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... I've been reading through the boards, debating, and I've decided I can't live like I am anymore. I've had a series of medical problems. About 2 yrs ago I was hospitalized with sepsis & with that severe abdominal pain. Through tests they found a hiatal hernia and what may or may not be pancreatic cancer. I have CT scans & tumor studies every 8 weeks. The studies are... (7 replies)
... Hey Risky...You mean since you have been on the 7.5 that they wont cover you if you go back down to the 5mg and take the equivilant to a 7.5 of the 5mg.? ... (18 replies)
... I have a question about taking percocet's & vicodin's. How many is to many to take at one time? My bf has a tooth that needs to be pulled. His insurance is waiting for prior approval before he can get it pulled!The dentist is giving him percocet's. They are the (5mg/325) The vicodin's are (5mg/500)I believe i have the dosages correct. He takes 3 percocet's & 1 vicodin in... (3 replies)

... I have been using vicodin and percocet for almost 6 years now. It started with a back injury. ... (2 replies)
... I recently had a discectomy for a herniated disc which I suffered with for 5 months. I was on a progression of painkillers to deal with the pain, starting with Vicodin, to Norco, to, finally, Percocet. At the end, I was taking about 10-12 pills (10mg/325mg) per day. After the surgery, my doctor gave me only 40 pills of a lower dosage (5mg/325mg). He told me to taper down... (8 replies)
... I went to see a pain management doctor, who then put me on Percocet 7. ... (11 replies)
... is stronger than Lortab which is 10mg hydrocodone and 500mg tylenol. The roxicodone is percocet without any tylenol I assume its 5mg oxycodone and 0mg tylenol. ... (18 replies)
... in the evening and it kinda held the pain at bay all day long. My Doc was concerned about the tylenol in the percs so he put me on Oxycontin 20mg twice a day and percocet 5mg 4 times a day for breakthrough pain. It works out to 50 or 60 mg a day like before but alot less tylenol so he is happy. ... (19 replies)
... Opana ER 5mg for about 6 months and then my pain management doctor upgraded to 10mg because I was not getting any relief. I was also prescribed Percocet 5mg but allowed to take 2 at a time for break through pain. I also had been taking Soma 4x daily. I have been on this regiment for approximately 18 months. ... (3 replies)
... Hi ! I am so desperate for some support.. my husband of 3yrs left me a week ago, he was extremely emmotionally, verbally, mentally abusive. I endured so much pain from this man yet he had me so obsessed that I felt that life is over without him every time he left, he has left alot. This time he took all the money and left me with a big rent bill in less than a week and no... (3 replies)
... I have been taking 5mg percocet for the past year because I have two slipped discs.. it started with two a day, then 5 a day and the past 3 months, I take 10 a day but all at once. its usually around 9PM. I was prescriped 60 oxycontin 10mg last week. I went through those in three days. thats when I realized and decided not to take anymore, im tired of depending on... (3 replies)
... I have been taking 2.5mg of Percocet almost daily to control headaches and back pain. ... (3 replies)
... my life. I started out with percocet, just like you. When I hit rock bottom, I was taking 10 Oxycontin 80's per day! Thats 800mg of oxycodone IN ONE DAY. One percocet has 5mg, so if you do the math, I was taking the equivalent of 160 percocets a day. ... (58 replies)
... I've taken percocet 5mg before and my dr. told me that percocet and vicodin are similar but vicodin is not as strong as percocet. ... (18 replies)
... out 2 years off and on my doc wasnt happy with all that tylenol and put me on oxycontin 20mg 2 X a day its a 12 hour time release with no tylenol. He gave me the percocet for breakthrough and the Dilaudid one at bedtime. ... (2 replies)
... Welcome to the boards. 750 is only the acetaminophen content. This particular percocet has 7.5mg of ocycodone. You can take it with milk or food. ... (4 replies)
... trying to take these responsibly and Im still not even sure if i need them. But i continue to go through tests on my stomach and abuse the painkillers. About 20 percocet 5mg a day if i can get my hands on them. I know I have a problem and want it to stop, but I don't know where to start. ... (3 replies)
... Dear Reach, Thank you so much for your reply - it means alot to me. Knowing you're not alone is a really big deal! Perhaps "jump" is too strong a word. I'm just tired of watching the clock and waiting for the next dose. My plan extends for another 12-14 days, but I'm flexible, I change the plan as I feel right, though never ever increasing the dose once I make a cut. ... (2 replies)
... If you have 5mg of Percoset, it is as if you took 7.5mg of hydrocodone. ... (9 replies)
... then got 5mg Percocets 5x a day, to taper to 25mgs and I am really suffering. ... (9 replies)

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