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... Hi rosie, Thank you for your reply! I am doing better. I saw your post and thought would comment regarding Wd from sub or bup. Since I didn't go off the percs "cold turkey" I can't say how bad it could have been. I can say that while on the bup I felt not too bad, I was on for 72hrs. 48hrs after I went through everything except vomiting and di. Im on my 4th week now... (5 replies)
... Hi, NoPercs, For some reason, I was busy when you posted this and I just read it for the first time. I see no one responded. I just posted a similar thread. Hopefully we can get some more info. Thank you for your input, though. Hope you are still clean? Let us know how you are doing. rosie (5 replies)
Detox questions
Oct 27, 2004
... First, many facilities still use methadone for detox. Heroin, oxycontin, vicodin, percocet etc. etc. are ALL opiates. They are all essentially the same "drug" but in varying forms and with slightly varying effects. ... (8 replies)

... f so, talk to your doctor about a month holiday to get off the percocet. Perhaps not to stay off of it, but to reduce your tolerance. Frankly, if you are taking percocet and not, say, oxycontin, your doses are simply not that high. ... (8 replies)
... bipolar. About 4 years ago i had a collapsed lung and had to have surgery where i was on a morphine drip. I left the hospital with a bottle of Percocet and a doctor who refilled them for me because of my pain. I slowy weaned myself off. Very hard!!!!!! ... (8 replies)
... The route taken to get off the Percocet has to be a personal choice. ... (5 replies)
... her Detox lasted 3 days and she felt better by day 4, and able to work after this. At this point, I have managed to take my meds I had left, and take only 3 daily! ... (2 replies)
... hi kacey, i to am and was a percocet lover for 7yrs and went to rehab and relapshed that was 3yrs ago, then i went to the rapid detox in florida and wow it was almost painless to say the least but expensive but unfortunately i relapsed again 3mth later and after awhile i was introduced to oxys. ... (9 replies)
... Percocet is a fairly strong opiate, and a cold turkey detox from it will not be fun. You will feel like you have the worst flu you have ever had, and that's putting it lightly. ... (8 replies)
... Hi MF, I do not think wellbutrin or Prozac are ssri' means they are serontonin reuptake john's wart increases serontonin that's why you're not supposed to take it with those...the pharmacist can telll you for sure...usually though, if you are on a ssri, you know it, cuz there are so many things you have to be aware of not taking with it... I... (12 replies)
... I did some reasearch on detox centers in my area and I found one that sounds pretty good but I am still going to do some research on their methods. ... (58 replies)
... Day two was real bad. Time went by so slow I wrote down every hour. I live in high, snowy mountains and I was so cold I couldn't warm up. ... (19 replies)
... One thing you should know...the severity of detox symptoms has to do with how much AS WELL as how long you've taken them. ... (7 replies)
... every 8 hours and I should feel minimal withdrawals for the next few days, and by the time I'm out of them I will be past the worst part and it should be easy sailing. ... (1 replies)
... and have always gone back. This last time I have stayed off. The biggest problem I had was not sleeping at night. ... (6 replies)
... only percocet 10's. Then went to pain managment due to tolerence, but knowing I was digging myself in deeper. ... (10 replies)
... doc. I cant recommend what kind of treatment program is best for you, but I believe you will benefit from one. I quit opiates 2 times cold turkey, and the first time almost put me in the hospital. ... (10 replies)
... where I had to some xanax to calm down. I mapped out the detox on a calendar and mostly stuck to it, but sped up a little in the end thinking I could handle it. ... (4 replies)
... free, I start down the same road again by taking Percocet for tooth pain, then back pain....and here we are. ... (13 replies)
... I have read manymany posts. I have questions about suboxone vs just tapering down then stopping while using OTC meds, Requip & Naltrexone type drugs? Pros & Cons here? I'm planning to come off of Percocet 80 mg's (give or take) daily for nearly 6 yrs! I am single parent, who may have only 5 or 6 days TOPS to get through the withdrawral/detox process..scared it may not be... (5 replies)

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