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... I was given Percocet about 3yrs ago for torn tendons in both elbows. ... (5 replies)
... ok ill start by saying im a 24 year old male with a few autoimmune diseases, and also have neurologic lyme disease... my lyme dr has been giving me pain meds for awhile now and im completly abusing help me please or give some advice... I do suffer from ALOT of pain, however I dont even know really know how my pain stands as i popped 180 10/325 percocets in 10 days. I do get... (3 replies)
... Thats great Pepper, just becareful you dont fall into the trap I did. I'm sure your gonna feel better everyday. :) (72 replies)

... I am feeling so good especially after seeing your post. My sciatia pain is almost entirely gone.....a few pricklies but nothing compared to before. I am still waking up in the morning with aches and pains and feel much better after my percocet and 1/2 of soma get in me. I am only taking 4 percocets a day and 2 somas. Not bad for being 2 weeks out today. I probably would... (72 replies)
... :wave: Hello Biyak, I wasn't familiar with Zopiclone but I did look it up on the net. It is a short acting hynotic. It says it should only be taken for not longer than 4 weeks. Also, it said withdrawal symptoms do occur but very rarely. If you have had dependency on narcotics before (if i were in your shoes) I would not take the percocet. I have switched... (13 replies)
... ache all over. My lower back, my legs, my shoulders all ache. Is it that now that the drugs are wearing off that the aches and pains that it was covering up are reappearing? ... (14 replies)
... good job, keep goin. im on 21 days. never thought id see the day. it gets a lil better each day. for me the sleeps been tuff sleding. you dont realize how important it is until u dont get enough. monday nite i got about 3 hours. had to work the next day and was really feelin it, aches, and about to fall asleep in the afternoon. but i made it. got blocks of sleep last nite, 5... (17 replies)
... our recovery. My energy has come back, but so have all my aches and pains that the Oxycodone covered up. I deal with them and I see them as a testament that I am drug free! ... (22 replies)
... I don't have much more advice to give (everyone here is so amazing and helpful) but I wanted to lend my support. Day 6 here - and yes, the muscle aches suck ***. I started exercising - that way when I hurt - I knew it was from more than the w/d symptoms. I'm sore today but I know a big chunk of it is exercising and that helps tremendously mentally. (14 replies)
... Yeah, those mighty leg pains and back aches are a bitch! I would lay in a tub of extremely hot water. ... (14 replies)
... Hey Sweetie, What you are feeling is physical withdrawal. Fatigue, loose bowels and feeling like I could jump out of my skin was how I felt in addition to body aches. The Klonipin makes me very tired also. If you have enough to taper a little slower, it would probably be best but ultimately you will go through the withdrawal as you are now. I think it depends on your... (1 replies)
... Hi there Sweetie, I am sorry for the pain you experience and my heart goes out to you with the battle you have ahead. I quit cold turkey from a 2 yr addiction to hydrocodone which started after a surgery. I could not get my hands on anymore and thus the cold turkey, It sounds like you are doing the smart thing with the taper. I also hope you have enough RX to continue the... (2 replies)
... I myself am going through a taper and can relate with your fear. I have been lucky enough to have a doc working with me on my taper so I can do it comfortably although I did try unsuccesfully to come off cold turkey. (I was on much higher levels than you so my situation is a little different so don't be discouraged) Look at the message on the top of this board that has... (2 replies)
... if any of my advice can help. i have been clean now for about a month. for the past year i have been taking some sort of pain pill. i first started out taking percocet from having my wisdom teeth out and also because my back is pretty messed up. to make a long story short, i loved how they made me feel. ... (2 replies)
Lortab Withdrawl
Sep 23, 2009
... mg Lortabs a day for about a year and half for fibromyalgia...I also had shingles before that and was given Percocet and that is how taking the pills started..I sometimes also take a Percocet here and there with the Lortabs.. ... (6 replies)
... for breakthru pain. I always took them as prescribed, but after a few months, I found myself taking several percocet daily, because the oxycontin didn't seem to work anymore. So the dr. upped the oxy to 20... and then 30.. and then 40... etc. etc. ... (18 replies)
... i ran out of my percocet 10's a week early. ... (4 replies)
... Hi DJ, Nice to see you again! So about your questions, I've learned that methadone affects everyone differently, it is metabolized differently & your DOC & drug history also plays a part in how you react to it & how you know when you are at your "stable" dose. One thing is certain, when you are stable, you'll know it. So I can't really say I can answer your questions,... (10 replies)
... I'm new here so I'm not even sure if I'm posting in the right spot but I've been battling with addiction for about 5 years now. I've read so many stories so I thought it would help to get a little support from you guys :) It started after I had my daughter back in 2008. I started taking hydrocodone, percocet, etc. Basically whatever I could get my hands on. Well that went... (4 replies)
... t me on wellbutrin and ultram. I ended up having a seizure in the lazy river at Darien Lake and almost drowning. Then I went to the doctors and he switched me to Percocet and suggested pain management. My pain doctor has the worst god complex and has made me fear going to the doctors to figure out exactly what's wrong with me. ... (4 replies)

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