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I'm back...
May 25, 2007
... I am almost 32 now, and I am a bit paranoid about getting sick also. I am getting married in October, and I want kids more than anything. ... (11 replies)
... Hi I am new to this board. I am so glad to know I am not the only one addicted in this world. Qucik story I have 3 herniated discs and two protruding. Started out with percocet, then led to oxy then dosage kept getting bigger and bigger and so on... i liked the feeling plus it took away the pain. I was running out early and it would make me sooo sick. Then I started buying... (10 replies)
Vicodin Question
Feb 15, 2007
... Thw way your asking makes me nervous. As a opiate addict the way you are asking sounds liek possibly someone who wants to try the drug, and possibly even might have some available to them, be it threw someone you know might give you a couple, or you have access to someones script to take them, eithier way, very very very wrong. See I always thought it was no big deal,... (10 replies)

... I was also freezing cold when I came off percocet I could NOT get warm either, it lasted 2 weeks. I am lucky enough to have a nice hot tub and I lived in that thing. ... (8 replies)
... hours away from home with him being so sick at times we didnt know if he would live or die. ... (28 replies)
... After seeing an article about Percocet addiction, I decided to search the internet for forums on this subject. I too, was addicted to Percocets. ... (12 replies)
What do I do??
May 10, 2004
... and i would really like to do this in one clean sweep rather than be sick 3 more times and have my kids see me go through that. What should i do. I also get my pain med from my phsyc not from my pcm. ... (9 replies)
Hey Stella!!
Nov 18, 2003
... Getting sick from the Oxy? ... (11 replies)
... Exonobus-I went on Subutex, which is just straight buprenorphine for three days before going on the Subuxone. I started the Subutex on Tuesday, and had actually used the night before, and I told my doctor that. From what I understand, since Suboxone has naltrexone in it, it can cause withdrawal symptoms if taken too soon after using vicodin/percocet etc. So the way my... (8 replies)
... Hi, this is going to be long, but I've got to give you the whole story. I was on opana ER 40 mg for about 2 yrs, before them 30 mg for 2 yrs. I've been on some kind of pain meds since 2000, started on tramadol, working my way up, percocet 5/325, 7.5/325, 10/325/, roxicodone 15 mg, then the opana ER started. I had 2 torn discs initially, my PM fixed them using disc... (6 replies)
Jun 25, 2012
... On top of that I'm dealing with this back pain on my own now. Not taking anything for it including OTC meds just because I'm so sick of the damn pills. ... (7 replies)
... First, a little background information about myself. I have been taking Suboxone for the past 8 years, it has been a godsend for me. I was addicted to Vicodin and Percocet for a few years after tearing my ACL & MCL in a high school football game. Bad luck on my part, but eventually I pulled myself off the ground (on my own accord) & truly learned a lot about myself , what... (4 replies)
... At some point during the mid year I was introduced to percocet and immediately saw how muh stronger they were and they brought me to a new level of high. ... (2 replies)
... cross-posted w/ back board... I've looked online a bit but I really would love some thoughts/help/advice from the folks here. I am working on cutting back on pain meds (fusion in Aug). My body adjusts VERY fast to a kid I was on a new allergy med every season b/c they stopped helping. Because I'd waged a war with endo before the back stuff, I'd already had... (0 replies)
Please help....
May 20, 2011
... dicine does to me when something like this happens, and I decided I want to quit period. I do not want to wake up and feel so so bad until I take a pill. I am so sick of watching the clock to see when my next dose is. I want to be in control of my life, and right now I feel as though the pills are running my life. ... (4 replies)
... so I feel like 90 mg of roxicodone is as bad as a person taking 9 percocet 10s because it is the same ingredient. That is why when u told me u took all of those 5s I figured i probably would do the same. ... (4 replies)
Emotional Ride
Mar 28, 2011
... ank for the warm welcome and thanks for sharing your story. It's true, anyone can become an addict. As much as I tried to avoid it, one injury put me into this sick cycle. I feel for you bc my pain is gone. ... (27 replies)
... me they are genuinely happier now. I have made the decision that this will be the LAST of my pills. I spoke with my husband last night and told him how utterly sick I am of being a slave to these pills... ... (8 replies)
... not quite sure i get the jest of your post. So youre having hard time with your detox, hey! join the club...thats why we are all here. can you clarify what the 1/2 is? sorry i might have missed it it one of your earlier posts, did you say you needed a percocet. There will be days where you simply cant take it, and you need that perc. Ill tell you how hard my detox was the... (40 replies)
... I don't know where to begin. My boyfriend of almost 3 years has a serious addiction to pain killers. He says he takes (snorts?) percocet and vicodan. I didn't even know about it until about a year ago. I just thought he was cheating on me. The lies, cover-ups, leaving the cell in the truck so I don't know when his "friends" call, meeting up with strangers, weird ATM... (2 replies)

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