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... I was really bad for a while getting anything I can get my hands on. Oxys, percs, rock 30's. But the last two months I really gave a serious effort into tapering down. I went 3 weeks in only taking 4 or 5 perc 5's a day. Then I had a 2 week stint taking 2mg of subs a day. I ran out of them and couldnt deal with the pain and am back to 4 or 5 perc 5's a day. I just cant get to... (2 replies)
... ong term because I did not want to get addicted and I can not take them at work. Then my MD prescribed me tramadol which I then assumed was not going to give me withdrawel effects, and I could work while taking them. I also thought this was a short term issue and I would not need to take anything for very long. ... (18 replies)
... like deon said valium, or just about any benzo will help , ask you doctor what they think , an to only give you enough for detox, i went from 5 5s a day to 4to 3 to 2 to 1 , it was 6 or 7 day taper , the worst was over after the first few days , i took the benzo my first night an every night for 7 days ya there is some disscomfort at lower amounts , just be glad your not... (2 replies)

... Welcome to the group chefb - I was on Oxy also for a neck injury and I found out the hard way that the only way to detox is to taper down slowly. I had all of the w/d's also, even when I tapered (I tapered too fast in reality), so you need to taper down and not go cold turkey until you are down to much lower amounts. What dose of Percs are you taking? 5's, 10's? I tapered... (2 replies)
... all of these narcotics, but when it comes to getting you off of them they dont care. I still am in bad pain, they switched my pain meds to a fentanyl patch and percocet for breakthrough pain, I am going to a pain clinic doctor for my pain which they are very helpful and promise me they will wean me off, so I hope so. ... (10 replies)
... Hello, Sorry your going through withdrawls. I also went through them 2 years ago. What happened was I had chronic pelvic pain and was put on percocet, vicoden, and fianlly morphine for about 6 months. When my doctor finally did a laparoscopy said she found nothing (I recently had another lap. done by another doctor which showed sevral adhesions, pelvic congestion, and... (10 replies)
Opiate Conversion
Jul 19, 2005
... I am going through withdrawel and in desperate need of advice. I have been on Duragesic 50 mcg pain patch and percocet 10mg as needed for pain. I am no longer in pain and would like to come off of the pain meds all together. ... (16 replies)
... if any of my advice can help. i have been clean now for about a month. for the past year i have been taking some sort of pain pill. i first started out taking percocet from having my wisdom teeth out and also because my back is pretty messed up. to make a long story short, i loved how they made me feel. ... (2 replies)
... I wanted to update you all since my last post seemed very grim. I still am feeling really down and I do have some minor withdrawel going on. ... (42 replies)
Opiate Conversion
Jul 24, 2005
... Hello ya'll, Today my anxiety isn't as bad. However 1am this morning I woke up with such horrible anxiety I couldn't go back to sleep. Sucks cause it's been days before I could even fall asleep. I kept shaking my hands as if trying to get something off of it. I tried walking around the house doing odds and ends hoping that I would tire myself out. No luck. So, finally I gave... (16 replies)
... hi freshman! i think that underlying causes have alot to do with many people using drugs....sort of like self-medicating. i have adhd. i am 30 years old and i was just diagnosed last year. go figure!! anyway, i abused drugs for MANY years. i am now taking wellbutrin and paxil for the adhd and i feel much better. i have been clean this time for over a year. about... (22 replies)

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