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... Sweetie, the most important thing you said is that everyone is different, and that is so true! Everyone's mental outlook is different, and everyone's body has different physical capabilities. So I have no doubt that you can do this taper and be off of the percocet. What I would prepare for, and I think what Reach was trying to gently tell you, is that getting off is one... (5 replies)
... Hey Reach, Well, I'm not sure what I will expect. BUT I have made a decision to taper until I go completely off. The good news is that 3 weeks ago I was on 80 mg's percocet a day - would take pills 6/8 or so times a day! This week alone....I have been down to 1- 10/325 tablet 3 times a day. Thats down to only 30 mg's. Lastnight, I actually made it from my Noon time dose... (5 replies)
... on Paxil but DR switched me to Cymbalta for the major depresion and body aches. It works well for some people, but I had unbearable side effects from it. I'm now tapering from the Cymbalta and starting on Lexapro at the same time. ... (2 replies)

... Hello, So sorry to hear of your predicament but past experience tells me that no matter how much you taper when you quit altogether there is the dreadful withdraw. Sorry to make it sound so harsh because I have truly found a real compassion for those of us who are in pain and have to take these kind of meds in order to have a decent life, but it is what it is and if as... (7 replies)
... Hello all! I am new to these boards but have been reading your posts for some time and found them very helpful. I am not sure if I should be in this section or the chronic pain section, but here is my story. Hope someone can help me with question about my taper! I am a chronic pain sufferer who was put on narcotic therapy during some procedures and then the issues that... (7 replies)
... Hi KatKat, I'm Kate and I am an addict. I took percocets and oxycontin for back pain as well. It got out of hand when I started taking more pills (as you did) and I eventually resorted to buying off the street and doctor shopping - just to get more pills. Kat, you have a problem, and I'm proud of you for admitting it. First of all, you should NOT try to wean... (3 replies)
... I would suggest really researching the differences between ct and tapering before you make a decision. ... (11 replies)
... Thanks, Michelle! Right now in-house detox is not an option. But I do have someone to stay her with me 24/7. My family is also supporting me with this. You made a good point about having the pills around and tapering. I'm getting closer to thinkin CT. I just hope to have a little info on how long till I begin to feel better. (11 replies)
... the choice of going ct or taper is definitely an individual one. if you dont have the patience and are apt to take the pills if you have them, then tapering prolly isnt for you. going ct will definitely be difficult, but a lot of us have gotten through it before. ... (11 replies)
... Maggie, thank you soooo much. Your post brought me to tears. It's so good to have someone who understands! The only "extra" I ever got from the percs was energy and that left long ago. I agree with the depression meds....I HAVE to stay on them. As far as my will take a lot of time IF there is a chance. But for now we are broken up, but still stay in... (11 replies)
... The last part of the tapering was so bad I just quit cold turkey after cutting the little buggers into fourths and ending up in constant withdrawals. I felt better on day one. ... (72 replies)
... Hey Again Shawley First off, I want to tell you that I was mortified when I first realized what had happened to me from the opiates. ( and yes, oxycodone is a generic, but it has no Tylenol in it). Shawely, it was my family doctor who realized how bad I was, not the prescribing oncologist. I never hid at all from any of my doctors any meds I was taking at all. Told... (72 replies)
... Hello Shawley We share many similarities which I will save for another posting. I am doing a taper off opiates right now, ( my opiate happens to be Oxycodone), with my doctor. It is a long and slow taper. The mg are cut down a little bit every couple of weeks. The farther I go into the taper, the lower each cut becasue each cut starts to be a higher percentage of the... (72 replies)
... I have used opiates for many years and now am tapering off them with my doctors. In hindsight, my dependence began just like yours in that I was put on them after a number of surgeries. ... (6 replies)
... but when I could not get them, I took more powerful pain pills and let me tell you that detoxing off of Vicodin was a walk in the park compared to the devilish Percocet family of killers. ... (7 replies)
... e most pills i ever take at those times is 2 a day. sometimes only need them for 2 days, sometimes more. if you are concerned that you are hooked on them, then tapering is your best way. also for your sleep problems, any of the otc meds should help you. ... (11 replies)
... sorry I can't offer any help on your tapering plan but I am not good at it at all. I eat them like Jelly beans worse than normal when I am running low, you are stonger than me in that regard. ... (4 replies)
... You send in your first post that you ran out of the meds the doctor prscribed you. If so, than how long has it been since you've taken anything. Whatever you do, don't cheat and start taking your dad's perc's again. They are much harder to quit. Cold turkey is the best way to go if you can handle it and have some support, maybe from a friend. Tapering would probably be much... (12 replies)
... I am going to counselling for depression so I know I can get some help there. When you say I just need to tough it out do you mean just go cold turkey on the narcotic pain killlers, no tapering? And if so do you have any suggestions on how to make the withdrawal symptoms easier to deal with. You people can't imagine the importance and gratitude your responses have. I... (12 replies)
... are only taking 2 vics a day......stop taking them if you are beginning to feel like you must have them...i started taking lortab 5's every now and then......then it led to 7.5's....eventually over about two years i was taking 6 lortab 10's at once to get desired effects......i started taking roxicodone methadone oxycontin perocet anything i could get my hands... (16 replies)

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