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... I think that you need to stick to the taper schedule and drop it down by 10mg or maybe try dropping by 5mg for 3 days and then another 5mg 3 days later. You can do this by splitting the pill. If there is not a little dividing line on the pill, then go to the local drug store and get a pill splitter. ... (155 replies)
So weepy
May 30, 2010
... ince i posted... the said thing is im here again. Ive been addicated to narcotics for 3 years now started with vic and when to per...i went up to takeing 10mg of percocet every to hours...that was for about a month that sad thing is my dr wants to ween me off so she dropped me down to 5mg of perc .... ... (10 replies)
... Almost on my 18th hour without any percocet in me and so far....I am feeling surprisingly "ok". I have been tapering my meds down yesterday I had only 10mg's all day..... ... (3 replies)

Pills in general
Aug 5, 2004
... to sleep without some sort of pill more than 8 or 10 times in like 18 months or so. i dont take huge quantities of the meds, usually .5mg xanax, 5 or 7.5 vics, 5mg percocet, and 10mg ambien. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Creeky...Yes I have had problems with my pain meds but it wasnt the percocet (I am on 6 to 8 tabs a day...325mg/5mg.) My problem was the NSAIDS...I have had chronic pain for almost 13 years and 10 of those years I was on every anti inflammatory drug known to mankind. Naproxen, Ibuprophen, Arthrotec, Vioxx, Celebrex etc. I took them with food and milk and anything I could... (15 replies)
... Atta boy Tim :) I told you the whole time you could do this and now you are reaping your rewards. A better life your sences awakening again and your seeing the world so clear now. I too am proud of you, you have the strength of 10 men. Have a wonderful day. Your friend Autumn. DAWN...I saw your question on the pain board and I figured I would answer you here cuz I am lazy... (9 replies)
... I quickly found that the hydrocodone was essentially worthless for this pain, so Percocet only, religiously 24 hours per day for two weeks. Then I went back into the hospital for surgery and the previously described drug routine was administered. ... (2 replies)
Am I Being Stupid?
Mar 21, 2007
... m on my way to Florida tomorrow to visit my parents. My father is getting out of hospital today after open heart surgery. My parents have occasionally given me percocet in the past. Last week, when I ran out of tramadol I asked my mother to send me percocet. She couldn't find it, didn't know if she had any. ... (10 replies)
... I didn't read alot of the other responses you received because everyone has there own opinion. Let me start by saying.....I am on Day 6 FREE of Percocet 10mg after 6 years! As a chronic pain patient I was up to 8 daily....and my concern was "well how will I treat my pain after I get off? ... (8 replies)
... Hey everyone....I've posted once or twice but mostly I'm a reader and responder. I've had a serious percocet addiction going on 4 years now. I've tried quitting sooo many times, everytime relapsing. I'm really starting to feel like my health is in jeapordy. ... (7 replies)
... At some point during the mid year I was introduced to percocet and immediately saw how muh stronger they were and they brought me to a new level of high. ... (2 replies)
... everyone spoke of weeks of hell. I know my limits and i would be able to take more then a few more days of this sitting alone in my house. I resorted to taking a 5mg percocet last nite before bed becuase i couldnt sit still. It was teh first time i felt normal in 4 days but i know that it was just from the perk. ... (5 replies)
... ts of weight and throwing up every day for 8 months, i had c section in may2006. after recovery, i noticed some severe back pain. never had before. prescribed 5mg percocet for a bit, that doc left the state, another doc at first reluctant to put me on pain meds but i needed them. mri showed t3 t4 herniation. ... (8 replies)
Perc withdraw
Feb 25, 2009
... Hello everyone! Last Monday I went cold turkey off percocet. I had a brain aneurysm 3 years ago, and was given dilaudid in the hospital and out. I was fine for 2 years after that, but then was given percocet for a back problem 4/08, and the problem started. I stopped in 10/08, then in 12/08 started again, taking about 8-10 5mg endos a day. Like I said, I stopped last... (5 replies)
... ctive than think of my situation, I am 6'5 and 225 pounds and averaged 160mg of oxycontin a day, from what I have heard one vicodin or percocet is equal to about 5mg of OC so if you do the math then I was taking the equivelant of about 32 percocet or vicodin a day and 4mg of suboxone was perfectly fine for me. ... (17 replies)
Valium dependence
Apr 19, 2008
... As part of my percocet taper, for anxiety I've been taking between 1. ... (0 replies)
... mp in with both feet and bear the consequence. In 1999 I went through Breast Cancer, The chemo left me with neuropathy a painfull nerve disorder. I started on Percocet 5 100 per month about 6 years ago. ... (3 replies)
Norco Addiction
Aug 7, 2005
... se. Withdrawls from opiates don't last more than a weektypically. I had my wisdom teeth out and it took about 4 days for me to realize how high I had been taking percocet and vicodin regularly. I was on them a week and stopped and never noticed any desire to take more. ... (6 replies)
Oxycontin is BAD
Jan 18, 2005
... I am in my very early 20's, attend college and I start tomorrow. I also have a little problem, I would like to recieve some helpful advice (I just signed up, cause you guys all seem GREAT! and comfort one another) I also wanna give some those who have never taken Oxycontin... but I do have questions of my own as well. If you've NEVER taken this drug, DONT get... (12 replies)
... adone. I am 31 years old now and I am taking about 10 mg of vicodin a day. I have tapered myself down from like 3 pills a day to spliting a 10 in half and taking 5mg in the morning and 5 mg in the eveing. My back is much better and now that I have been on these for 7 months I am ready to quit altogther. ... (12 replies)

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