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... I am going to bed now...not real sure when I will be on again...I am so tired and so "sick and tired". I have been hallucinating most of the day from lack of sleep. I pay to feel this addiction...I hate it. I have, both, my feet on ice is the drug trying to come out of my happens everytime when I do a considerable amount of it. They are so... (58 replies)
... For the first time, in my addiction, I don't feel alone anymore. I don't feel like I carry this sick secret all by myself. You have made me feel like, for the first time, I can tell and share my hell... and my hatred for it. ... (58 replies)
... Suboxone is a partial opiate and it should help with the pain, I have a L4 L5 herniated disc and it helps me, but I tried it thats how I know you'll get very sick, I wish you well with everything (3 replies)

... I dont no about sick but if your taking sub u can take 10 percs and u wont fell nothing because thats what sub does is blocks ur brain recepters so opiates cant get in. ... (3 replies)
... Glad to help. I've taken similar medicines (am tapering off Norco/Hydro) right now and aim to be completely off within the next month! I do understand that feeling sick. I'm not sure if this is your experience but here's some things I've learned both personally and through this board: headaches: rebound headaches are very common when dealing with opiates. sometimes good... (9 replies)
... ely you will go through the withdrawal as you are now. I think it depends on your situation, such as having to go to work and function vs being able to stay home sick for awhile. Hang in there. You are doing great and have a great attitude so I have no doubt you'll get thru this ordeal. It's not easy, but it is so worth it! ... (1 replies)
... newlife, i feel bad for you.. it is not a smart choice to do any taper by are sick with other are addicted and need to detox, but you need a docs help..your body is not healthy enough to withstand a detox without help... ... (7 replies)
... I totally agree that you should call your doctor. If in-house detox isn't an option than your doctor can prescribe medication that can help you through the withdrawal of the opiates. I use to take them because of the energy too. After a while I didn't get anything but if I didn't take them I would get sick. The worse for me was at night. I use to toss and turn and my legs... (11 replies)
May 8, 2007
... I have been following your thread, for me it is a 7 year run with Percocet and I am planning on ending this addiction soon! ... (91 replies)
... Hey Reach , Sorry I haven't posted for a while , my computer wouldn't allow me to get on here ? Somthing wrong with the database? Anyway , your right 5 mg's a day equaled my oxycodone , but they left out 3o mgs of morphine . I talked to my surgeons office who took over my scripts , and told them to drop from a 15mg twice a day plus 30mg of... (72 replies)
... for me but stim or meds , I probably wouldn't have this withdraw sickness if my Dr. would have listened to me , I told him I did not want the Morphine it made me sick ,and the Oxycodone wasn't working like they used to , but they didn't want me on any more I guess ,so I cheated a bit and took more than I should have. ... (72 replies)
... Sandi , Hi I remember you from the backpainboard too. Thanks for understanding my problem . I want my wife to know I really do but my wife makes things bigger than they really are , I plan on telling my doctor after I ween myself down to what I'm supposed to be taking , I did pretty good today , only 5 pills total. I really feel horrible ,shaking ,sick in my... (72 replies)
... Hey there. I wish that I would have logged into this site and found out all of the horrible things this drug can do. I would suggest reading some of the posts on here. This drug can grab a hold of you so quickly. It seems right now, you are taking the drug and it is giving you that happy feeling. Well, that is short lived. Before long you are taking 2 then 4,6,8 etc. Then... (6 replies)
... I'm on day 9 with no vics and I promise you, you can do it. I had surgery in Jan 06 and was taking percs and I know those can be awfully hard to get off too. They made me feel sick, so I had no problem with just taking those as needed for legit pain after surgery...HOWEVER, vics were a whole different story. I was taking those for 3 months---not crazy amounts, but the point... (2 replies)
... Hi jayboy, I agree with blaster. It's good that you are looking at your situation honestly and becoming aware of the possibility of heading down the wrong path. You certainly could be taking them to help deal with anxiety - for me it was the "right with the world" feeling that got me hooked. I firmly believe that there are those who take an opiate and feel sleepy or sick and... (9 replies)
... he was sick and in and out of the hospital alot! ... (12 replies)
... I have been addicted to Percocet for almost 2 years. ... (26 replies)
... I joined this forum last week and started a thread about percocet addiction. Some of you jumped on and really were supportive and I appreciate the kind words. ... (2 replies)
... Along with getting the pills from my boyfriend, I was also seeing a pain management Dr. that was prescribing oxycontin 40mg. every 12hrs with percocet 10mg every 8 hrs for breakthrough pain and xanax for anxiety. ... (11 replies)
What have I done?
Sep 15, 2004
... weeks. Coincidentally, my husband had oral surgery around the same time, and he was given Percocet which he didn't use because it made him sick. ... (29 replies)

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