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... unt is fine. Less is more with suboxone and you must start to taper down once you stabilize. I guarantee right now if you didn't have the suboxone you would be sick as a dog. You seem to be doing ok even though you have cravings. Those will dissipate over the next few days. ... (9 replies)
... a day and that was a horrible disaster. I ended up so sick I couldn't even cook. ... (4 replies)
... I've had a percocet issue for like 6 years or so.... ... (6 replies)

... a day. When I go a day without anything, I sweat and run a fever, so my work sends me home thinking that I am sick with all the things that go around in school. I feel like I have direction now, and my next step is to seek a doctor that will prescribe me the Suboxone. ... (7 replies)
... have 2 beautiful children, and I do everything that I can with my work and for my kids. However, I've lived a double life for quite some time, and frankly, I'm sick of worrying about where my next Oxy, Norco, Loratab, or Percocet will come from. ... (7 replies)
... f weight and throwing up every day for 8 months, i had c section in may2006. after recovery, i noticed some severe back pain. never had before. prescribed 5mg percocet for a bit, that doc left the state, another doc at first reluctant to put me on pain meds but i needed them. mri showed t3 t4 herniation. ... (8 replies)
... just accepted it and after a few months I was "better", meaning I was not catatonically depressed but mildly depressed and able to function though I did call in sick to work at least 1 to 2 times a month or more. ... (4 replies)
... no i take them specifically to get high. i snort 20-30 mgs at a time. (16 replies)
... started taking more and more, and I became very depressed that the pills were controlling my life. Sounds like you're in the same place I was. If you are truly sick of your life this way, you can get off them. And you SHOULD get off them, while you are still young. ... (16 replies)
... Have you tried any other perscription? It is to my knowledge that everyone reacts differently to medications. Maybe your body is reacting to something in the medication and you need to check it out. You may find out that you are hurting yourself more than helping. (4 replies)
... thats 4000 mgs per day 3000 if you have liver problems . thats what the pdr says :) (4 replies)
... Make sure you don't take more than 4 pills a day because of the acetaminophen content. Four pills at 750 mg acetaminophen is 3000 mg, which is the limit that the drug manufacture recommends as a maximum daily dose. Exceeding that about is making you susceptible to liver damage. I took my Percs with a little food or milk beforehand and I didn't have any problems. (4 replies)
... y by back surgery. When asked what I wanted for pain, I played dumb and said, "Oh, whatever is strongest"....knowing full well I shouldn't be taking morphine or Percocet because of my previous addiction. The morphine made me sick, and at first the Percs did too. ... (8 replies)
... It all started when i got sick with fibromyalgia. I was clean and sober for over 10 years. Then my doc gave me an rx with like 300 percocets. ... (3 replies)
... n order to get more... certain things had to be said. My regular Dr. is VERY strict but then she sent me to a specialist and he was giving me an allotment of 10 percocet a day... Well, you all know what happens then.... You are so addicted you can't even see straight. ... (10 replies)
... well he took what he could get and hes disabled and never leaves the house without me so I know what hes taking and hes never bought anything off the street (other than getting them from my grandmother to help him through the day, which i stopped) - after the fentanyl, no doctor would prescribe him any meds, so when he could get it, it was from the hospital and there would... (18 replies)
... Sounds like you are at the point where you are sick of being dependent on these pills. So good! ... (9 replies)
... get more than 9 months under my belt. I go to AA. I have the strong desire to change because I want to be me, the real me and experience life on life terms. I am sick and tired of being chained to the percs. ... (7 replies)
... month. I've been on the Percocet for 3 years and the Opana for a few months. ... (7 replies)
... As a person who was seriously adicted to hydrocodone, percocet and morphine, Tylenol 3 was my last resort. ... (1 replies)

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