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... I was given Percocet about 3yrs ago for torn tendons in both elbows. ... (5 replies)
... it over, I wouldn't have told any doctors. need to be extremely careful if you are prescribed narcotic pain meds. In this case you could climb into addiction hell. ... (1 replies)
... newcase - i totally understand chronic pain. i suffer from migraines and DDD (degenerative disk disease)... and im only 35. my migraines don't response to imitrex type drugs so i have to rely on fioracet (no addiction issues there) and percocet 10/325 - which is where my issues are. I use them for my back as well. Are there other meds you can use instead of narcotics?... (6 replies)

... my name is kelly, i am a recovering alcoholic and i read the addiction and recovery boards and quite often. i know your drug of choice is not alcohol but addiction is addiction and we all are in the same battle so when i read your post ...i just had to reply and tell you, that i also will support you in any way i can!!! ... (58 replies)
... just another addict writing to tell you about how he has pretty much ruined his life with painkiller addiction and wants desperately to quit. I'll start at the beginning. ... (4 replies)
... for over a year and they never really helped me in a substantial way. Now the percocet is a completely different story! There are several articles of note from medical professionals that quote the research stating that oxycodone is 1. ... (16 replies)
... a Percocet addict and her treatment was the same as for me. ... (26 replies)
... I've been reading through the boards, debating, and I've decided I can't live like I am anymore. I've had a series of medical problems. About 2 yrs ago I was hospitalized with sepsis & with that severe abdominal pain. Through tests they found a hiatal hernia and what may or may not be pancreatic cancer. I have CT scans & tumor studies every 8 weeks. The studies are... (7 replies)
... I, too, have a mean percocet addiction of several years... 6 maybe? ... (58 replies)
... Hello countrywife, Pleased to meet you. I only have one piece of advice for you. Go tell your doctor (the initial doctor that gave you your first RX) that you have this problem. Tell him/her everything - you'd be surprised how empathetic your doctor can be. When you say 30 Oxycodone's/day, do you mean Oxycontin 10mgs or Percocet 10/325 (Oxycodone with Acetaminophen)? ... (13 replies)
... and some good marijuana and reasoned that I could just take the pills for the energy and the pot for the high and viola, no more addiction to oxy! Needless to say, I then found myself popping a dridrex, toking a joint, and snorting an oxy all at once. Good, Tonnie..... ... (51 replies)
... I started out taking 4 a day, but now I am up to 10 and sometimes I take more. My prescription is for 6 percocets a day. ... (25 replies)
... Hello. I am on day 6 of a cold turkey withdrawal from a 4-6 pill a day habit of hydrocodone 10/500 normally (although this last month I asked to be switched to percocet 10/325). I have experienced largely what was explained here and am grateful for the detox aid list. I am wondering what now to expect based on my level of use. I have consistently used pain meds to avoid back... (5 replies)
... Hi- I dont even know what ive been doing is considered addiction: have been taking anywhere from half to one pill of Percocet (10/325) for the past 7 years. Reason is, chronic neck/back pain. I only take this pill at about 7/8PM; usually take nothing during the day. Also, Ill cut the pill intor 3 pieces and take each through the night. I have been very conscious of... (1 replies)
... Hello My has been awhile since I have posted. I made a move to a new house last January and my life has been so hectic and so has my addiction to percocets...worse than ever! The good news is I finally know what has been causing all the pain I have been feeling for over a year now. Long story short... ... (2 replies)
... The best advice I can give you is to taper, very very slowly. I had back issues last year and was given an unlimited supply of Perc's from my doctor. I got a Depomedrol shot to relieve the pain, then, like a fool decided to stop the perc's cold turkey. I did not know any better. At my pain's worst I was taking 3 10/325's a day. By going cold turkey I threw my body into a... (7 replies)
... I am not sure if my addiction is contributing to this, or if something else is going on. I am just curious if anyone has had any health problems from pain meds. ... (15 replies)
... I stop opana ER COLD TURKEY per addiction specialist. Saturday night the withdrawal starts EARLY. Creepy crawley legs, sweating, I'm like the exorcist! This goes on and on, vomiting diarrhea too. ... (6 replies)
... I think one thing that you of you have to understand is that there is a very very big difference between Addiction and Dependancy. Some medical conditions require daily medications and there is just nothing that can be done about it. ... (10 replies)
... ity more and more. I've tried acid too, but that was no big deal. It was pills that really got me. When I had my back surgery in 1994, I discovered that taking 2 Percocet instead of the prescribed ONE Percocet gave the best feeling of euphoria. I loved it. I was on that for two or three months while I recovered from surgery. ... (15 replies)

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