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Any Idea's ?
Nov 13, 2006
... Now since I don't have any meds left , I feel like I'm going crazzy ..My pain is so bad and now I'm sick to my stomach and so light headed..I feel terrible...I can't tell my Doctor because he will be mad at me..What am I supposed to do ? ... (4 replies)
... I used behind my fiancee's back for 3 me it sounds like he may be off heroin, but on percocet or oxycontin. If you say he has pinpricked pupils, but has lots of energy, that is a clear cut sign. ... (10 replies)
... BUT....I, for damn sure DO take percocet now... ... (17 replies)

... Chris did you get sick when you took all those 20 Klonopin. Did you have to go to the ER? ... (26 replies)
... would help manage the symptoms. Not only was I in severe pain from the shattered bone but I was also sick from withdrawal. ... (44 replies)
... had the usual restless legs, sleeplessness and back pain but i feel like someone is stepping on my chest. took 3 percocet today and completely hate myself. never again, alls they did was make me sick. could use a few encouraging words if anyone can lend a hand.... ... (4 replies)
... ears. I'm keep it as short as possible. In January 2001 I had a dental procedure which caused an infection in my gums that travelled to my stomach. I was very sick and the only thing that made me feel human was painkillers. ... (4 replies)
New to board
Feb 11, 2006
... Hello board! My name is Tomeshia (Meshia) i just wanted to say hi and that im a addict whose been clean for 67 days. To someone that never havs been addicted to anything that might dont sound like a lot but to me im very proud ofv myself. Ok let me tell you a little about my self I have a loving hubby 3 wonderful kids ages 12,8, and 3. My drugs of choice was... (4 replies)
Feb 6, 2006
... em a day, i know it sounds like i am not trying that hard but i have really cut back and it was just to hard for me to go cold turkey. My plan is to take my last percocet on Friday morning before i come to work and then i will have a couple days off work so if i have withdraws i will not have to be sick at work. ... (10 replies)
... Yesterday was a real down day as far as the withdrawals go, not sick or anything like that and I gave in to the pill just because of a down, blah feeling. How WEAK is that!!!!!! ... (68 replies)
... Hey everyone. This is not an easy thing to talk about. I think I have a vico addiction. I hate it, but love the pills. I dont take ALOT. Never go over 4 a day.. now its at 2.5 a day. I really am in pain though. I have chronic muscle spasms in my back and radiculopathy (look it up). I have horrible spasms in my hip right now. The problem is, i find myself taking them... (34 replies)
... Thanks to everyone that responded. Well, truth is, I did end up getting the sub and I did take little pieces for a few days - until it was gone....but what i realized, was that I really didn't "need" the suboxone - what i was denying to myself was that as long as it wasn't an oxy or percocet, etc., then it was okay - I was lying to myself asking myself how bad could it really... (5 replies)
... D'S what so ever but lots of people do get sick when they stop it but I am sure they were heavy users of it I never take more than 5 in a day. ... (11 replies)
Getting Scared
Sep 20, 2005
... is extremely difficult. I went cold turkey off of opiates in 85. In 1990 I moved back to my hometown and was back to the races again! I too was able to eat 10 percocet at one time. Then there is that "gotta have tomorrow's supply" because you cannot function without the opiates. ... (12 replies)
I'm quiting AGAIN!
Sep 16, 2005
... I will tell you a little bit of my history...I have been taking pills for almost 3 years now and have tried more than once to quit. My DOC is Percocet and I was up to about 70mgs per day. Every time I quit I say this is it its the last time and I always end up going back..I feel so stupid. ... (9 replies)
... hi, first let me say i am no expert . I was also addicted to painkillers, more advanced than vicodin - I was taking oxycontin (3 -4 80 mg ) pills a day. Prior to that I also took vicodin and percocet. Suboxone works to get you off opiates. I went to an addiction specialist ( now on my second addiction spec) The first day on sub was rough ( for me) although not all have a... (2 replies)
... What hurts the most is that it lasts so so long. A week later and i'm still sick although better. ... (59 replies)
... Hi Lauren and welcome. To answer your question what do i do when I'm tempted. If you have hit bottom and asked God to remove the obsession and compulsion to use, He will. That's what happened to me with alcohol, my drug of choice. I could not imagine my life w/o drinking. At times when the craving came back, I would pray and be grateful for everything. I know that may sound... (5 replies)
... Katie went into the hospital yesterday and it's not even 24 hours yet and it is hell. They started her on a clonidine patch and she takes 1 percocet every 4 hours for 24 hours then 1 every 6 hours for 24 hours then 1 every 8 hours for 24 hours then stopped. ... (12 replies) 5
Apr 30, 2005
... you are soooo lucky to be feeling so good so soon into your recovery. I felt sick for weeks and weeks.... ... (10 replies)

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