an issue though. Sigh......Can I ask a question?? What is PAWS? I have never heard the term. One thing I can recommend that I got... (141 replies)
... I have had no signs of PAWS at all. It might be because I suffer from hyperaticivity? ... (141 replies)
... You're doing great, man. It's good to hear that PAWS didn't happen for ya. ... (141 replies)
... No Urges and No signs of Paws either. ... (141 replies)
... No signs of PAWS or anything like that. Just reality setting in and I am dealing with life really well. ... (141 replies)
... No PAWS either. ... (141 replies)
... Well I have no sign of PAWS and me Doc said he had heard of it but also said I would not have a problem with it. ... (141 replies)
... Good Morning everyone, Well I can't beleive it but I'm on day 21!! I feel great still. Things are up and down with the wife but all in all I know it will be O.K. I have put into Gods hands and he never lets me down. I don't have any signs of PAWS. I'm eatting good, drinking lots of water, taking suppliments and thinking clearly again. I even gained back some of the... (141 replies)
... Boy I wish I knew that one Angie. I say that because it is her that also has to recover from me. I want her trust back. Her confidence in me. I want my man card back. The sex would be a major plus and would help things move along quicker I think. I'm on day 20 and feeling great still. No Paws. Lots of energy. Positive attitude. Just like before I put the Ox on my back. ... (141 replies)
... Well here I am. Clean a full two weeks and working on day 15!! I don't miss it a bit. I am still getting the yawns a little bit from time to time but other than that I am sleeping 6-7 hrs per nite and I feel really great. I am also handling the caffeine much better. I still don't drink as much as before but it doesn't WIG me out like it was doing last week. No signs... (141 replies)
... D's at all. No sign of PAWS either. ... (141 replies)
... No signs of PAWS jules. I'm keeping my eyes on that this time. Thanks again. ... (141 replies)
... Good Morning all. Baja WAVIN in as usual. Officially one week clean starting day 8.:bouncing: I am going to start my diary here on this thread. I'll just post here and keep it on top. Bass, Acapt. You guys keep helping me with your posts too.:) Well I feel GREAT today. :cool: (141 replies)

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