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... I am prescribed percocet for legitimate pain and I admit I have taken it for the energy boost it gives me. I know my body is dependent on it and that is different than addiction. ... (15 replies)
... cocaine addict so i know about the staying up for days and wanting to come down but not able to stop doing the coke. Anyway, i am up if you want to talk. ... (58 replies)
... Thanks Reach , I hope my pain level will come down , I did have relief for a couple weeks recenlty after an injection so I don't think my brain is sending any messages yet , as my friends would say what brains :dizzy: ..But seriously i'm going to read all your post and call my Dr. no later than next Friday when my script is gone and tell him to ween me off with lower MG's .I... (72 replies)

... Walk, don't jump, off the taper! When tapering to withdraw, we walk slowly down a steep hill. Be patient with yourself and your body and brain.... come down the last few steps slowly and calmly. Stay in control and do not let impatience propel you, but calmness. Let your body and brain lead you as you finish out. ... (2 replies)
... in pain . Thinking it would be with me the rest of my life! I think I'll take them another month or 2 and then stop and see how I feel. Even my blood presure has come down to normal yeah me! ... (22 replies)
... but eventually built up to 2 percocet every 4 hours due to increased pain and tolerance to the medication. ... (3 replies)
... nce in that exact position. I knew what I was doing, and I knew it had to stop but I didn't want to tell my doctor cause that meant I'd eventually have to taper down and discontinue the one thing that I really enjoyed doing. ... (58 replies)
... all agreed that I should be on MORPHINE. I am NOT to take meds with tylenol in them such as PERCOCET since they can be hard on my kidneys but morphine is okay in MY case anyways. ... (8 replies)
... but you might want to do a search of his posts. Recently the clinic dr. told me he has a patient whom he has only been able to ween down to 15 mgs. ... (10 replies)
... and then another time I did a fairly fast taper down and had some medical issues come up again that required me to go back on it. I'm hoping that this will be the one that sticks.. ... (3 replies)
... days. I don't know if that or the amt. I'm taking is considered excessive to some, but IMO if its turning my world upside down or I feel like it's a runaway freight train, then that's beside the point. ... (7 replies)
... Hello all, I am doing this for my first time. I am 24 yrs old and have a pretty decent career going for myself. Well to get to the nitty gritty, I have to really come to my sences and talk to somebody about my issue. At first I took Vicodin when i got my Wisdom teeth taken out. ... (4 replies)
Aug 16, 2003
... i am doing all the normal things that i used to growing up,i am able to do everything i need to do around the house that i couldnt do when i was withdrawing from percocet and oxy's.the depression is completely gone and i feel happy. ... (1 replies)
... emt for many years before my whole life got turned upside down from first finding out i had herniated a c spine disc and needed an MRI done on it to see how bad it was? ... (14 replies)
... It all depends on what you feel is going to work best for you. If you have already tapered down to just 2 pills a day, you have come a very long way on your own. You should be very proud of yourself because many, MANY people just do not have the discipline it takes to do a self taper. ... (26 replies)
... If you are taking other meds that are broken down in the liver or drinking alcohol on top of that you could be doing serious liver damage to yourself. ... (2 replies)
... website out there now where people who just ARE suffering with the aftereffects of that type of ongoing exposure would have all kind of come togehter in one place to simply discuss their own symptoms and not getting any real dxs for what THEY are now presenting with too? ... (14 replies)
... Welcome!!!! Congrats on making it to DAY 10!!!! That is great! You have gone thru hell and back already... there is more to come but it sounds like you have the strength to KEEP GOING! You have a lot to be proud of already! ... (22 replies)
... The reality is, you need to say that you ARE going to quit. Not taper down to a lower dose, but tell yourself that you want to stopping taking the Oxy all together. You can't do it alone. I can't do it alone either. ... (14 replies)
... with my doctor. It is a long and slow taper. The mg are cut down a little bit every couple of weeks. The farther I go into the taper, the lower each cut becasue each cut starts to be a higher percentage of the total intake. ... (72 replies)

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