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... See for me I take 6 tablets a day as prescribed by my doc I was up to 8 tabs awhile ago. 2...5mg tabs 4 times a day so that was only 40mg of percocet a day. ... (7 replies)
... All I can tell you is your being smart to stop the opiates. I had 3 back surgeries and stayed on Lotabs/vocodin for 2 just so happens that today is day 6 of o tabs...if I can make it so can u! Well i hope to make it. I will. But I have read numerous posts here about meds a dr can prescribe..notably when u tell him/her that you KNOW u have a propensity for... (21 replies)
... Hi everyone, I posted here a few times about some issues I was having with my ankle along with tapering off vicodin before my surgery (well before I knew it would goto surgery). I tapered off in the beginning of November (was on about 20mg hydro a day) and it wasn't a walk in the park but wasn't too bad. Anyways to make a long story short I had surgery January 18 and... (21 replies)

... cross-posted w/ back board... I've looked online a bit but I really would love some thoughts/help/advice from the folks here. I am working on cutting back on pain meds (fusion in Aug). My body adjusts VERY fast to a kid I was on a new allergy med every season b/c they stopped helping. Because I'd waged a war with endo before the back stuff, I'd already had... (0 replies)
... I started out with 5mg Perocets for pain from an injury in the Army. Of course I also enjoyed the 'side effects' from these pills. ... (11 replies)
... I am embarrassed to be starting yet another thread about trying to taper from oxycodone. I've tried twice before (May 08 and Mar 09), documented my progress on two separate threads here, had all kinds of support and was very optimistic....then failed both times. Hence, I am reluctant to even write about it again for fear of disappointing everyone; yet, I feel I must. The... (74 replies)
... I am currently under a pain management program where I am taking percocet for some severe arthritis needs. ... (22 replies)
... mg percocet for the last 6 to 8 months or so for neck and back pain. But it's getting to the point were this drug is running my life. ... (3 replies)
Opiate withdrawal
Jan 12, 2009
... I have been on several different types of painkillers for about 5 years due to chrons disease. I am prescribed 240 5mg percocet, and 120 30mg moriohine pills a month. I take all of this and still feel I need more. ... (0 replies)
... well he took what he could get and hes disabled and never leaves the house without me so I know what hes taking and hes never bought anything off the street (other than getting them from my grandmother to help him through the day, which i stopped) - after the fentanyl, no doctor would prescribe him any meds, so when he could get it, it was from the hospital and there would... (18 replies)
... to 100 5MG percocet in terms of OC content. ... (12 replies)
... of another. I taper 2.5 mg valium every 2 weeks. I should be done about the end of August. Yes, Ashton taper. I am also tapering from percocet and cutting that by a 5mg a day. ... (3 replies)
... I am a new member here and I decided to stop taking Oxycontin, Percocet and marijuana. ... (39 replies)
... Hi All, Raz here. I'm on day 25 of what was originally a 21 day taper! I'm realizing that most of my difficulty with the journey is in my head, and that the physical part, while not fun, is the easier part. It's the anticipation of the physical, and the depression for me which is the toughest. I feel like Lloyd Bridges in the movie Airplane - sure picked the wrong time... (4 replies)
... I Am the furthest thing from a DR. you will ever meet. I'm not suggesting this to anyone but it worked for me and many others I have helped. Like I said _ Don't try this at home : ) This is a method of comfortably withdrawing from opiates. I've been addicted to numerous opiates at various times. Morphine by Injection, Oxycontin by injection, percocet (oxycodone)... (4 replies)
... d symptoms. A little lack of engery but that is about it. No pains or anything. Next week I am going to drop down to 5mg a day and maybe try and take it only every other day? ... (9 replies)
... Hi Everyone, If you don't know my story - please check my posts but would like to start my thread without repeating myself too much (for your sakes). Been on 80mg's or so of percocet since 2001 for TMJ/Myofacial pain & Fibromyalgia - But NOW I need to come off them. I started tapering this past few weeks. I ended up last week (Mon & Tues)going down to 30 mg's (which is 3... (3 replies)
... Hey Rome. I was trying to find your posts to see your whole picture BUT....I think we might be in the same boat?? Let me share - Chronic pain patient - Used percocet (10/325) for many years (2001) and been using 8 daily (80 mg's) - when I hit my reality that my doc left his practice & other doctors didn't agree with his methods (pain meds) and suddenly I was left to be... (1 replies)
... Hello, So sorry to hear of your predicament but past experience tells me that no matter how much you taper when you quit altogether there is the dreadful withdraw. Sorry to make it sound so harsh because I have truly found a real compassion for those of us who are in pain and have to take these kind of meds in order to have a decent life, but it is what it is and if as... (7 replies)
... tom line was I was referred to a pain clinic after going through the percocet, vicodin trials, and they put me on Oxycodone. It started off inoccently enough at 5mg tabs. After 2 years, my tolerance just kept going up and they kept increasing to to the point they wanted me to put me on other meds because I was on so much. ... (7 replies)

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