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... 2young2hurt... you do realize that oxycontin contains exactly the same narcotic drug as percocet???? The ONLY difference is that oxycontin is a controlled release drug, meaning that part of the doseage is immediately released, with the remainder being released into your system in about 6 hours. But the narcotic drug is exactly the same in both: oxycodone. Actually, in... (15 replies)
... I hate to say it but you are addicted to the percocets, if you are talking more then you should..............That was my D.O.C. and will get a hold of you so fast you won't know what hit you I took them for pain and also liked the way made me feel and " perked me up " they were great but remember this there are 3 steps while on perks 1.............alot of fun ... (15 replies)
... I am prescribed percocet for legitimate pain and I admit I have taken it for the energy boost it gives me. ... (15 replies)

... I am prescribed percocet for legitimate pain and I admit I have taken it for the energy boost it gives me. I know my body is dependent on it and that is different than addiction. ... (15 replies)
... Try and stop using the percocet earlier in the day and use over the counter stuff closer to bed time. ... (15 replies)
... Hi guys, I read this thread a lot but this is the first time posting, probably because this is the first time I'm serious about getting clean. I am 14 days clean from taking perks/oxy/whatever perscription PK's around, about 60mg to 120mg every day or every other day for 2 years. This is by far the longest I have ever gone clean, and although my body feels so bad, mentally I... (3 replies)
... off the perks! I feel like I have a bit of my life back. I am totally conscious of everything I do which before was just a fog like experience. I don't crave the Percocet not one bit. ... (4 replies)
... more and more pillsthat they don't really need. How I wish I had never had the first one. But we can't go back can we. Anyone who reads this, who is still taking perks for an old injury stop and question yourself! Is it real or is it the damm pills making your pain. ... (22 replies)
... Hey everyone....I've posted once or twice but mostly I'm a reader and responder. I've had a serious percocet addiction going on 4 years now. I've tried quitting sooo many times, everytime relapsing. I'm really starting to feel like my health is in jeapordy. ... (7 replies)
... I am a 26yr old female from Ontario Canada. I have been using Percocet on a daily basis for almost 2 years now. ... (16 replies)
... you Crocheting and CC. I'm feeling so much more like my old self. In jan. I had 4 or 5 panic attacks and was so stressed out. Since I quit the perks I haven't had 1 at all. I think they were interferring with my antidepressants. The next thing to concour is getting off them. ... (22 replies)
... ap now!! What a change! My back only hurts a little bit and everything else is fine, no A535 mucsle cream making me stinkeither. My husband got his new script of perks today and that didn't bother me. Last night I took our truck to pick up my daughter and his pill bottle was in ther. ... (22 replies)
... I have been reading this site since my day 1 or 2 I have finally decided to talk. I had been on perks for 3 years and have stopped 2 times but went back to them. ... (22 replies)
... The addict in me would love to have a doctor like yours... Addiction seems like such a dirty word...images of a heroin junkie living under a bridge come into my mind. What it really is, imho, is a genetic induced demon, unfettered, out of control, living inside you and telling you comforting lies about your drug of choice. You know, I used to binge drink alcohol and... (15 replies)
... Thanks Blast for not making me feel like and addict. i have an open relationship with my Dr. which is why I was able to DENY the Oxycontin. Most people would have jumped on that idea. We have decided on a different regime. I am to stay on the 7.5 mg for right now ( no increase to 10 mg ) and supplement with RX Naproxen. I can't handle the Cymbalta. If at any time he thinks... (15 replies)
... Blasterboy, I would hardly call having an open script for pain killers or heavy drinking a hobbie, I mean it`s not like model airplanes. I respect your opinion but I think you can better help people on the boards by calling it the way it is and not lead someone to believe that there actions are no more than a hobbie.:cool:peace.fitz."Another day another opportunity in which to... (15 replies)
... Just because you abused a few pills you are not nessaserily an addict (but you could be.) People at time go through periods of heavy drinking and then they get a new hobbie. Continue to be you need a counselor also etc. (15 replies)
... Fitz- Isn't that what I said?? To look at the root of the problem. "A bandaid on a bullet wound"? You should think before you type.:confused: (1) Said antihistimines were for SHORT TERM use only and would only lead to dependancy. The idea here is to get a few good nights of sleep and that's it. Also advised against Ambian. (2) Suggested she examine her diet as... (15 replies)
... 2young2hurt, Get yourself a different doctor! WORD......fitz.:cool: (15 replies)
... I am doing fine. I am forcing myself to take as needed and NOT get to the total abuse of what I have. I basically have an open script--go to Dr and get a RX for 120 7.5 mg every month or two but I am pacing myself. I recognized the danger signs. Funny thing is. when I talked to my Doctor about my concerns about how much I was taking he said my next stop would be the Oxycontin.... (15 replies)

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