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... rait in my personality. I believe you said you read my drug history from a very young age. I have a real hard time dealing with it myself, so I just figure other people will think very poorly of me when they hear of it. Its not just all the hard drugs I am ashamed of, but the criminality I was involved in really sickens me. ... (189 replies)
Jan 23, 2002
... I started using heroin in summer of 1998, I started using and was first introduced to Heroin through a good and at the time close friend of mine you see I was and am the kind person who wouldn't mind experimenting with drugs even if its jus once! ... (4 replies)
... You can die from this. I knew a guy in Memphis who overdosed on Valium alone... no drinking, no other drugs, nothing. Seriously, are you suicidal? ... (18 replies)

... I waited tables, but I had a bad heroin habit at the time. ... (5 replies)
... in the beginning was much cheaper. Now, 11 years later I'm on this site for heroin dependency. I really hope you can beat this while you're still pretty young. At least it sounds like you're fairly young. I'm 32 going on 22. ... (10 replies)
Suboxone Advice
Mar 22, 2011
... I think that's kind of an outrageous amount to be prescribed. I've never really been all that into the pharm scene, but I know a fair few heroin addicts who were prescribed a lot less than that a day. What you have to remember is that subs are still addictive, and can give rise to a variety of complications. ... (15 replies)
Detox time line
Jul 7, 2005
... the restless EVERYTHING. I was twitching worse than Michael J Fox and Joe Cocker combined. Arms and legs everywhere. I kept thinking about how badly I wanted to beat this...and sleep! ... (27 replies)
Suboxone feedback
Nov 12, 2003
... I just wanted to make one thread to see what people thought about suboxone and it's effectiveness. ... (33 replies)
Twist of fate...
Jun 9, 2004
... Ok, Heather, you can tell your son that you actually talk to a heroin addict musician that also loves Leonard Cohen and drinks mentha pulegium, better known as PENNYROYAL TEA! ... (16 replies)
... I used to laugh and sneer at people who warned, "it won't stop at marijuana, before you know it you will be doing heroin." I know the sneering part came from that lil rebel in me. ... (15 replies)
... You asked to hear from someone who had successfully gotten off suboxone, so here I am. I have read these boards for years, but you pulled me out of the back ground. ... (20 replies)
... ave to go off so fast. I am too afraid to do that and am having a hard time as it is. The meetings are the best thing I have ever done. I have met a lot of great people who know what it's like. The only problem here is that they talk about alcohol and I haven't use that for years. ... (39 replies)
... My 23 year old son is 11 weeks clean from a very heavy oxy and heroin addiction. ... (23 replies)
... I know some people who are on and have successfully tapered from suboxone. If you jump off at 2 mg, there will be some pretty severe withdrawals, that is certain. ... (6 replies)
What have I done?
Sep 17, 2004
... there is so much regret over time lost and money spent. I feel that my post and Blue Julie's could be one in the same in that regard, and I try very hard not to beat myself up over the money I spent and the debt I created that will be part of my life for years... ... (29 replies)
... Up until thanksgiving, I was on a 3 year heroin bender. And about a year into that, I started doing crystal meth too. ... (22 replies)
... I do not nor did I ever think he was a bad person. Something like heroin gets hold of you and it takes over. You must be a very strong person to have beat this. ... (27 replies)
My next week
Aug 12, 2006
... What i am writing here today about though is where i am today. Three years ago i was a serious heroin addict I had tried every form of giving up gear and had neither the want nor the will to. The reason? ... (29 replies)
... You have every right to be angry here, I agree. One thing that is consistant with pot smokers is that they defend it with the typical "it's not so bad as other drugs" arguement. It's pretty lame and selfish in my opinion, and just an excuse to not have to give up that feeling pot gives them. And you are right; this is a support group for those trying to give up addictions,... (55 replies)
... wards me...I am about to have a baby in 4 days and had to wrestle him out of my front door a few weeks back because he came into my home ranting and raving about who owes money to who for dope..... ... (55 replies)

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