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... Wrennigade, I've been reading all the posts with interest. Your situation with your back sounds exactly like mine, only I had a spine surgeon tell me a spinal fusion wouldn't help and would probably make things worse. ... (26 replies)
... My pill use started about 15 years ago when I was in treatment for cancer. Radiation burned me so badly towards the end of treatment that I was prescribed pain meds. I am thinking maybe it was Vicodin. After the radiation, I had a huge surgery to remove the mass from my thigh. ... (86 replies)
... I have had chronic pain for most of my life, in my early 20's doctors did not take me seriously so I learned to live with it... ... (3 replies)

Oxycontin abuse !
Apr 13, 2005
... Or are you saying that you want to go back to 40 mgs. of percocet per day? ... (5 replies)
... but when I got over the 3 a day she wanted me to take, she sent me to a pain specialist. ... (5 replies)
... h Fentanyl that I've used for three years for nerve pain in my face. Two years before was methadone, Oxycodone, Morphine, Percocet, failed surgery, failed surgery. ... (4 replies)
... I've been in pain management for almost 4 years, and my doc switched me to straight oxycodone, because I was feeling ill from the tylenol in the percocet. I was takin 3250 mg. ... (30 replies)
... know what was up. But it was horrible and I swore I would never take those things long enough to experience withdrawal again. And I didn't for 3 years. ... (9 replies)
... appointed sponsor, post here, and read and gain more tools to help me with my life after pain pills. ... (7 replies)
... ow it won't be much longer for you. Take the vitamins and as hard as it is being so weak, try to get some excercise, it helps as all those nerves that are coming back to life in your body and driving you crazy need to be used. ... (8 replies)
... ght now in your recovery. You have hit bottom you are being honest about your addiction. You know that you need help. Please call the mental health number on the back of your insurance card. NO ONE will know that you went except for you and that doctor. ... (10 replies)
... I will fast forward thru about a year or so to the point where I had at least a half dozen people who would sell me pills. Believe me when I say I wasn't in any pain at all but simply wanted to get that fantastic high that these pills produced. ... (8 replies)
... slipage in my spine, with rods and screws put in, and I also have 3 more deginerative discs with one of them torn, so you can imagine how much pain I'm in all the time! ... (9 replies)
Ultram addiction
Mar 24, 2006
... ad a depressed day in my entire life, and I'm 55 years old. The depression I had coming off tramadol was intolerable. I took MS Contin, Dilaudid, morphine, and Percocet 10 mg for months after hip surgery, 6 months total, and came off those without any problem at all, no withdrawals, nothing. ... (50 replies)
... every day for about 3 years. I thought it would just be a matter of finding another pain reliever and slowly weaning off my "self medication". But now I find that I'm lying and stealing to keep myself stocked. ... (4 replies)
Help please
Dec 23, 2007
... Hi, my name is Bobby and here is my story. I have been taking percocet for 5 years straight.... ... (10 replies)
... I have been taking 20mg of Oxycontin in the AM and 40mg at night for about 6 months. I have noticed if I don't take a dose the pain that I have intensifies to the point where I can't move out of bed and experience nausea. I do not ever take more than the prescribed dose. ... (1 replies)
Need help
Jan 31, 2013
... Hello reach, I'm so glad you wrote back again. ... (15 replies)
... excuse to convince yourself to go back on pain killers. Try to keep as busy as possible and spend lots of time interacting with friends and family. ... (21 replies)
... downs of the surgery and the new pain meds that they gave me. I think that I legitimately needed those for the first couple of weeks, but I don't think I really do now. ... (28 replies)

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