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... Hi everyone that is tuned in today. I am Rose and a perc addict and starting detox today. ... (10 replies)
Night 2 of Detox.
Jul 14, 2008
... of made me feel better about using. last week leg was feeling better and i made a decision as i came across this board to stop pills cold turkey. this is how my detox went and im sure it is different for everyone. this is just my experience and there are several other options and approaches to our problem. ... (9 replies)
... Welcome ontariolinda! First and foremost if I were you I would read the thread above the home paid that says SAMPLE HOME DETOX... That should give you a LOT of information that you need. Withdrawals from 16 perc's a day is going to be tough for him but it can be done. He can either wean down or go cold turkey. Addiction is a nightmare and unless you have walked the... (9 replies)

... Perc --first --you are not alone. Almost all of us are in the same situation. Reading your post actually put a smile on my face because it put another piece in the "human" puzzle I am trying to figure out for myself. I have self medicated for my depression for 10 years (hence the FULL CIRCLE) --this pain med has been our drug for years. Self medicated. Crazy. Once I get... (8 replies)
... ive never heard of non-narcotic clonopin or Klonopin/Klonazepam. Ive taken them before, I kept it to under a couple weeks use, as I heard about withdrawals being pretty rough. Anti-anxiety meds can cause seizures, etc. However good luck enduring your withdrawals. Ive detoxed from opiates, benzos, and 4 days of methadone (i had not used subs), but the withdrawals lasted... (5 replies)
... years of playin around with perc addiction before I finally had enough. You hit bottom when you stop digging. ... (4 replies)
... Hello Kyle, Welcome :) I agree with everything Secrets said. Take it slow, keep your head up be proud that you're willing to stop taking those pills. It's not an easy task, that's for sure. Take a look at the second thread (at the top of the main page) called "Sample Home Detox" plan. It has some great suggestions - I used it last year and swear it's a great tool to... (3 replies)
Perc withdraw
Feb 27, 2009
... I am 26 days out of a detox center where I came cold turkey off Norco, Soma and Xanax. It was horrible and still is on some days............... ... (5 replies)
... first im so sorry to hear about your sons injury fiest :( i remember when i quit counting days too but i dont know if that hurt or helped me. today i am feeling pretty darn good other than a rough mornin. thanks to all of you for your support i needed that nudge to get this goin again!!! im still waitin to feel that goodness that i felt after a month or 2 clean. And GRATS... (13 replies)
... i will NOT beat myself up and going to do my best to keep a solid happy attitude today and not break down at work lol, im sure if you have had to detox at work you know what im talking about. thanks again guys i will do it this time for GOOD!! ... (13 replies)
... ow you are doing. You are among friends here and we only wish to help. If you have questions dont hesitate to ask and certainly take a look at some of the home detox stickies they got at the top of the board. Lot of good info in there. ... (13 replies)
Suboxone Question
Mar 26, 2008
... give it time. Since you say you are on Day 2 of a perc detox, it'll be a few days before you feel balanced. Hang in there!! ... (14 replies)
... Hi,I need some help,Im at my end.Ive been on 190- vicodonES,100-5mg percosets,40-60-10mgVico every month for about 9 yrs.Ive tried numerous times to get off them but I cant.My mind is willing but my body isnt.I lead a normal life.the drugs dont stop me from doing anything.After the first day Im in a ER getting demerol/dilauided shots.I dont have insurance to go into a hospital... (32 replies)
... Ill tell you how hard my detox was the first time. ... (40 replies)
... mg a day and sometimes 3 80mg day...i am wondering if that rapid detox i went to made it easy for me to ween this easy..can anybody or did anybody have something similar to my story..just wondering.. ... (2 replies)
... Heroin, to name a few. I've suffered long term withdrawals between 20 and 30 times from extremely high levels of opiates. I've been in detox and I've been on Suboxone twice. I'm drug free now. This is how I did it. Completly pain free. As if I never quit the drugs... ... (4 replies)
... If you have done a successful slow methadone detox please see bottom of post if you're willing to answer a few questions for me...otherwise my story is below... ... (3 replies)
... erience exactly how difficult beating this demon is. But, the rewards of success are SO worth the relatively short period of discomfort we go through during the detox time. ... (14 replies)
Checking In
Jun 21, 2005
... It has been 66 days since my last hydro. I didn't taper and didn't follow the Detox Recipe. I simply told myself that enough is enough. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, I am beginning my perc taper today so maybe we can detox together. I am using the detox recipe at the top of this board and tapering 5 mg. percocet a day. i presently take 5 10mg tablets a day. ... (2 replies)

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