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Suboxone WD
Oct 6, 2007
... Hi guys, I am on suboxone and was just reading through all of your posts. I really felt compelled to put my 2 cents in on what I know. ... (57 replies)
... thats the thing though. doctors need a specal licence to prescribe suboxone so going to the er would be a waste of time. ... (6 replies)
... mg suboxones a day, after paying over 400.00 for 60, I knew I could not afford to take 3 a day so I took one a day for the first 2 and a half yrs, they made me simply feel normal. I had yrs of severe back pain but have had no pain in past 3 yrs also. When I told Dr. ... (17 replies)

... Oh is alot cheaper then suboxone ...that is for sure! ... (6 replies)
... I was a 8 10mg Loratab plus 15 ultram plus about 4mg Klonipin user for a number of years. ... (41 replies)
Suboxone Info
Oct 27, 2011
... I have been on suboxone for over 2 years and have a fear of having to stop them I have one more yr b4 the manufacturer will stop paying for them and then I will be forced to stop due to the cost of them. ... (1 replies)
... This past sunday 9th I woke up and took 6mg of the suboxone and didnt take any other suboxone till Monday morning when I woke up. I've Continued taking the 6mg and plan on doing so for about 2 weeks. ... (39 replies)
... hyness seems to just blow off. I am the only son, but that does not matter in my opinion, i mean i cant really tell family members how i feel, but strangers for some reason are easier to deal with, i guess thats why i am on here. ... (0 replies)
... I might add that his is 28 years old and has been a heroin addict for 11 years. He, just called me, but I I hung up when I heard his voice. I am so fed up with him and am finally cutting him loose. ... (3 replies)
... but I had left a 20 mg chunk in my pocket, knowing that I would need it for the 10 hr drive home just in case something went awry... Well AWRY became the theme of this trip.!!! I went through my withdrawals in my tent day 3 barely slept. ... (94 replies)
... Hi..Just wanted to let people know that The University Of PA Hospital is running a reasearch study for people who want to get off opiates... I am in recovery from opiates myself with the help of a Dr. ... (0 replies)
... I am having a real hard time here in CT, even though there is a list a mile long of sub. either can't get in for months or the number is out of service. Me and hubby are considering paying for it outright,..... ... (33 replies)
... have no shakes no flu like symptoms I get up in the morning OK, but I do have really wierd dreams, and some depression, but let me tell ya, It was a life saver for me! ... (3 replies)
... se in cutting him off.If he's serious about getting clean then let him make the moves to do so.Remember, it's not your fault he's an addict and all your doing by paying for things is helping him become a successful addict which you don't want.It's a tough thing to do but it really is the only option you have. ... (3 replies)
... You do not deserve to "pay" for anything you might have done when you may have treated someone else poorly. Great thing about God, is he doesn't keep a scorebook! ... (43 replies)
... hi bolter! talk about a test of will is right!! I guess I am paying for all of the things I did to people when I was really bad off 5 years ago. who knows. I woke up today feeling a little shaky and sweaty. ... (43 replies)
... YK, isn't that terrible for a MD to RX that amount. I was really pofed when I researched the drug and herion addicts, were getting 4mg. ... (5 replies)
Suboxone Treatment
Apr 10, 2011
... Hey buddy, Im new to this forum and came on here just for this reason. What do you want to know. You said you are taking 2mg's every other day so I would recommend you cut that down . ... (18 replies)
... ll feel really tired after about 2 hrs of taking dose. I am really hoping they are going to start giving me take away does soon. This would be the main reason for me not staying on the program here as it is so restrictive. I was going to ride down to the Moto GP at Phillip Island Australia. ... (165 replies)
... state's "diversion" program, and where i live, they do not allow sub. i don't know the exact reasons but to me it doesn't make sense. being on sub is protection for us! i really resent being told by a board of people that i have to stop a med that is working for me and that my dr. DOES NOT want me to stop. ... (24 replies)

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