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... I went to see a pain management doctor, who then put me on Percocet 7. ... (11 replies)
... so I'm happy that I have this much relief from that small a dose. I've only taken one 7.5 mgs. Percocet today, and other than the severe anxiety and restlessness, I'm doing good. The pain, however, is not doing well at all. ... (11 replies)
... ent, which it sounds like you are. That is SO much different than being an addict. My advice would be to go to your doctor and tell them that you want to start weaning off of these drugs because you want to have another baby. ... (11 replies)

... Well, it's been since 10 pm last night since I took a dose (10 mgs.) and I *am* counting the minutes until I will "allow" myself another Percocet (I'm hoping to last at least until 2 pm). I am in pain, for sure, and very anxious, but I'm wondering if I really am craving it now that I cut my dose in more than half. I'm a little restless right now, but not at all like last... (11 replies)
... After reading your story my humble opinion is that you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Because of the complication of your legitimate pain issues, elevated blood pressure and the fact that you want to have another child - I really feel like you need your doctors help. I really don't know why you would feel afraid or ashamed to ask them for help - you have done... (11 replies)
... Hi everyone, I have posted before about tramadol weaning and my addiction to percocet. I know that this is a long post, but I would appreciate your advice and support as I wean from percocet. ... (5 replies)
... rapid detox i went to made it easy for me to ween this easy..can anybody or did anybody have something similar to my story..just wondering..i am almost done the weaning process and i am at one perc in morn and one at night to sleep but will cut the one out in the morning tomorrow..just curious..... ... (2 replies)
... Opana ER 5mg for about 6 months and then my pain management doctor upgraded to 10mg because I was not getting any relief. I was also prescribed Percocet 5mg but allowed to take 2 at a time for break through pain. I also had been taking Soma 4x daily. I have been on this regiment for approximately 18 months. ... (3 replies)
... For the past several weeks I've been reading this board with an intensity bordering on obsession. I've been weaning off Percocet. I've got to say that being able to see what others have gone through has given me a strength that I otherwise would not have had, so Thanks to all! ... (2 replies)
... I know that many people are opposed to it, but methadone has worked for my family member, amazingly well. Hes been clean a year, and is now weaning off if it. Its been a lifesaver, literally. No more "dope sick" days. ... (26 replies)
... mg pills. I am so hooked. I am currently weaning off. I started taking 30mg less and am going to go down further in 15mg increments. ... (3 replies)
... cross-posted w/ back board... I've looked online a bit but I really would love some thoughts/help/advice from the folks here. I am working on cutting back on pain meds (fusion in Aug). My body adjusts VERY fast to a kid I was on a new allergy med every season b/c they stopped helping. Because I'd waged a war with endo before the back stuff, I'd already had... (0 replies)
... e was a mix up. I was commenting to the person addicted to percocets. All I can say is that 6 yrs ago, when I'd been to the local "rehab" like 5 times, and tried weaning and all that crap, that right here on HealthBoards is where I found out about Suboxone. I had to drive over 100 miles to get to the Dr. ... (26 replies)
... You don't have to go to a rehab place to get on Suboxone. My last Dr. was a family physician who I saw once a month. You don't have to suffer the withdrawls, "disappear" for a month, etc. I was taking Hydros like it was candy. 6,000mg a day was no problem...just the $ and availability. Go to the website, and they'll have Dr.'s listed. Private. Nonjudgemental. Usu. they give... (26 replies)
... I also have good friend who was in a atv accident whose doctor is currently weaning him off of percocets. ... (72 replies)
... Oh, and one more thing ... while I was in the midst of my almost-panic attack earlier, my husband took my blood pressure with a medical grade machine and it was fine. 127/77 ... still a little on the high side for me, but definitely an improvement from yesterday. We'll keep monitoring it for the length that it takes me to wean off the meds, especially if I feel more anxiety.... (11 replies)
... Sounds like you just got all the good advice you need. You are not a drug addict from what I have read in your post. Tina is right, you should fill the oxycontin and taper so you don't have trouble with the blood presure. Ask your Doctor about clonidine. A lot of doctors prescribe it just for withdrawls. Keeps the presure in check. As far as dealing with your pain, there... (11 replies)
... Well, I called my long time doctor (who is an internist) and explained to him the situation. He was very understanding and told me that I'm cutting my dose way too quick. I said that I was having severe anxiety and on the verge of a panic attack at all times. Several years ago (around 2002), I was diagnosed with mild panic disorder when I was freaking myself out trying to... (11 replies)
... And being that you are using these meds exactly as prescribed and for a legitimate pain problem, you have no reason to NOT go to your doctor for help. They are trained in this exact thing... helping patients wean off meds in a way that will be as comfortable as possible for them. If I were you, I would ask my doctor to help me set up the taper plan. (11 replies)
... High blood pressure is nothing to fool around with. Yes it is common during withdrawl for blood pressure to fluctuate - but I really do think you would be much safer getting medical advice. We can only offer advice on our personal experience with recovery and addiction. I don't know if anyone here can give you a taper schedule...that would be a medical decision and like... (11 replies)

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