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... I quit percocet cold turkey a week and a half ago. I was only on for a week, but my body had never been exposed to any narcotics before so it was very receptive. ... (2 replies)
... Welcome Carrara!! I am celebrating 14 days since I went cold turkey today, so I am just a little ahead of you in your/our recovery. My energy has come back, but so have all my aches and pains that the Oxycodone covered up. I deal with them and I see them as a testament that I am drug free! My mind has started to clear up and I'm back to my writing again. My emotions are... (22 replies)
... I'm feeling better this morning. the weather out side is cold and it's snowing and very dull. These are the days that make my body ache, but I will not use that as an excuse to take a pill, not anymore. ... (22 replies)

Percocet Addiction
Sep 25, 2009
... Back in January of 2007 is when it all started. I had some real serious back issues and was prescribed percocet for it. Ladies an gentlemen, I was hooked right away. ... (12 replies)
... weeks I have been down to one Percocet a day. ... (14 replies)
... but eventually built up to 2 percocet every 4 hours due to increased pain and tolerance to the medication. ... (3 replies)
... hrs to 4. It's not fast enough....I WANT OFF THESE THINGS!!! Could anyone tell me if you made it thru cold turkey. I do have some Ambien CR to help and some Xanax. I cannot take Benedry, tylenol PM as I am allergic to antihistamine. ... (11 replies)
... I went to see a pain management doctor, who then put me on Percocet 7. ... (11 replies)
... I have had depression for over five years. My father has a condition that requires him to take percocet daily for the last fifteen years. During the first year of my depression I took some of his percocet for a sports injury. ... (12 replies)
... e saw it. She just had an operation three days ago and she's my number one priority right now making sure she's taken care of. Of course, the doctor put her on Percocet also. ... (14 replies)
... some people that absolutely think cold turkey is the way to go, others that think you must taper. I don't see any middle ground. ... (8 replies)
... I am addicted to percocet too. ... (8 replies)
... Hello, For the past several weeks I've been reading this board with an intensity bordering on obsession. I've been weaning off Percocet. I've got to say that being able to see what others have gone through has given me a strength that I otherwise would not have had, so Thanks to all! Several years ago my back went out on me and I ended up in the ER. Up to that point I... (2 replies)
... i realized i have a problem when my instinct was to call a bunch of people and ask them if they knew anyone who could hook me up with percocet or codeine or was embarrassing, i couldn't believe i was stooping that low, but i didn't know what else to do... ... (8 replies)
... t through a bad surgery on my back and pain was uncontrollable so I went home taking 110mg oxycodone a day done by Percocets and Oxycontin. Mind you I was using Percocet for pain before the operation and I never got psychological craving to the stuff. But boy getting away from the 110mg beast was hell on me physically. ... (0 replies)
... I started out taking Vicatin ES for about 3 months and then they moved me to percocet 10mg 4 times a day, along with valium 10mg 3 times a day, I have been on the Percs for almost 4 months now, I know a bit about pain killers, but my best friend died from Oxys over a year ago, so I tried to steer clear of that area, I was always into speed based drugs, but my question is I am... (14 replies)
... I feel for everone who sufferes a percocet addiction, im 23 years old I been where you are allot of you been felt what what you have felt I was taking 20 percocets a day im an addict but i did recover and still in recovery i did it the hard way i ended up in jail for 10 days because i spiraled out of control i was going to different doctors to obtain perceptions i didnt think... (58 replies)
... Hello name is kasey and i've been searching around online for people who have gone threw percocet addiction and quitting cold turkey. I've been taking them for 4 yrs and It started by 3 or 4 10mgs a day and now i take 6 or 7 30mg roxys.. ... (9 replies)
... Hello, everyone! I do not have a scrip for percocet i was using recreationally. I now find that im addicted and cannot go 1 day with out. I get moody or very upset if i can find it every day. ... (3 replies)
... hi kacey, i to am and was a percocet lover for 7yrs and went to rehab and relapshed that was 3yrs ago, then i went to the rapid detox in florida and wow it was almost painless to say the least but expensive but unfortunately i relapsed again 3mth later and after awhile i was introduced to oxys..(1st of all i was taking between 25-30 perc a day back then)oxys became my best... (9 replies)

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